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Playing a Monk

MeraldMerald Member Posts: 3
Playing around I fluked in to decent stats for a human monk. I didn't intend to play a monk, just wanted to check the class out, but with her stats I'm curious about the monk (Sun soul) class and have a few questions.

Her stats: Str 18, Dex 18, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 17, Char 10

Are they decent fighters (can they tank)?
Are there any items available for the monk?
Fists or weapons? If weapons, what weapons?
Are they worth having in your party (I normally play a party size of 3 to 5)?

Thanks for any feedback, :smile:



  • Dev6Dev6 Member Posts: 707
    I've never played a monk so I'll be following this thread...

  • MeraldMerald Member Posts: 3
    @Redrake Thanks for posting your experience on the IWDEE monk class, good insight on that class.

    I would gather that to have an effective monk one would need to go with no more than 3 or 4 party members and rest in spawning areas to help level him up quicker. Although not appealing to do so, it might make that class fun to play early on (maybe). I'm not sure it's worth starting a new game just to try the monk class though.

  • RedrakeRedrake Member Posts: 423
    It's a bit of a trade-off. You can either go with monk in a party of 6 which increases her chances of survival. Or go with a smaller party, which is risky for any character but especially for monk. You'll still be stuck to fighting high-damage enemies with effectively a minor tank and no magic fists. In a party of 3-4 you should be able to have +1 magic fists around Dragon's Eye, but I am not sure if before or after Level 3 (which is the most problematic).

    Like I said, Beamdog simply dropped IWD1 into BG2 engine without any regard to balance. As such, monk is pretty much a let-down in IWD1EE.

  • WesboiWesboi Member Posts: 403
    Monks are fine considering you can solo the game with a monk it's just the early level is rubbish for monks that's it.

  • wsnavigatorwsnavigator Member Posts: 17
    One more vote for being a bit difficult during monk's first few levels. It is easier if the monk is in a party, so that one can choose how to use him/her appropriately in each situation. This way, the monk could fight on the front line with fists against weak enemies, and could shoot with a sling when fighting more difficult enemies.

    Here is an example, my 7th level monk with 70HP was in a party with 3 other characters on the first level of Dragon's Eye. When fighting lizardmen it was easy to use fists. When trying to fight with the Lizard King with fists, the monk died in 2-3 rounds. After switching to ranged weapon for the monk he was out of danger, and it was easy for the rest of the party to eliminate the Lizard King.

  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,496
    I played a Dark Moon Monk through the main campaign and expansion on HoF-mode once. The first levels are painful but once you get Quivering Palm and Weapon Immunity the real fun starts. Just take a look:

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