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2.5 Update bugs

The game runs really slow on the Galaxy s7 makes it almost un playable.



  • stikyardstikyard Member Posts: 4
    I'm running 1.2 on a galaxy s5 with no issues. Are you playing multiplayer?

  • CaladinCaladin Member Posts: 1
    Everytime I finish Battle 10 in Black Pit 1, Najim does not show up and no XP or gold is received. All the merchants have their new wares. When I talk to Baeloth he will offer all the normal options of Battle 1-10 and next fight, but when you choose any fight, the UI goes away and he does not teleport the party to the arena.
    I am playing the 2.5 beta running with Steam.

  • FluentFluent Member Posts: 64
    Been playing for a bit, here's a few I noticed.

    The game crashed when I was right click moving my party, i.e. the mode where you can adjust which direction the formation faces, and I was near the border of the map west of High Hedge. Might have something to do with being so close to the map border.

    I also noticed that sometimes Neera likes to charge in with melee even though I have the setting "Do not melee after using an ammo stack" turned on.

    The biggest bug by far has been with the Steam Controller. I'm using my profile I created and the controller will just stop responding every so often, sometimes twice or three times in an hour. The controller remains on but simply stops working until a hard reset of the controller, turning it back on and then it functions again. First time I've had this issue with any game (and I played PS:T:EE with the Steam Controller too.)

    Is there a reason why clicking the stat names in the character sheet does not have a minimum or maximum score listed? Just seemed weird. I wish there was a way to see the buffs or debuffs on each character besides the small portrait icon. Maybe when you hover over them and their HP shows on the small banner, it could include at least the name of the "fettle" that they have on them (Poisoned, Unconscious, etc..)

    It would also be cool to click some of the other stats and scores in the character sheet to read more information about them. Seems only the attribute names are clickable as I mentioned above.

    Would be cool to be able to see a character's inventory or equipped items while in the merchant screen. Just a convenience thing I'd like to see.

    Will post more bugs if/when I find them. Can't really think of anything else that's happened like that yet, and I'm probably 10 hours or so into the game. Peace,

    - Flu

  • dilbertinidilbertini Member Posts: 1
    I have the same bug that happened to Caladin happens to me on 2 different party.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,804
    @Caladin and @dilbertini I've passed this feedback to the team but I will appreciate if you report the issue on and attach a zip of your save before the 10th Battle.

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