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NWN Crossroads: Discord NWN Hub for connecting to Places, People, and Pages

SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 85
edited November 2017 in General Discussions NWN:EE
Hello, I'm Symphony.

I'm a spread-out member of the NWN community, in touch with a lot of folks all over, and I decided it might benefit players new and old by creating a central matchmaking Discord server.

Right now, there are a lot of Discord servers floating around centered on a variety of topics wide and narrow. I'm hoping to have a Discord channel where someone can find the right Discord server to join to address their concerns, find the right server to play on, find the right tutorial, help document, or otherwise. The links categories in this Discord provide an ongoing list of links to those Discord servers, server IP's, server webpages, and tutorial materials.

The #general channel will be relatively non policed, the rest of the Discord is mostly comprised of static lists that only I can edit. @Posters are allowed to submit items to be included in these lists.

I'm hoping most of the discussion will lean towards finding the right place to talk, rather than talking. Since the only thing in common with the whole Discord server is NWN1, please try not to spend too much time talking about non-NWN issues, such as your Thanksgiving Dinner, your non-NWN favorite game, or sports team score results.

See you there.

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