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[SoD] Caster Reset when I recruit them again.

I just started up SoD and went through the Prologue with the same party I went through BG:EE with, got to Neera my mage again that I used the entire game and she has reset. All her gear(which was all the mage stuff in BG, Evermemory, Neutral Arch-Magi Robe, that amulet that gives a Lvl 2 slot, also had that Lore cloak from the prologue) and all her spells that she learned gone...almost made me want to throw the game away lol. Was told by a developer to come here and post my bug.

I don't have any over-ride or mods in the game.

This contains 3 saves. Final Save of BG, Prologue Opening Save and then just my playthrough save.

Thanks, Igneous


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