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Questions About Spells

So currently I'm enjoying my first playthrough of BG2. (I'm on chapter 5 atm) but since the beginning of BG1 to where I am currently in BG2. I learned along the way on how things work and stuff (THAC0 and AC bit kinda confuses me a bit but whatever)

But one thing I'm really concerned about is spells. Now I know when casting offensive spells they are either negated or they work by the mechanics of Save vs Spell/Breath weapon/death and etc. But as I move through the campaign I feel that my spells are more useless as I advance. Like for example, "Power word sleep" doesn't work on mages/fighters of higher level but cannon fodder such as gnolls and etc are suspect to those spells. But spells like magic missile and chromatic orb still work for a level 1 spell. But I find so many spells worthless at this point that my mages are loaded up with more buff spells rather than offensive.

Now my question is, since I have both Imoen and Aerie in my party... What spells are useful for each level? I've learned from various forum posts here, steam and even sorcerer's place of many spells that are useful but I'm curious to see what else can I use for high level fights.

Second Question is that I have the infinite book of spells for my CHARNAME paladin. Which spell would be useful for him? I was thinking like a buff spell such as spell turning would be amazing but I'm curious to know what other spells are better than that.

Any opinions on the matter because I find myself struggling to choose a spell that works with my party.


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