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Our current D&DV5 campaign at my club

MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 346
Just thought I should mention this campaign we're running at my club with a fellow DM. We are two DMs with two tables (6 players each) playing D&D5. The stories run together at the same time and characters will eventually cross paths. We play in two universes, his campaign takes place in Planescape, mine in Dark Sun. Dark Sun is supposed to be secluded from the Outer Planes, but at the same time there has been occurences of Athasian refugees making it to the planes in canon lore (although this is very marginal).

The Planescape table follows the traditionnal sigilian conspiracies and political conflits while the Athasian part is more about survival. Eventually both sides will follow the tracks of a demilich who made it to Athas only to be defeated there (and its soul stuck in the plane in its philactery) and which holds the map and key to travel to Athas. In our project the travel will be made through the Inner Planes making it quite an experience even for the tough groups.

This project may make some purists cringe, but hey there's no official Planescape or Dark Sun for D&D5 after all.



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,457
  • GreenWarlockGreenWarlock Member Posts: 1,275
    One like is not enough, I need to give more!

  • 10Bazza1110Bazza11 Member Posts: 138
    The idea of two groups playing together at the same time and eventually meeting up is awesome. I just wish I knew enough D&D players to run one group let alone two.

  • MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 346
    edited October 2017
    It happened fairly often at my club, we had in recent years dual-tables on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (although one of the DM had to cancel his campaign early due to conflicting schedule), Degenesis: Rebirth (two tables too) and this year, in addition to D&D, two DMs make a common storyline on Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse using the background of a GTA island.

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  • MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 346
    For the information, the project is still running, I have in addition a Numenéra table (third year) and I joined recently the "World of Darkness" project from my fellow DMs of the club. So one of them has a table of Werewolf: the Apocalypse (an ambitious project of 3 years) and one of them has a project of Vampire: the Masquerade. Both in the 20th anniversary version. In addition the Vampire DM made a "one-shot" game of Hunter: the Vigil (which is a Chronicle of Darkness game, not a classic World of Darkness one, but he adapted it). January I will play a one-shot on "Demon: the Fallen", the scenario is almost completely writen (24 pages so far, which drawings and pictures stolen from net).

    These campaigns and one-shots have impact on each others, what happens in one may change the line of another table. My demon scenario was validated by the other two DM so it's hallal for them. Doesn't mean it cannot have impact, also it will be played the same day as a Werewolf session so players could eventually meet (or not).

    The players only create the demon, not the possessed, which they first only see as emotions (and decide to possess him or someone else). Acquiring identity and memory only once the possession done. The possessed part being integrated to the scenario. The possessed are marginals living in a commune and while they are cut from society they all have a social network from the old day (family, school, work, gang etc.) and aren't without resources. They will try to prevent the test of military grade weapons by the police and security forces on the island. Indeed those cretinous werewolves have been blowing things here and there and the order forces aren't quite happy with it. So what's in it for the demon? The weapon dealer is himself possessed by a demon and the character have to take the demon's head back to take his power. Unknown to them he is a decoy and the real demon's identity is someone else.

    The werewolves who will be playing the same day have no clue this is demons toying with human BTW.

    Next year the Vampire campaign will be over, but Werewolf will still be going on. I'll start a Mage: the Ascension table within the same context, and if I have good players RP wise at my table I may throw in a fae or two in the group (Changing: the Dreaming).

  • TawmisTawmis Member Posts: 93
    Matthieu said:

    This project may make some purists cringe, but hey there's no official Planescape or Dark Sun for D&D5 after all.

    I don't think this would make anyone cringe. The thing is - anytime anyone plays in a pre-generated world - everything they do is going to be drastically different - even if two separate groups are running through the same module - they may do things that have dire consequences that alter everything. For example, when we did a Dragonlance campaign - we did it after Chronicles. And everything we did "impacted" the world. Someone else playing Dragonlance might look at what we did and think it was nuts - but it fit in our campaign.

    So, the important thing is - having fun. As DMs and players. You do that, and you're all good.

  • MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 346
    edited December 2017
    Ok I'll try to make a little summary of the table so far.

    The Dark Sun players are slaves from an invented noble house of Tyr. The head of the house learned through historic research than an artifact east of the Spine has the key to other and wealthier worlds.

    The artifact is the skull of a demi-lich who from the Outer-Planes found its way to Athas, much to its surprise it's a worthless place. Because the guy is just so damn powerful some guy name the dragon has it for lunch and burp the skull out. The soul returns to the philactery somewhere in Sigil safe and sound until some duster comes around.

    So basicly the players, other slaves, the noble house and guards start a caravan headed to the spine, fall into an ambush of gith with leaves the caravan crippled. We did some real RP and a player did a convicing speech, slaves pick up weapons and rebels, kill the slavers and are now in the middle of the desert with no possibility to go back. So they push forward, they ran into a Marid and and Efreet (yeah because these exist on Athas) which are at odds and a crazed defiler who happen to have the skull the study it. The defiler killed they pick up the skull, some members of the caravan join up with the marid for easy access to water in exchange of servitude, some join the efreet because they're punks and fuck you. And after another ambush the demi-lich is pissed and tries to reconnect to its skull causing the planescape wearer of its philactery to jump on dark sun and the wearer of the skull to land in Sigil, not sure it was what it intended to do though.

    So after another ambush, more crazy defilers, psionic cactuses and helpful druids the planescape character runs away (where the hell am I) and is brought back to Sigil by the skull, switching again.

    PS: on Dark Sun Tyr is a city-stated ruled by a crazy sorcerer-king who kills slaves by the thousands to build some ziggurat. Nothing to do with the Forgotten Realms god of justice.

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  • MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 346
    Today was our last game in the common Planescape/Dark Sun campaign.

    We merged the tables and we were 2 DMs running the table.

    It involved the biggest fight I ever managed at D&D with both groups together allied with a gang from the Hive of Sigil against, in order of apparition:

    - An efreet with his fire elemental supports
    - A demilich with its undead servants (the main antagonist of the game)
    - the Harmonium
    - Devils
    - Demons who came to fight the devils
    - A marid and his water servants to fight the Efreet

    Finally the Lady of Pain came and cleaned the area.

    These people were obviously not allied against the players, there were alliances and hatred.

    The efreet first target the players then when the Marid arrives switched to him
    The Demilich attack whoever uses spells with area of effects (it's trying to prevent its phylactery, currently possessed by a player, from being damaged)
    The Harmonium attacks the gang
    The gang attacks the Harmonium
    Devils goes to the phylactery carrier but quickly switch to demons as they arrive
    Demons goes to devils
    The marid's priority is the efreet
    The Lady of Pain just picked the place clean

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