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Best character build for RP

What kind of character do you think would best fit into the story line? Personally I think a character that has mage as one of their classes and is either human or half elf, but I want to know what you guys think.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 5,840
    Whatever I feel like playing. Usually a Bard of an unconventional race.

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    Are we pretending the time of troubles didn't happen only 12 years before BG1 for this story line? And/or that Bhaal's been getting it on for awhile at this point?

    Personally I think some flavour of Mage/Thief combination fits growing up in a library with Imoen. Race can vary, but:

    Human/Half Elf/Halfling: Best fit, agewise. These short lived races would fit in well in human societies raised by humans, and are age of majority when departing the keep.

    Dwarf/Gnome: Not even sure when they physically mature, but probably by around five decades. Some problems due to lifespan differences and outlook. Not so much as elves, but some of the below will apply to a lesser degree.

    Elf: Elves at least are physically mature at age 20, give or take, but destined for serious mental issues and plot specific ramifications to consider.

    1: An elf CHARNAME being raised by humans is unlikely to inherit the easy going, plodding mentality of elves who take a few decades to really get into something. This mentality is designed to allow an elf to remain sane over the centuries, and without that, CHARNAME is running around with a human mindset while having a lifespan around ten times longer. Boredom and frustration is more or less inevitable, perhaps even outright madness.

    2: At the same time, humans will constantly expect the elfling to "act their age", effectively forcing them to be a lot more mature than someone their age really should be. For humans, CHARNAME is too frivolous, immature and flighty, for elves, too brash and excessive, and their slow, plodding way of approaching life would drive CHARNAME to distraction. Perhaps old Gorion might understand, and make arrangements for a legal guardian to help keep CHARNAME out of trouble, since they are at best a precocious child thrust into a terrible situation.

    3: CHARNAME knows that they are pretty much guaranteed to outlive most of their friends and family by the time they reach adulthood, and every non-elf by the time they approach middle age. If they have a love interest, unless that love interest is Aerie (who has a lot in common with them, since she is also extremely young - probably in her 50s - raised among the short lived, and exposed to extreme trauma at an early age), they know that they are going to outlive their grandchildren, because elves pairing with humans or half-elves produces more half-elves.

    An elf CHARNAME by the end of ToB is still a child, faced with the choice of abandoning their mortality after having barely lived 2% of it, or staying mortal to watch almost everyone they ever knew grow old and die while they remain unchanged and alone for another nine centuries (and probably far longer) while being as fundamentally unable to relate to their own people as any human would be.

    Also, going through character conversion from 2nd to 3rd, 4th, then 5th edition over their long lifespan is going to be incredibly annoying.

  • ValciValci Member Posts: 35
    wouldnt Vikki be a valid love-interest for an elf Charname? ... or are drow short-lived (i mean naturally cause theres obviously always a chance to get murdered among the drow... lol) ?

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    Valci said:

    wouldnt Vikki be a valid love-interest for an elf Charname? ... or are drow short-lived (i mean naturally cause theres obviously always a chance to get murdered among the drow... lol) ?

    Nope, Viconia won't romance elves. Half-Orcs, Halflings, Humans, and Half-Elves, I believe.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 5,840
    I never understood the relative nearness of the Time of Troubles as a sticking point. Is there any in game lore that states Bhaal sired his spawn ONLY during the ToT? All I recall is statements that "Bhaal forsaw his death during the ToT". As in "Bhaal knew that he was going to die during the ToT" not that he only got the foreknowledge during it. I see no problem assuming Bhaal has been doing this for some time in preparation for the ToT.

  • ValciValci Member Posts: 35
    edited November 2017
    Hmmm...I didn't recall that... But then again I rarely play as an elf to begin with... And even if I did I'd stay away from Aerie... So whiny... lol

  • Dev6Dev6 Member Posts: 543
    Valci said:

    And even if I did I'd stay away from Aerie... So whiny... lol

    What blasphemy is this?!

  • ValciValci Member Posts: 35
    edited November 2017
    If I have to hear about her wings one more time ... lol. Seriously I generally avoid her. Firstly cause I generally play neutral/evil parties... And secondly cause if/when I do play neutral/good I prefer other characters. Jan for instance is one of my favorites whether I go good or evil and I rarely take more then one mage in the party... And in a good run it would be Nalia->Imoen most likely. Romance wise there's always Jaheira or if its gonna be a mage then Neera...

  • tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 1,916
    Valci said:

    If I have to hear about her wings one more time ... lol.

    Yeah, because why would anyone ever complain about their enslavers cutting off infected limbs?

    Seriuosly, though, if you don’t like her personality, fine. But her class of Cleric/Mage makes her one badass spell-slinger, the only one capable of giving Edwin a run for his money. Try the combo youself on your CHARNAME if you haven’t.

  • ValciValci Member Posts: 35
    edited November 2017
    oh absolutely shes a powerful character but as i dont really powergame so for me personality>OPness... which is why i generally avoid taking Edwin also (with a couple of exceptions). I find his arrogant self annoying and most of my CHARNAMEs would probably give him a swift kick in the head.
    I did use Aerie at times back in the day when BG2 originally came out else obviously i wouldnt know her personality at all... for some reason though i find it annoys me greatly. I'd take some turnip stories over that any day of the

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