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Knights of Noromath: EE Campaign Roleplay Server

DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
Landing Page

About Us
The Knights of Noromath server is dedicated to adapting classic Forgotten Realms source material for enjoyment in the Neverwinter Nights Game. Our love of traditional pen and paper D&D guides us as we embark upon a creative quest to place our players in the spotlight in one of those most densely written about areas of the campaign, the Lands of Intrigue. Encompassing suspense and conflicts centered around political struggles of Tethyr, the threats from always-encroaching Amn, and treasures and culture from nearby Calimshan, the Lands of Intrigue have much to offer players exploring any role in the setting.

The besieged, poverty-struck, constantly burdened countryside of Tethyr is a fertile ground for challenging clashes with classic foes such as Cyricists, Zhentarim, and Drow. The advantage of arcane magic is costly and regulated heavily in nearby Amn. Dragons battle for supremacy while demanding tribute from all. Knights form their own bands to try and bring stability to the land and even lay claim to estates.

Mystery and suspense are our greatest tools. Our creativity is focused on serving the spirit of the setting and making it fun, challenging, and thereby a worthy pursuit for players seeking high quality, hardcore, fantasy role play.

Welcome to the Knights of Noromath.

Duchy Noromath
Brost County is located within the Duchy of Noromath, and overseen by Duke Allain Kevanarial - the Bowlord of Her Majesty's Bowmen. One of the few elves to hold rank at the noble court in Ithmong, he rose to this position on Queen-Monarch Zaranda Star's direct order after she insisted on having a representative from the two main elven houses.

The Duchy of Noromath is mostly made up of the Sword Belt territories that are constantly fought over by rival barons, and the expansive and dangerous Wealdath. Most of its territory is composed of the ruins of the once great tribes of elves that ruled over the Tethir Forest. Now, it is a wasteland filled with hordes of feral creatures escaping the Crownlands, bandits, warriors, traders, and armies. Though once home to many elves, there is now only a population of 800.z

Brost County
Brost County was an idyllic and pristine area of the Swordbelt in upper Tethyr. Its principal town, Brost, is known colloquially as the Mushroom Village by many southerners and Tethyrians. Until recently, many young men and women were moving out of Brost County and into the rich lands of the south. As the conflict with Amn is spurred on again, a new influx of settlers and fortune seekers have instead begun to take up arms to defend this once peaceful land.

Brost County is home to nearly 5,000 people - 3,000 of which have permanent residence in Brost. During the caravan season, the population of Brost can reach up to 7,000 and the county swells to nearly 10,000 temporary residents. The population mostly consists of humans, but has a minority of halflings, and half-elves. Elves are commonly sighted in Brost, however, they tend to stick to their forest homes in the expansive Wealdath to the south and are becoming more of a rare sight with each passing day.

Brost is a somewhat resource-rich location, producing many products and goods that are purchased by nearby Trademeet and Riatavin. Some Brost made goods make it as far as Agis, even. They are well known for their Mushrooms, Peaches, Wagons, Ales, Ciders, and Horse Tack.

The village of Brost has many well-known establishments and locations, its minor population is maintained by the regular traders that come and supply the town - taking its goods to far-reaching corners of the Sword Coast.

Mayor Ieval Boralail - was elected the mayor of Brost over 10 years ago, and there is no one alive in Brost who can speak ill of him, save his own son. A lesser attendant of Mielikki's temple, he gained the use of the upper level of the Ranger's Refuge for the town offices after the town hall burned down with a number of other buildings in last year's fires. Ieval is one of the primary contacts between the elves of Tethir and the town, and his role here has been favorably noted at court.

Unlike other Counties, where they are presided over by a single Count which maintains order over a number of Barons, Brost County and the Duchy of Noromath are not large enough to warrant the position of a count. As such, Duke Kevanarial holds the title Count of Brost; however, due to his disinterest in human politics he rarely interferes with the Lords and Ladies of the County. While the Barons of Brost pay their taxes to him, they mostly self-govern through the Council of Noromath. The Council of Noromath, or Lord's Council, is an official organization composed of the Barons within the Duchy of Noromath who gather several times per year to discuss laws, taxes, and various other matters of state.

All new characters arrive on the Tethir Road, the historical boundary between two tense neighbors: Amn to the north, and Tethyr to the south. Heading westward past Fort Olehm, travelers find themselves entering the village of Brost. Boasting a population of over three thousand peasants, skilled laborers, soldiers and knights, Brost is a rural backwater where Crown justice is poorly enforced. The influx of many travelers from various locations all find themselves unable to continue their travels, as the emergent threat of the Sothelisian Army of goblins have just availed themselves in the west. With the enormous Wealdath forest preventing direct travel to the Crownlands, Brost is insulated from Tethyr's true resources while also being exposed to Tethyr's threats from all around.

Links for New Players
1) Required Files - What you need to get connected!

2) Our Setting - What are the Lands of Intrigue, and where?

3) Campaign - Where does your character start?

4) Subraces - What races are playable here?

5) Backgrounds - What is your role in society?

6) Religions - What gods do you worship?

7) Classes - What class changes can you expect?

8) Summoning Spells - What changes can you expect?

9) Gestalt Spellcasting - What does that mean for my multiclassed spellcaster?

10) Player Possibilities - What can you aspire to?

11) Knightly Code - Live by it, die by it.

12) Expulsion of Monstrous Races - The Queen's Orders!

13) Crime and Punishment in Tethyr - What does the law look like in Tethyr?

14) Server Rules - What do we expect from our players?

15) Help Keep Us Strong - Donate to the Knights of Noromath Project!



  • thruddthrudd Member Posts: 96
    I am Currently Playing Through Shadows of Undruntide and a Few Other Custom Modules, but This Persistent World sounds like something Right up my Ally......How many Current Players do you Have ? And that Undead Summoning Class Sounds Really Cool!!!!!

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Hey Thrudd! Thanks so much for your interest. At any given time we tend to have around 55 unique users per week; that's going off of character vault and forum activity. Our community members are really exceptional and most are veterans to the game and to roleplay. Hope you find the links helpful and please let us know if you have any questions... Yes, our Palemasters are really something special >:)

  • Dreadlord_AnwynDreadlord_Anwyn Member Posts: 48
    I tried with three different characters to make a human wizard. Here are the bugs I encountered for your perusal:

    The first time the special feats and such were not available during the "Make New Character" phase prior to logging in. I actually did make a character first and then found I was missing HAKs, then came back and logged in with that character. Maybe this is a big reason why I got so bugged. The journal mentioned a class feat and a general feat were required to enter the door, There was no feat option at second level.

    As I mentioned, I was a wizard so I had a good INT score but your lever stopped working for me at language selection, so I proceeded to try to make a new character, the same thing as before - a human wizard.

    The second iteration of the human wizard, with a different name - had available to them during the Make New Character in login - the special feats of your mod. I didnt spend any of my skill points because I wasnt sure if the extra skills of your mod were there. I guess they were I was just distracted from the prior bugs being frustrating. Anyway, the lever once again stopped working for me at languages. So I tried the door to the next room anyway.

    My appearance changed to that of some kind of demonic looking squat creature, the height of a dwarf with sharp teeth and two rows of three little spikes in its bald head which came to sort of a point in the back. I found this vaguely disturbing so I tried the DM channel to no avail. Eventually I read in a NPC conversation or maybe the Journal or a sign or something that I could change my appearance using the radial crafting menu since the NPCs didnt work in that regard. I ended up getting a dwarfs head, so I thought maybe this was because I chose Calishite as my culture. Anyway, this made me think that maybe if I chose something other than Calishite, I wouldnt look like an ugly too-tanned dwarf. Then the server kicked me. I restarted my computer this time, supersitiously - and logged back in to obstinately make a third iteration of human wizard.

    This guy started as a dwarf even though his race was human and he was a different human wizard with another name. So, I think maybe it'll switch if I choose Tethyrian since thats the norm for the mod, just like choosing Calishite changed my appearance from human to weird ferengi looking guy from star trek TNG. Anyway, the lever once again stopped working for me at languages and even though I saved my level ups for after pulling the lever, I still got no class or background feat at 2nd level and whatnot. Going through the door didnt change me from looking like a dwarf either. And so there, my story ends.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Hi @Dreadlord_Anwyn, it sounds like it would have really helped if you looked at our discord for known issues; relogging on the same PC resolves the dwarf phenotype (that started in EE), the language stuff isn't working yet but that's simply waiting on more NWNX work. If you have simply logged back in on the same PC, you'd have been just fine! In this case, obstinately making that character over and over is just never going to work.

    Anyway, we wish you the best of luck with the PW that you've been working on.

  • Dreadlord_AnwynDreadlord_Anwyn Member Posts: 48
    Sometimes me head gets stuck and my subconscious then decides to do useless things until my conscious gets it. Its all good.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    edited January 2018
    We asked our playerbase what sets KoN apart from other NWN servers - and here is what they said!

    What Sets KoN Apart From Other NWN Servers?

    Sljppers - 01/22/2018
    DM activity and playerbase communication

    CatInTheWitchesHat - 01/22/2018
    The interconnectedness of player decisions and setting changes

    Sljppers - 01/22/2018
    I haven't yet personally experienced it, but it seems like anyone can permanently impact the server.
    And that's a cool thing to actually have, rather than claim to have and not deliver upon.

    DnDragons - 01/22/2018
    What I enjoy about the server is the care for lore and character cooperation. Single people can have impacts, an cooperation is clearly pushed to reach even larger goals. Not only that, but there is a care for WHAT a class is and what it means to be a cleric or a druid to aid in rp compared to simply multi classing and building whatever gives you the best stats only. The world cares about your position in life such as poor to nobility and the world has opportunity for all types.

    TreeWitchFear - 01/22/2018
    This is a living, breathing campaign where even the smallest interactions can have tangible effects. Seemingly random or inconsequential events suddenly re-emerge as something far larger than you ever anticipated. Everything about the setting: The lore, the monsters, the npcs, even the zones themselves are all well thought out, imaginative, and evoke a real sense of cohesiveness with the setting. A lot of love went into making this campaign where everyone can take part in the narrative, and it shows with every interaction, with every battle, every victory, and every defeat.

    The Torm Storm - 01/22/2018
    The immersion is real for sure, we all feel significant no matter how large or small our role is

    Dissonance - 01/22/2018
    When you log on, chances are someone will talk to you within five minutes. Every other server people just run by you like you're invisible.

    The Torm Storm - 01/22/2018
    It feels more like an active campaign as opposed to and independently functional PW, which end up feeling like MMOs. I'm not here to play an MMO, I come here for DnD.

    The Torm Storm - 01/22/2018
    Thanks to EE the wonderful development and scenery can be properly enjoyed and fully realized in this authentic FR environment. The lack of lag allows immersion to be enjoyed.

    The Torm Storm - 01/22/2018
    We have the freedom to have our character's decisions be 100% story related and acknowledged instead of ignored.

    Dissonance - 01/22/2018
    That political scene -
    I thought it was really cool hearing about some of the exploits and scars that previous players have made on the server. Like the Mad Mage.
    Makes it feel like you too can leave a lasting impact.

    DnDragons - 01/22/2018
    ALso anticipation. Knowing that anytime something can happen rather than just like once a week etc

    The Torm Storm - 01/22/2018
    Indeed, it's like nothing is forgotten

    TreeWitchFear - 01/22/2018
    Also the people. Some of the finest role players I've had the honor of playing with. A beautiful game still sucks if the community is toxic. This community is one of the finest I've ever seen, and that makes it all even better.

    The Torm Storm - 01/22/2018
    I would also like to add how the plethora of custom classes and content allows for an exponential amount of side but just as significant plots to develop, this concept alone sets KoN apart as well. Does it happen on other servers? Yes but it is not as intriguing to consider.

    TreeWitchFear - 01/22/2018
    Specialty priests are amazing from a technical and rp perspective

    CatInTheWitchesHat - 01/22/2018
    @Djinn - Head DM | Storyboard The best part of the server honestly has to be how organic every interaction is. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is guaranteed. It is literally all the best aspects of a table top game, coded to provide a visual representation. Every player no matter the type of character or build has the opportunity to make a large impact in our small little corner of tethyr

    DarkBeforeTheDawn - 01/22/2018
    What sets KoN apart from other servers is that this server is a family. We look out for one another, even when we start to get on each others’ nerves. There isn’t a moment where I haven’t seen another player step up and help others when they need it, whether it is in game or in real life. Sure, real life can drag us away at any given moment, whether it is work or family emergencies or just having a bleh kind of day, but even those things don’t stop the people here from reaching out and hoisting each other higher and making everyone feel welcomed in our “home away from home.”

    Gabraham (Gram) - Last Thursday at 3:08 PM
    I'm Shepard and this is my favorite NWN server on the Citadel.

    Mal - Last Sunday at 10:45 PM
    great server great RP possibilities. they really strive to make is as PnP as possible. best rp experience i have had online since old time pre trammeln UO.

    Post edited by DM_Djinn on
  • HendellHendell Member Posts: 4
    This server sounds like a fun place to play, but all four of the required files links to the server specific data are broken, so downloading it becomes some kind of trick I don't know how to fix.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Hey @Hendell thank you for letting me know! They should be tuned up, now. :)

  • kingblahkingblah Member Posts: 12
    I used to play a significant amount of RP PW's on NWN 12 years ago! It was so long ago, I can't remember their names, but it's great to see the community is still alive! This looks right up my street. I'll give it a go once I've dived back into the EE!

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Thank you for your interest, @kingblah ! It will be our pleasure to have you check us out when you do. :)

    We've just added really great updates regarding player crafting opportunities, all based on pen and paper rules. We always do our best to make sure we implement things as close to the books as possible and we've also got a system for henchmen coming in soon! It's all based on feats we've added to the game: craft magic arms & armor, craft wondrous item, leadership feat, landlord feat... The sky is the limit! We hope to catch you soon.

  • JFKJFK Member Posts: 213
    Looking good. Quick question on required files:
    I already have CEP 2.6.3. Clicking on the Knights of Noromath full patch files (either the .zip or .7zip) indicates it is a combination of the specific files to the server + CEP 2.1. Do you have a way to download only the specific to the server files, so I don't have to re-download CEP 2.1, which I already have and which is quite large?



  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Hi @JFK, we wish there was a way to only pull down the individual files you need- since Steam just launched, I would say the best way to get the hak content is by pulling it down on our steam workshop space. Steam speeds allow it to be delivered in as little as 5 minutes, someone reported yesterday.

    Otherwise, the best practice is just to grab the entire file. We actually do not use the entirety of CEP, either.

  • SaintPhillipSaintPhillip Member Posts: 59
    edited February 2018
    Grabbed it off of Steam and it took way less than 5 mins- In fact my all of my mods took about that and I have almost all of the ones in workshop.

    I tried your server and for some reason my elf looked like a gnome. I was surprised to find I needed spell components (not in a bad way since I think its cool just threw me off) and I plan to put some time into it later this week- It looks really nice and complex.

    But why do I look like a gnome? Nothing against gnomes, I have friends who are gnomes...But...

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Hey @SaintPhillip, thanks so much for stopping by! Sorry to hear that you were gnomed' without your sign-off. That is just a little bug we're experiencing with EE, if you log out and log back in with the same Player Character, the phenotype problem is resolved! I hope this helps and we look forward to seeing your PC on the Tethir Road... :)

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Greetings new players and returning intrigue artists! Check out some of the recent developments on the Knights of Noromath server:

    New Familiars, Animal Companions, and Henchmen!

    Our extensive list of custom feats!

    Our Non Weapon Proficiencies (Let the 2nd edition flow through you)

    Check our latest spell changes!

    Other updates are made every few days on the most active roleplay server set in the Forgotten Realms! Player banking, storage, property ownership systems and living economy are either here or on the way! We hope you join us very soon, we'll keep the fires warm for you.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Another KoN Player Testimonial:

    "Neverwinter Nights has a strong following 16 years after launch because it embodies a good balance of community, individual creativity, engaging role play and as close to a pen and paper experience ever presented in a digital offering. Knights of Noromath expands on these assets and delivers on everything this game has to offer."

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    edited March 2018
    Another KoN Player Testomnial:

    "When I had to pay finances on my full-plate armour to a dwarf priest, I knew this server was for me."

    Also, feel free to check out our Facebook page which has tons of EE screenshots:
    Knights of Noromath Facebook Photo Album

  • FantineFantine Member Posts: 6
    Hi Djinn, I am a returning player to NWN. Played way back when the game was released and excited to see the game has been given new life. Would like to try your server. Am accessing the game through Steam. I'm guessing I still need to download your files? Sorry for asking what is probably a stupid question, but where do I place these files? Where I place Steam mods? In the Steam/Steamapps/common/NeverwinterNights/data folder? Thanks!

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    edited March 2018
    @Fantine It is so great to have you! OK, there is no need for any manual modification of file folders if you are connecting through Steam- you should be able to subscribe to our workshop page and it will do everything automatically for you. Feel free to ask for help on our discord server as many of us are using steam and can render assistance around the clock! Knights of Noromath Discord Link!

    Post edited by DM_Djinn on
  • FantineFantine Member Posts: 6
    @DM_Djinn thank you so much for your reply and assistance! Am going to read through the background material you supplied above and then create a character. The adventure begins!

  • FantineFantine Member Posts: 6
    edited March 2018
    Mm, tried creating a character, but got message that said something like, "Module did not load. Missing te_tlk_v17.tlk file."

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    edited March 2018
    Hey @Fantine! Sorry to hear you had this problem; I would say best course from here is to pick up our "Tethyr Patch Update" and just grab the tlk file you need out of there- you can then place it in your documents/neverwinter nights/tlk folder. I hope this helps!

    Tethyr Knights "Connect Page" with patch file link

  • FantineFantine Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the assistance. Did as you recommended. Found the file and put it in the tlk folder. Unfortunately when I tried to start the mod I received a pop up that the "game crashed hard." Beamdog gave instructions for reporting the crash which I did. Guess it's just not my day.

  • deathlessdeathless Member Posts: 21
    edited March 2018
    server is terrible..80% of playerbase constantly AFK..choppy gameplay...numerous bugs... UMD is FUBAR(26 DC for expeditious retreat scroll r u srs)..arcane casting is FUBAR'D(spell components required for EVERY SPELL) equipment.. no varied content to explore..just hours of killing zombies post lvl 6 for 2 exp... staff first time experience running a pw... owner used his patreon support money to buy an AC unit (lol)...does this sound like a server you want to play on?

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Hello @Fantine ! It sounds like you're so close! We'll have to provide a DM event just as soon as you get in the pool to make up for lost time. :)

    I would say to check the documents/neverwinter nights/hak folder to make sure you have all the hak assets loaded. In my experience the game doesn't always report when the required files are missing...

    Thank you for reporting the crash to Beamdog, as well!

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    What about your hak files, @Fantine? I think you might still need the entire hak directory from our full Tethyr Patch.

  • FantineFantine Member Posts: 6
    @DM_Djinn, going to give that a try. Thanks!

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    edited June 2018
    The Knights of Noromath invite new players and returning intrigue artists to join us! More player-lords are stepping up to the stage and they are impacting our setting in truly profound ways- and module systems like crafting have reached a very high level of sophistication... Come see what you're missing!

    Post edited by DM_Djinn on
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