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mp3 to bmu?



  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 776
    There is of course an alternative version that comes with an installer that does work on Windows 10. I can confirm that it does work although it has a minor bug in it. This version reports that your mp3 file has a variable bitrate when in fact it doesn't. This can be safely ignored as long as you know for certain that the file is saved with a constant bitrate. I know that this program works because I have been using it on win 10 just this week.


  • hermythermyt Member Posts: 12
    IIRC from doing my own mp3 conversions back in the day, straight mp3 to bmu renaming WILL work however the engine is restricted on the bitrate that it requires. It would take a tiny bit of testing but if I recall properly then it was 128bit steady bit rate required (not variable). Attempting variable bitrate mp3's would result in silence as would higher bitrate (256 / 320 etc).

    So using an mp3 converter to convert to 128 should work as well and just allow renaming of the files.

    I could be mistaken in the 128bit assumption and its possible that it was 64 but I'm pretty sure it was 128.

  • hermythermyt Member Posts: 12
    Yea just confirmed, it should be 44khz 128bit encoded mp3's you can rename existing nwn bmu's to mp3's and vice versa and they load up in any player in that format. Haven't actually tested new ones but that should work but I do recall that not just any mp3's would work and I think the bitrate was the key factor as I do remember re-encoding mp3's like 16 years ago HAHA due to this.

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 776
    Strictly speaking it should have a sample rate of 44,100 hz (45khz = 45,056hz) and a bitrate of 128kbits. A good few streams ago Trent said that you no longer had to have actual bmu files for NwN EE because the patent on mp3 had run out they were able to make NwN accept plain mp3 files. All you need to do is change the extension to bmu.


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