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Throwing builds in bg2ee

B4nJ0B4nJ0 Member Posts: 93
So, since we now do get the STR bonus for all our throwing weapons, thing that I missed in my old scs/ascension runs, I would like to create a throwing weapon moster, since archer kit is not good enough in midgame bg2 (kapperino).

Darts build

You go darts for the sheer number of APR. The main slop to do this is that your kensai can NOT use darts and your archer can NOT GM in darts, this pretty much leave me with thief/fighter utility duals, with the advantage that they should do much more damage then most thief/fighter builds.


Here the idea is to be the most focussed ranged dart build, axes as backup for melee


Better hybrid version if you do need to switch melee, faster dual

Dagger Build

I think this is the most interessing build damage wise, you do have +1apr over throwing axes and the damage stack up a lot since you can use:

Kensai (pure)

Half-ogre would be my bet, as usuall with your axes backup for late bg2 and azuredge. You give up 1apr but the raw damage stacking of kensai should be insane (also given the better exp table vs archer) you also end up with so many pips that you can pretty much figure out 2 decent switch build in time of needing, wich should make a pure kensai much more versatile compared to the old "all in" bow archer builds.

Kensai 9/mage

Well we all know this build. Interesting to go ranged to free up 1 apr off hand for your team

Any other idea?


  • EnuhalEnuhal Member Posts: 741
    Just mentioning that darts, unlike other throwing weapons, do NOT profit from strength bonuses.
  • DevardKrownDevardKrown Member Posts: 421
    Honestly if you play pure dart in any fighter setup you will loose out later on just by hitting max APR i prefer the Daggers greatly since they come with 2 APR and leave the option for melee combat. (and they do have the str dmg bonus)

    id go Swash6/Fighter. (2AC 1+hit/dmg, cant backstab)

    with grand mastery in dagger and club as backup. has the benefit that you can go full plate armor and have more hp

    and your daggers will almost hit those 5 natural APR. (2 base 1 Grandmaster 1 Figher13 1/2 gloves) if you have basic haste you have the 5 APR if not 4,5APR

    the assasin9/fighter works too ,
    but you kinda have to dump ALL your thief points into stealth and move silently, you lose out on HP and AC , poison weapon is weak now and if you want to utilize backstabbing you have to limit yourself to leather armor 24/7. also you have to lug around a extra thief in your party while the swash6 can get away with being the only thief (pop out that plate armor and 100% pickpocket trapfinding are yours)

  • B4nJ0B4nJ0 Member Posts: 93
    edited October 2017
    A couple of points after I tested out this build from bg1 till middle bg2 (scs/ascension)

    party comp

    inqui (modded down)

    I would say that overhall the buff to throw weapon (but NOT dart, thx for the call) is so good to be a gamechanger if you were used to run with a focussed ranged char in your runs.

    Throw weapon considerations:

    Throwing weapons are impressive, and I think that the best build is by far pure kensai. You are basically an archer, but with the best ranged weapon in bg1 (throwing daggers) and, in late bg2, you can switch to melee dual when needed wich is a HUGE props. Half way in the middle you will have both 5 pips in axes and daggers, giving you the possibility to pick the best weapon for your chapter needing, since you will have a bit to wait for firetooth but, thx god, axes are not only good in late ToB, but they are pretty good in middle BG2 as well with multiple picks avaible.

    In fact, there are so many good axes in early bg2 (plus the usual tob+5 suspect) that you have an optimal set up at any stage of the game, add throw daggers (bg1) and firetooth (late bg2) and you have a PERFECT ranged char ALL game long.

    Ranged Kensai is basically an archer, but now is way stronger in bg1 AND late bg2, while remaining the same powerhouse in the beginning of bg2 (and you have to add better exp table on top of it, like it wasn't enough)

    So, we got assa nerfed, cleric/ranger nerfed AND a buff to throw weapons.

    I had no reason to dual anything other then kensai even in the 1st day of bg2, but now is even worst, given that archer kit, one of the few exceptions to this rule, is now sub optimal as well.

    Thief personal considerations:

    Assassin sucks now that poison got nerfed, and talking about thieves skills I never felt the needing in bg for anything more then 100 detect illusion (which is by far the best rogue skill) with a plus for trap/unlock if you dont want to metagame the *** out of it. Move sil/stealth has always been embarassing skills due to itemitation, at least imo (u can have the same thing or, to be honest, even better with a clock and a ring, CMON). That said my assa9 has 100 trap/unlock and leftover detect (something embarassing like 10?:P) given the tome of +1dex spent on him.

    They are still whey they have always been in bg saga, ok char to have but not must have (like clerics). All this game ask you is 10apr and magic spells, and I don't get the poison nerf at all (like blackguard was better the inquisitor or kensai/mage at any patch point, KAPPA).

    Basically, the only thing that keep me out most of the time from kensai9/thief is that I dont want to have 2 chars screwed at the same time, so the super fast regain of swash6/fighter is usually easier for me to handle, no matter what it's a pretty underpowered char so I pick ez levelling over the slighty better version.

    Anyway things got even worst then usual, maybe I played too much this game, but today I wanted to restart the run with the single class kensai, till I realized I was ending up at lvl 1 with a team of 4 kensai out of 4 people and that seemed a bit depressing ç_ç

    Im basically down at 5 builds playable in scs/ascension for a sweet run:

    kensai9/mage (2x/3x)
    kensai9/thief or swash6/fighter (0x/1x)
    bers7/cleric (0x/1x)
    kensai ranged (0x/1x)
    inquisitor (0x/1x)

    When a game gets too old and the metagame too deep. It's like playing the same patch of dota 2 for 10 years in a row :p

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