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inventory management ideas

One of the things I constantly run into is not really knowing what to keep and what to sell, so I thought I'd open up a discussion about not only that but inventory management overall. It's really easy in a dungeon crawl to fill up all your inventory slots. Some more specific questions:

What do I pick up? My party is only around lv5 so far, so I've been trying to fill up my inventory before I go back to the shops, I've been picking up more or less all I can carry, even taking base weapons and armor that might sell for at least a few gold. But I'm right at the point where I might start leaving behind everything that's not at least high quality.

What should I sell? I should sell all gems, right, they have no other use? What about strange named stuff that seems like it might be part of a quest. Apsel's dagger sucks, just sell it, right? Broken or ornamental armors? I seem to recall someone saying to bring any 'unusual' items to them, but I don't remember who. Must have been in Kuldahar since that's where I am.

What about magic items? If it's not an upgrade or useful to anyone in my party I should just sell it? Is it worth keeping around a 'backup weapon' for each party member? Obviously I want each to at least have 1 magic weapon, I've still got a couple who's only magic weapon is something they are not proficient in but it's just a matter of time to find something that's better for them.

How about storage containers, is it worth using gem bags, scroll cases, etc? I'm using some but I find it a little bit of a hassle constantly switching back and forth.

One tip I've found useful. As store keepers get overstocked in an item they lower their buying price, so when I come back from an expedition where I have several of a similar item, I try to give them all to the same party member. That way, when I sell them altogether I can get the highest price for all of them.

One other obvious trick, when trying to free up inventory space you can equip generic rings and necklaces and stuff, or put potions into quick item slots even if you don't think you'll use them from there.

I feel like there are more questions, I just tend to find managing my inventory to be rather tedious, it always seems a headache coming back from an adventure, shifting items around to different party members, trying to choose what to sell and what to keep, and then having to repeat the process at several different shops for different item types. So any good tips are appreciated!


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,770
    Hi @bradu, may not help as a tip (depending on your attitude towards ingame use of console or EEKeeper) but I have disliked inventory management from the early days... it was just frustrating! Many years ago, I just gifted myself a bag of holding (call it a gift from a wise mentor/retired adventure, or if you are a thief type character, you 'found' it in an inn room when uhm er 'cleaning' the place) and call it done. I do get the other various bags as they come up and separate the goodies.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    After a certain point I stop picking up normal weapons and armor. Unless I have specific plans to use a certain magical weapon or armor, I sell it. Gems are all worth picking up and selling as well. If an otherwise normal item is named, its almost certainly used in a quest at some point. Potions are incredibly useful, but can be sold for good money if needed. The containers are A MUST. A gem bag and a scroll are essential to freeing up inventory slots. Oh yeah, pick up scrolls too. Any you don't use are good to sell. At some point, money just stops being an issue, so don't stress too much about being as efficient as possible.

  • WesboiWesboi Member Posts: 403
    Unless it's a unique item or needs identifying it's not worth the effort of taking it when it comes to equipment.

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,280
    -You need two scroll cases (one for priest and another for mage spells). Two potion bags are also important if you're a hoarder.
    -picking normal weapons aren't really worth it unless they're expensive like comp. Longbows and 2 handed swords .
    -all magical items should be picked but selling them or not depends on you : do you use wands? How many opportunities do you have for that fear-removal flute ? The item that casts cure light wounds is worth it if the party rests whenever its members are hurt?
    TBH I sometimes force myself to use these items cause otherwise we tend to save them for later and that time never comes.

  • AtholkAtholk Member Posts: 1
    I make a Bard my master looter. Potion case, gem bag, scroll case, bag of holding.

    Being a Bard they can identify basically everything and dish it out to the characters that need it or will carry it. Everything else goes into the bags.

    They dump sell everything unneeded at first, but after a while you'll have more gold than you need and nothing the vendors have will be an improvement.

  • FylFyl Member Posts: 62
    edited August 2018
    There are bags of holding available for 10 grand from a merchant iirc

    Ammo, scroll, gem, and potion cases get heavy use

    At some point, you just dont pick up non-unique items, and even stop bothering with +1 and +2 stuff

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