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[BUG]: Watcher's Keep Priest Not Considered Undead by Mace of Disruption +2?

1. Start BG2:EE.
2. Load a game with a sufficiently leveled party and a Mace of Disruption +2 that hasn't attempted to venture to the lower levels of Watcher's keep.
3. Head to Watcher's Keep Level 1. Open the door to the priest's room. Approach and interact with the coffin.
4. Anger the priest by opening it without the slippers at ready or by refusing to give them to him.
5. Attack him with the mace of disruption repeatably. Eventually 'Undead destroyed' should appear underneath him but he will only take the crushing damage from it and not be destroyed. Sheer physical damage can slay him but no insta-kill.


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