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Uniform colors references in dialog?

AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
Hello, everyone.

I haven't played SoD yet so I was hoping someone who did could help me out (and worry not—I don't mind spoilers in the least, though I doubt there will be much spoilering to answer my query.) I'm thinking to include a component in the mod I'm working on that changes the appearance of Flaming Fist soldiers and officers in SoD to match BG.

Specifically, while in BG all Flaming Fist members had a red and grey uniform and a Cleric avatar, in SoD they are blue and gold and mostly have a Fighter avatar. The uniform color in particular is mentioned in the Field Report alongside that of the other factions with a vested interest in the events of the game, which leads me to my question: Are these colors referenced anywhere in SoD's dialog (e.g. Corwin giving you a rundown of the parties involved and telling you how can identify them by the color of their uniforms)?

If they are, any changes to them should be reflected in the dialog accordingly so I just want to make sure I'm not leaving anything out.

Additionally, the Waterdeep City Guard is stated to have a dark red uniform. It may be a good idea for my mod component to change that to blue and gold so Waterdeep soldiers aren't easily confused with the Flaming Fist. Thoughts? I would imagine if the Flaming Fist colors are referenced in dialog, the Waterdeep City Guard color also is.


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