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Transition from one server to another

If you are running two servers - how do you set it up so that players can seamlessly transfer from one server to another from within the game. I know it can be done as I've seen it on a couple of servers, just don't know how to do it.


  • NeverwinterWightsNeverwinterWights Member Posts: 194
    You would use the ActivatePortal script function. You can use it in a transition or talking to an npc or what not.

    // Try to send oTarget to a new server defined by sIPaddress. // - oTarget // - sIPaddress: this can be numerical "" or alphanumeric // "". It can also contain a port "" or // ""; if the port is not specified, it will default to // 5121. // - sPassword: login password for the destination server // - sWaypointTag: if this is set, after portalling the character will be moved // to this waypoint if it exists // - bSeamless: if this is set, the client wil not be prompted with the // information window telling them about the server, and they will not be // allowed to save a copy of their character if they are using a local vault // character. void ActivatePortal(object oTarget, string sIPaddress="", string sPassword="", string sWaypointTag="", int bSeemless=FALSE)

  • NeverwinterWightsNeverwinterWights Member Posts: 194
    An example:

    void main() { //Example using a trigger on the ground as a transition object oPC = GetEnteringObject(); ActivatePortal(oPC, "", "password", "tag of starting waypoint", TRUE); }

  • ArckonArckon Member Posts: 5
    edited June 9
    Can I do this using two steam accounts on the same machine, and running two separate instances of NWN1?

  • DFDarkDFDark Member Posts: 19
    Arckon wrote: »
    Can I do this using two steam accounts on the same machine, and running two separate instances of NWN1?

    You can try running 2 nwn server instances of different ports, but I've never tried it so i'm not sure it's possible.

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