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Our current D&DV5 campaign at my club

MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 74
Just thought I should mention this campaign we're running at my club with a fellow DM. We are two DMs with two tables (6 players each) playing D&D5. The stories run together at the same time and characters will eventually cross paths. We play in two universes, his campaign takes place in Planescape, mine in Dark Sun. Dark Sun is supposed to be secluded from the Outer Planes, but at the same time there has been occurences of Athasian refugees making it to the planes in canon lore (although this is very marginal).

The Planescape table follows the traditionnal sigilian conspiracies and political conflits while the Athasian part is more about survival. Eventually both sides will follow the tracks of a demilich who made it to Athas only to be defeated there (and its soul stuck in the plane in its philactery) and which holds the map and key to travel to Athas. In our project the travel will be made through the Inner Planes making it quite an experience even for the tough groups.

This project may make some purists cringe, but hey there's no official Planescape or Dark Sun for D&D5 after all.


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