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Anyone figure out the Project Q Hak Patch, yet?

Not too long before the announcement of NWNEE, I started playing NWN again, using Project Q as a patch. You'd install it by tossing it into a folder called "Patch" and then making an "nwnpatch.ini" file, pointing it to the hak packs int neverwinternights\patch.

It would load up the haks in any module you played, so it'd give you better models and textures for some stuff.

I tried that in NWNEE, and it doesn't appear to be working. I tried it in the 'user' folder(my docs\...) and in the actual NWNEE folder, but no dice.

Anyone have any luck, yet?

Otherwise, thank you Beamdog, for the 4K support. I had been playing in 2k to be able to read the text! So excited NWN is getting love!


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