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Playing without side quests

Tried several times playing BG, only to find it too messy for me with that many side quests, NPCs, and maps. Simpler, straightforward games like IWD is what I find more entertaining.

So, here's a question: have you tried playing only the main quest in BG, and if yes, was it funny or difficult in some ways?


  • DevardKrownDevardKrown Member Posts: 418
    you would probably have a hard time reaching max level. unless you stick to a small/medium sized party and don't swap anyone out.

    but no one is stopping you giving it a try ! sounds like a fun challenge , a character who is focused on the stuff going down , not that some farmer has a zombie problem or some dwarf lost his cloak...

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,301
    edited October 2017
    I occasionally do a mainly solo speed run to get the tomes that I need for a character in BG2 and in those circumstances I don't bother with Durlag's or Ulgoth's - so it's sort of like a solo vanilla run (pre TotSC).

  • tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 1,924
    I have done two character speed runs, doing only enough extra to get tomes and to get from area A to area B, three or four times. It can be done, but it can also be really tough, even on Normal mode

  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 5,621
    Define main quest?

    Is it doing things only you need to do? Or doing the things the game nudges you to do?

    For example, after Candlekeep all a player needs to do is head to Nashkel and the mines, skipping the FAI.

    Going straight to the mines can be difficult (and thereafter) as you'll have less XP and less good equipment to handle the tasks ahead.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 246
    It's actually fairly entertaining to do a speed run where you do no farming and visit no areas except those directly needed to advance the critical path. tbone is right that you end up with much less XP which makes normally-easy encounters more challenging. You can up the ante further by having a no-reroll policy for a speed run, where you take whatever stats initially appear before you.

  • FFJamie94FFJamie94 Member Posts: 6
    It might be entertaining and a challenge (I did a no Side Content run with Fallout 3 years ago and found it surprisingly easy...)
    But most of the fun comes from Side Content, so I doubt I could ever do it with BG, maybe with Story Mode on, but even then...

  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,745
    I developed the habit of only doing quests my character would do, so when I once played one who didn't give a hoot about anything, I skipped out on like 90% of the sidequests. Quickest playthrough I've ever had. This was years ago tho and I do believe I played that one on easy though and probably cheated some to effectively skip the more annoying battles. So I can't tell how viable it is difficulty wise.

  • wsnavigatorwsnavigator Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the replies!

    By 'main quest' I mean what is described here. I realize running the only main plot would mean less XP, so would probably do it solo (like F/M/T), or, if my character is not a Thief, then with Imoen .

  • Abby_ZeroAbby_Zero Member Posts: 68

    Tried several times playing BG, only to find it too messy for me with that many side quests, NPCs, and maps. Simpler, straightforward games like IWD is what I find more entertaining.

    So, here's a question: have you tried playing only the main quest in BG, and if yes, was it funny or difficult in some ways?

    Bite your tongue lol!

  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 5,621
    If you do it solo, I wouldn't do it f/m/t. Stick to either f/t or m/t. Even though you get all the XP, you still have to divide that xp by three into your classes.

    I'd say doing it how the wiki describes is doable, HOWEVER, if you are not familiar with the mechanics of the game it will get too difficult around the bandit camp as consumables you need will be scarce.

    below is a quick spoiler free walk through you can do that will get you some good items and XP quickly (and still close to main plot road) to finish the story quickly.

    - Leave Candlekeep after doing all the quests there.*
    - Either pick up Imoen or leave her.
    - Visit where Gorion died, pick up items*
    - Head South revealing High Hedge
    - In High Hedge immediately travel east to Beregost
    - Find Garrick and do his quest*
    - Go into Feldepost and talk to Merle*.
    - Buy the History of the Fateful Coin*
    - Leave and enter the house directly East of Feldepost and talk to Firebead*
    - Leave, head south, all the road (slaughter everything in your path).
    - Instead of continuing south, head West.*
    - Find and Fight Bassilus. *
    - Head north and look for a chicken. Save said chicken*
    - Head back to High Hedge and enter the stone building. Talk to the mage.*
    - Head back into Beregost and go West to the temple.*
    - Talk to the Priest to get some spending money.*
    - Head back to Beregost and visit the Smithy or High Hedge to get better gear
    - Head south from Beregost along the road until you hit Nashkel.
    - Rest in the Inn then talk to the Mayor.
    - Head to the Mines by going south.
    - On the Mine map, go to the southern part of the map to meet Prism*
    - Enter into mines and finish that dungeon
    - Leave the mines (back the way you came)
    - Go to Naskel, talk to the mayor again and rest at the Inn again
    - Head to Pevdale (west of the Friendly Arm Inn)
    - Head to the Bandit Camp to find Tazok
    - Head back to the Friendly Arm Inn
    - Head East to Cloakwood, find the mines in cloakwood (there are 5 maps to walk through)
    - Do the mines in Cloakwood
    - Head back to the FAI and go north to the Bridge leading to Baldur's Gate
    - Talk to Skar and do the quests he asks you to do.
    - Meet Belt and return to Candlekeep
    - Go into the Keep and up to the top of the stairs
    - Leave Candlekeep and head back to Baldur's Gate
    - Find a way to the Undercellar
    - Go to the large keep in the middle of the city and enter
    - Chase after Sarevok
    - Fight Sarevok
    - Watch end credits

    Everything with an * beside it is optional, however, as stated, it will give you XP or magical items that will help in the battles to come. If you reach the bandit camp and are having trouble getting through it, it is recommended to sweep a couple of maps in an attempt to get more XP or loot to get through it.

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