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Any great Smith/Merchant in Baldur's Gate city ?

Hi there, I was wondering if there was in Baldur's Gate city any Smith it would be interesting to save my gold for, and if so in which location ? I have more than 30k at the moment and I'm tempted to buy items from Beregost's Smith but I thought there might be some more interesting places in BG city which I didn't discover yet, so here I am seeking for advice :)

Have a good day everyone



  • ValciValci Member Posts: 35
    edited October 2017
    There is Sorcerous Sundries in the first area of BG you arrive in (BG East i think it is). It has a decent selection of trinkets. Also, for mages especially (but not only) you can always visit High Hedge where you can get Robe of Neutral or Good Archmagi. Generally speaking (from my experience) i only get the Shadow Thief armor from Beregost for my thief (Imoen or Safana depending on good or evil playthrough). This time around i also got dagger of Venom for Shar-Teel since she is dual-wielding a long sword and a dagger. Also of use might be the Light Crossbow of Speed. But in general only buy what you can use effectively imho. That is my general rule of thumb. You'll be making money by the bucket load soon enough anyway so you can always go back. I generally end up with having little to spend it on other then recharging items (when you sell an item low on charges and buy it back you get it with full charges)...

  • SoloThiefSoloThief Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for your answer, I'll check that out :)

  • SkatanSkatan Member Posts: 3,482
    Once I reach BG city I'm usually pretty much fully equipped and have cleaned out High Hedge, Beregost, FAI and UB so I spend most of my gold on potions, wands and scrolls. So I too say Sorcerer's Sundries is the place I spend the most gold at that point. There's a random merchant at the second floor in one of the taverns who sells another wand of fire IIRC, but I usually have 2 by that time so rarely need it.

    A pro tip though, think carefully before spending your hard-earned gold at Lucky Aello's.

  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 622
    The Thieves' Guild merchant is good for some ammo and potions, although pricey.

    I will often sell and buy back fully charged my used wands and amulets there as a convenience also once money is no longer an issue.

  • SoloThiefSoloThief Member Posts: 7
    Thanks all for your answers

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,544
    There are some kinda random merchants distributed sround the city, and iirc there is a useful potion seller 'hidden' (there is a tag on the location in EE) in the city area thst has the prison.

    Its got nothing you can't buy elsewhere, but some solos might need extras.

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