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Multiplayer issues - Crashing and Connectivity

I'm sure other people have had these issues before, but it's hard to find information about it, since everybody seems to have their own kind of issue and own way of explaining it.

Anyway. My friends and I are big fans of the BG games, and we decided to play BG2:EE again, together in multiplayer with internet connection.
- First of all, one of my friends can't see the game that we created, on the list. The other two of us can see each other, and we can see a lot of games on the multiplayer games list. The last of us can't see the game, and he can't see the games we can see. He can, however, see different games - which is odd to me. Are there different game servers with different games depending on some kind of location?

- Secondly, and this issue has happened before when I played the game in multiplayer some years ago, the host crashes when we change chapters. So far, it happened after escaping Jon Irenicus' dungeon (just after the scripted sequence with the battle between Jon and the cowled wizards) and it happened again at Gaelan Bayle's proposition. We get the conversation, finish the conversation, the chapter changes (cinematic with voiceover) and when the cinematic is over, the host crashes.
In both cases, we've been able to work around the issue with the host sending me the save-game, I make a game, start it alone, pass the crash point, save the game, send the savegame back to the host, who then hosts a new game with my fixed save. (We tried having the host playing through the cinematic alone, without the rest of us joining the game, but he still crashed).
It is, however, a bit of a time-consuming work-around, and there's no saying how often this crashing will occur, so we'd rather be without it.

It should be said, that we are all running at Frame Rate 50 - we haven't tested it with a lower Frame Rate yet.


  • DoubledimasDoubledimas Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,250
    Are you all using the same game version? What platforms/OS are you using?

  • ChalkstixChalkstix Member Posts: 3
    Same game version, we both use Windows 10 - We can play fine most of the time except for the crashes after cinematics. What exactly happens after cinematics? The game must be doing something that it suddenly can't do and thereby shuts down? I do believe he downloaded the game through GoG, and I did through Beamdog, but if that would cause any issues, why can we even join the same game?

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,739
    To aid problem determination is the host able to complete the cutscene in multiplayer mode with no client connected? Or in single player by copying the save from the mpsave folder to the save folder.

    It sounds like the third person is using a different version of the game. Version can be seen on the top bar if you use Windowed mode (Alt/Enter switches between Windowed and Fullscreen) but you can also check by comparing against the two layouts below.

  • ChalkstixChalkstix Member Posts: 3
    As far as I know, you can't even join a game if you have different versions. If I remember correctly, you'll get an error message when you join, saying something about wrong version. I might be confusing it with other games though.

    We tried with the host doing the cutscenes alone. Same issue. So far, the workaround is for him to send me the latest save, let me go through the cutscene alone, then I save, send the save to him, he loads it, the rest of us join, and we continue on. It takes some time, and it's somewhat disruptive, but at least it's a workaround that works.

    We have also encountered other bugs, but I don't think they have anything to do with this issue. Like, the animals that are supposed to be caged in Waukeen's Promenade, are actually outside the cages.
    Also, the Djinn you meet in the The Plane of Air (Side-area to Jon Irenicus' dungeon) keeps appearing random places and talking to us. He just pops up in dungeons and starts a conversation. Last time we met him, there was 4 of him.

    We also wanted to try out some of the new NPCs, but Hexxat has to be controlled by the host. If a client controls Hexxat, the game starts lagging immensely for that client, and the same goes if the host doesn't hold all the containers (gem bags, scroll cases, etc.)

    The game seems even more buggy and unstable in multiplayer than in the old days. Not entirely sure why.

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