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Pull entire mob MOD?

A standard tactic in the BG/IWD series has been wielding fog of war to divide and conquer a single mob of enemies. The strange part, of course, is that a group of enemies would do nothing while a comrade visuals our party or, worse, is shot to pieces. Would it be possible to have a mod where the part of a mob in the fog is pulled when adjacent however de-fogged brethren are assaulted? Having this feature as a switch would be nice.

Playing without enemy-sighted auto-pause somewhat helps in this matter, but it's still an issue. And being able to play with enemy-sighted auto-pause would be nice IN ADDITION to pulling the entire mob when you're sighted or attack.

Under the current system, having a party member move to expose an entire mob is an option. However, it requires extra movement at a cost to strategic positioning.



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