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Knights of Noromath: EE Campaign Roleplay Server



  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    edited August 2018
    2018 has been such a busy year for our development team! Here's an overview of all our progress and development updates.

    Module Changelog:
    - Call Lightning Updated.
    - Weather System bug has had a wrench thrown at it.
    - XP System bug none of you high level folks noticed fixed.
    - Caravan/Church Acolyte bug fixed.
    - Other small bugs.

    - XP is turned up slightly.

    - Script Updates:
    -- All Healing spells now Gestalt properly.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Secret update for thieves.
    -- Small edits.
    - System Updates:
    -- Groundwork for Proficiencies/Crafting laid.
    -- Polymorph adjustments + new polymorphs for Vampire forms.
    -- Ranger's should now be fully 3.5E.
    -- Behind the scenes fixes for creature distribution through the palette.
    -- Spell Components are now in the game. (Requirement for spell components to cast coming soon!)
    -- Fixes for Deity Level cut-off points. (Fully activated coming soon!)
    -- Warlock is now a Base Class!
    -- Davin no longer holds his bow on spawn.(edited)

    - Script Updates:
    -- Vaei Animations Scripts loaded.
    -- Characters without Animation feats will now receive them on login.
    -- Dwarves will now receive the Dwarven Weap. Prof. feat on login.
    -- Scorching Ray Fixed.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Lockwood Mines Coming Soon™
    -- Lockwood Tradeway is now locked down by Calishites.
    -- Spawn tweaks in prep of Game of Groves.
    -- Most Low Walls now give Tactical Terrain bonuses per PnP.
    -System Updates:
    -- Animal Companions through Dogs.
    -- Spell Components Coming Soon™(edited)

    - Everything from the previous updates, again. Sadface.
    - Script Updates
    -- Entry messages updated.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Lockwood Falls and Tradeway re-locked down by Calishites.
    - System Updates:
    -- Animal Companions complete.
    -- Familiars next hak update.
    -- Spell Components now sold by merchants.
    -- Spell Components can now be gathered.(edited)

    - Script Updates:
    -- Refixing Warlock blast healing undead? Let's find out!
    - Area Updates:
    -- Area revamped for Dungeon update.
    -- Erroneous loot bags are gone from places they weren't supposed to be. >_>
    - System Updates:
    -- Dungeon overhauling beginning with work from @Tsurani.Nevericy!(edited)

    - Script Updates:
    -- Fixes to new Dungeon Boss Battle Royale!
    -- Imported scripts.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Small things here or there.
    - System Updates:
    -- Preliminary crafting testing is beginning now, thanks to @Cebrimal!
    -- Proficiency selection and more soon to come.

    - Script Updates:
    -- NPCs should now be able to sit on spawn again. Lol.
    -- Fixes to new Dungeon Boss Battle Royale!
    -- Loot Testing.
    -- Improper Damage for Warlock Blast Progression fixed.
    -- Summon Undead now working.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Cloak Merchants sells more cloaks now.
    -- Ranger's Rest now has crafting placeables.
    -- New Merchants are placed around the module that sell some necessary spell components.
    - System Updates:
    -- Crafting update! Resource gathering coming soon, thanks to @Cebrimal!
    -- Added resource gathering tools to merchants.
    -- Added Container and Combiner to every player. (Anyone can make a bandage!)
    -- Proficiency Selection for New Characters enabled.
    -- All characters will receive a copy of the server rules on login.
    -- Spell Components will be live in the next update.(edited)

    - Script Updates:
    - Area Updates:
    -- The Battle Royale now only gives XP after completion of the event.
    -- Whippoorwill:
    --- NPCs readded.
    --- Area entrances fixed to match building exterior appearance.
    -- More spell component gathering locations added.
    - System Updates:
    -- Eschew Materials should now be okay.
    -- Wizard feats fixed.
    -- Bard song/curse song/lingering music/extra music all fixed in the 2da.
    -- Attempt to fix Background-Usable Feats.(edited)

    - Crafting Script Updates
    -- Proficiencies (Anvil, Armoring)
    --Craft Magical Arms & Armor feat
    February 8, 2018
    Spectre | PM DM02/08/2018
    - Script Updates:
    -- Eschew Materials toggle working.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Small Teeth Transitions hopefully working. (Continuous problem with the tileset.)
    -- New Duskwood Manor Dungeon!
    - System Updates:
    -- Crafting Update:
    --- Fixes an issue where crafting jewelry didn't spawn the temporary item.
    --- Adds all Blackcoat recipes.
    --- Adds potions for herbalism.
    --- Bandages fixed to no longer require Herbalism.(edited)

    - Script Updates:
    -- Proficiency check failure fixed.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Lockwood Mines readded.
    -- New Lighting Placeables being created.
    -System Updates:
    -- Merchant fixes across the module.
    -- More mining spots.
    -- Randomized ore respawn rates.
    -- Shields, Bows and Arrows can now be enchanted.
    -- Small bug fixes.
    -- Overhaul of certain spawns. Wandering distances curtailed. Some spawns now drop random gold again.

    - Script Updates:
    -- Bug where horses were getting crafting items fixed.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Updated decorations in the Whippoorwill to solve "vanishing candle" issue.
    -- More areas and connections in Old Shanatar.
    - System Updates:
    -- Shadow Dungeon will now reward XP on completion.
    -- More spell components/crafting components locations.

    - Crafting Updates:
    --Revised Shield Enchantments
    --Crafting Conversations now silent
    - Item Updates:
    --Fixes for all items with caster levels now live (please report items with caster level "0" to DM Djinn)
    -Creature/NPC Updates:
    --Palette Organization
    --Creature Faction Updates
    --Fixes to erroneous Creature Equipment
    --New Module Creatures & NPCs

    - Script Updates:
    -- Warlock changed to allow players to reach level 6 before requiring a Patron.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Adding Persistent Storage to castle-keeps that should actually be persistent.
    -- Many areas now have spaces that are designated as Temples or Shrines.
    -- Cotton Added.
    - System Updates:
    -- Setting up Banking. Will need additional testing before it can go live.
    -- Temples and shrines give benefits similar to those found given by the Hallow/Unhallow spell and also affect undead - beware.
    --- Those characters who have the deity that the shrine/temple is dedicated to will receive additional bonuses appropriate for their deity's domains/dogma.
    --Crafting Updates:
    --- Placeable descriptions for coal/quartz/sulfur corrected.
    --- Oak trees now produce a workable material.
    --- Steel now offers a bonus to mastercraft chances.
    --- Improved resource randomization method.
    --- Resolved an identified exploit.
    --- Your harvesting tool now will not break if the resource is already depleted.(edited)

    - Script Updates:
    -- Switched around some things for the Temple to hopefully fix the problems with exploit/slow server crashing.
    - Area Updates:
    -- None.
    - System Updates:
    -- Crafting update to fix additional bugs, add new recipes, and more small fixes thanks to @Cebrimal.
    -- Anti-muling script contributed thanks to @Elysium.

    - Area Updates:
    -- Small aesthetic changes here or there.
    -- Mist Updates - in some areas, fog will display in the wee morning hours. There are several variations of this aesthetic, so please report which one you like best to me and what area it was in!
    - System Updates:
    -- Crafting update to fix Carpentry Bug from @Cebrimal.
    --Reworked potions/herbalism
    --- Brew Potion is now needed to create potions.
    --- Herbalism can now be used to make drugs.
    --- Mortar and Pestle item added for processing herbs.
    -- Door fix from @Tsurani.Nevericy.

    Late Night Additions:
    -- Fixed Carpentry Bench failure.
    -- Added more recipes.
    -- Attempt to fix the Polymorph spam bug.(edited)

    - Script Updates:
    -- Fixes to small scripts.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Updates to many areas featuring new morning mist.
    -- Updates to Brewery area.
    -- Updates to other small things.
    -- Fish no longer float around Brost.
    - System Updates:
    --Crafting Updates:
    --- fixed -1 days issues
    --- fixed holy/unholy weapons
    --- removed endure elements potion recipe as there is no endure elements potion.
    --- add item descriptions and crafter credit.(edited)

    Next Hak Update:
    - Update to CEP 2.6.4
    - Added new Robes.
    - Added new Staves.
    - Fixed Wizard Feat Selection error.
    - Fixed Warlock automatic feat reception error.
    - Updated TLK entries for certain classes.(edited)

    Website Changes:
    -Updated Spell Changes Page
    -Updated Gestalting Page
    -Updated Multiclassing Page
    -Updated Official Classes Page
    -Updated Backgrounds Page

    2/25/18 Update:
    - Script Updates:
    -- Adjusted XP required for eschewing materials down.
    -- Update for Transgression RP.
    -- Updated Spellfire Channeler Charge System.
    - Area Updates:
    -- Western Fields / Oakbarrel Brewery Updates
    -- Reworked Upper Floor of Ranger's Rest / Council Chambers
    --- Added Office of the Justicar...
    - System Updates:
    -- Banking placement around the module.
    --- Brost Bank is now open for business.
    -- Crafting:
    --- improved success/failure crafting notification.
    --- increased resale value of wood planks
    --- improved resource collection success notification
    --- moar recipes
    --- fixed holy water basin(edited)

    2/27/18 Update:
    - Scripts:
    - Areas:
    -- Lighting changed in Ranger's Rest.
    -- Seats added to Ranger's Rest.
    - Systems:
    -- Fixed banking error where name was displayed incorrectly.
    -- Crafting:
    --- Fixed crafting success math
    --- Fixed Silent Moves enchantment
    --- Fixed issue where only non-good characters could create holy weapons. >.<
    --- Adjusted wooden shields to be carpentry not armoring
    --- Fixed issues with trailoring station
    --- More recipes.
    --- Several bug fixes for wonderous items
    --- Dragon Hide(edited)

    3/3/18 Update:
    -Area Updates:
    -- Changes to Ranger's Rest Council Chambers
    -- Changes to the Ranger's Rest bottom floor.
    --- Should now be a Rest Area.
    -- Added in a few new areas.

    -Script Updates:
    -- Mispelling in Eleasias fixed.
    -- Whippoorwill Inn XP-gain error fixed.
    -- Dark Elves now receive Darkvision as they properly should.

    -System Updates:
    -- XP Script updated.
    -- Crafting Updates:
    --- Conversation Updates
    --- Crafting Price Adjustments
    --- Fix Woodworking countinue item issue.
    --- Fix Dragonhide crafting
    --- Stackable Enchantments (May not work as desired on existing items, creating a second enchantment rather than replacing)
    --- More Recipes

    -Misc Updates:
    -- Gnolls fighting each other fixed.
    -- Updated Malik in Checkpoint.
    -- Tree in Southspire fixed.
    -- Updated Aakif in Tejarn Gate.
    -- County Militia faction updated.
    -- Wayside Shrine now has a return point.
    -Creature Updates:
    -- Added immunity to Shadow creatures
    -- Fixed Pixie Familiar Dagger item and voicesets
    -- Added new Underdark Creatures, Planar Creatures
    -- Updated Challenge Rating of Zombies, Bandits/Tradeway Bandits
    -- Revised Equipment of outlaws
    -Item Updates:
    -- Added plot items for DM Quests.

    3/4/18 Quick Update:
    - Area Updates:
    -- Temple of Mystra keys assigned.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Minor changes to Brew Potion and Apothecary and Arsenal. Now inform you that you must use the Crafting System.
    - System Updates:
    -- Crafting:
    --- Multiple tailoring bug fixes
    --- HorseHair tag bug fixed

    3/11/18 Update:
    - Area Updates:
    -- New Interiors Added.
    -- Small changes to exterior areas.
    -- New exteriors added.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Testing for additional NWNX Functionality.
    - System Updates:
    -- Crafting:
    --- Adjusted leather armor to tailoring instead of armoring
    --- Exposed math behind the enchantment gold-values during enchantment.
    --- Special loot circumstance rules.
    --- More recipes
    -- Creature Updates.
    -- NPC Updates.
    -- Game of Groves Testing.

    3/16/18 Update:
    - Area Updates:
    -- Area updates for Lockwood Mines.
    -- Small updates to various areas.
    - Script Updates:
    -- None
    - System Updates:
    -- Crafting:
    --- Fixed tailoring Bug.
    --- Robe specific enchants changed to Wonderous Item
    --- New DMG Inspired Enchantment Pricing System
    --- More recipes
    -- Game of Groves Marshland Live.(edited)

    3/18/18 Update:
    - Area Updates:
    -- Small changes to the Village of Brost.
    -- Other small tid-bits here and there.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Changes to the way the Weather System applies cold damage.
    - System Updates:
    --Crafting Update:
    --- Fix bugs where items in inventory (before the pricing updated) weren't being assigned a value.
    --- Fixes to Cloak of Resistance
    -- Game of Groves Lake Walsingham Live.
    -- Updates to various creatures and encounters.(edited)

    Hak Update (4/7/18):
    - Added four new crafting feats for magical item creation.
    - Fixes for Familiars/Companions
    - Update to Weapons able to be used by Monks.
    - Update to CEP 2.65
    - Added new Robes.
    - Added new Staves.
    - Fixed Wizard Feat Selection error.
    - Fixed Warlock automatic feat reception error.
    - Updated TLK entries for certain classes.(edited)

    4/7/18 Update:
    - Area Updates:
    -- Small fixes to Fort Briarwood Interior
    -- Preparation for Game of Groves: Teranthvar.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Minor tweak to On Level Up.
    - System Updates:
    -- Crafting Update:
    --- Bandages now cost 2 gp
    --- Fixed feedback messages
    --- Fixed certain item costs
    --- Fixed certain item required caster level
    --- Fixed certain cost related variables
    --- Attempted to address spell resistance bug
    --- Attempted to fix Bracer item creation

    - Area Updates:
    -- Few changes to Lockwood Falls areas.
    -- Small changes to various areas along the Tethir Road.
    - Script Updates:
    -- N/A
    - System Updates:
    -- Game of Groves: Teranthvar now active.
    -- Game of Groves: Oakfather's Glen now active.

    - Items:
    -- Updated all spell components to be tagged as stolen
    -- 100+ items now flagged properly as masterwork/magic (now able to be upgraded)
    - Creatures:
    -- Revised spiders, UD monsters, blighters, and planar creatures
    - Scripts:
    -- Crafting, Main; adjusted cost calculation of fullplate
    -- Crafting, Holy Water basins; lowered level requirement for paladins & clerics
    -- Crafting, Combiner
    --- adjusted cost of Bandages (do-over)
    --- adjusted various costs & minimum caster levels
    --- adjusted/fixed variables
    --- raised maximum item value
    -- Combiner, Bug fixes
    --- addressed Spell Resistance Bug
    -- Cleric Favored Weapons
    --- finished specialty priest favored weapon list

    - Area Updates:
    -- A bunch of door fixes.
    -- Oakbarrel Brewery is open for business again.
    -- Large fixes to Briarwood.
    - Scripts:
    -- Small tweak to Weather system.
    -- Cleric Specialty Weapon fixes.
    - Systems:
    -- Game of Groves behind the scenes.
    -- Large number of new recipes added.
    -- Spell components availability turned up.
    -- Leather crafting armors moved to Tailoring.(edited)

    - Area Updates:
    -- New Areas in Old Shanatar.
    -- New Areas in Briarwood.
    -- Aesthetic changes to Briarwood.
    - Scripts:
    -- Small changes to banking script to attempt to fix.
    - Systems:
    -- Game of Groves behind the scenes.
    -- Item scripts.
    -- Addressed leatherworking bug
    -- Addressed woodworking bug
    -- Adjusted SR property for enchantment
    -- Added masterwork holy symbol to armoring proficiency
    -- Added additional enchantment recipes
    -- Added additional brew potion combiner recipes
    -- Added class specific crafting support (assassins, druids)
    -- New code requiring weapons to be +1 before further enchanting them
    -- New blackcoat recipes
    -- Added elixirs (require craft wondrous item)
    -- Added additional base item types to combiner code
    -- Updated magical item variables in preparation for dweomer sensing/weave tracking

    4/21/18 Patch:
    - Small area fixes to new areas.
    - Davkas' farm now has cows.
    - Crafting bug fix introduced 30 minutes ago fixed.

    - Hak updates:
    -- Crafting feat fix attempts.
    -- Small spell description fixes.
    -- New appearances for robes.
    -- New appearances for Staves.
    -- New creature appearances for us.
    - Area Updates:
    -- New Areas south of Tejarn Gate.
    -- Loot overhaul and expansion!
    - Scripts:
    -- Continuous attempts to fix banking.

    - Area Updates:
    -- Tejarn Trail now loops around fully.
    -- Loot and monster placements!
    - Script Updates:
    -- Staging scripts for merchant update.
    - System Updates:
    ---Address crossbow crafting bug
    ---Initial test case for favored weapon creation
    ---revised combiner recipes
    ---revised base item values
    ---revised holy symbol
    ---Address combiner bugs
    ---Revised Adamantine Weapon Property

    - Area Updates:
    -- Tejarn Updates
    -- West Haven Updates.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Updates to Dungeon Scripts.
    -- Merchant Update/Test for inventory cleaning and expanded RP/skill uses.
    -- Banking Systems now Working.
    -- Bartering / Polymorph flash bug fixed.
    -- Mage Armor, Shield, and Death Armor spells updated to reflect 3.5 E.
    - System Updates:
    -- Lords will now receive income from their properties directly to their Vaults (if they have one).
    -- Holy Weapons now count as Holy Symbols.(edited)

    - Area Updates:
    -- Tejarn Update.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Modification to Holy Symbol check
    -- Removing gold from banking should be fixed.

    - Area Updates:
    -- Secret Area Update.
    -- Lockwood Update: Banking
    -- Briarwood Update: Banking
    -- West Haven Update: Banking
    --- Area updates.
    --- Minor tweaks to outside.
    --- Wall rebuilt.
    -- Brost Update: Banking, too!
    - Script Updates:
    -- Undead players should now join and be treated to all the benefits of undeath. Namely, other undead ignoring you! (TEST ME PLEASE!)
    -- DM-Side things.
    -- Crafting Adjustments.
    -- Persistent Storage Chests undergoing testing.
    - Assorted Updates:
    -- Appearance changes for many creatures for higher quality content.

    - Area Updates:
    -- Fix for a few doors that autolocked when they were not supposed to.
    -- Small updates in a few spots.
    -- West Haven bank properly set up.
    -- Lockwood Falls Hamlet no longer haunted.
    - Creature Updates:
    -- Too many to mention.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Behind the scenes work for languages being re-implemented.
    -- Attempt to patch persistent chests.
    -- Resist Elements fixed.(edited)

    - Area Updates:
    -- Lockwood Hamlet: Blacksmith
    -- Western Fields are now overrun with gypsies.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Vampiric Blood Drain testing.(edited)

    - Area Updates:
    -- Lockwood Hamlet: Blacksmith now has a Blacksmith
    -- @Allan Pinkerton's Reformers take Southwatch.
    -- @Andrew "Malcorath" Carnegie's Mystics take the Tower.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Fixes for banking keys. Should now work and allow access for editing and receiving funds, setting tax rates, etc.
    - Behind the scenes:
    -- Lots of new DM Toys.
    - Crafting:

    (Bounty Economy Edition)
    -- All major holdings with banks now have bounty personnel attached to them.
    --- All bounties turned in to a Holding's Bounty Manager will give gold rewards to those that turn them in as well as the Holding.
    --- The Holding can adjust Bounty rewards by changing their tax rate. Tax rates will change how much gold they receive as well.
    -Added new combiner possibilities (Bane ammunition by rangers)
    -Added new workstation possibilities (All favored weapons now craftable)
    -New Merchants
    -New Conversations

    6/30/18: (Live)
    - Area Updates:
    -- Lockwood Falls Tailor is now in business.
    -- Lockwood Falls Fletcher is now in business.
    -- Watchfield Interior operational.
    - Script Updates:
    - System Updates:
    -- Game of Groves:
    --- Testing of Variables/Conversation for affecting groves.
    --- Updates to creatures to fix faction bug.
    --- Behavioral changes for some creatures.
    -- Bounties:
    --- Removed extra Helm in Tejarn Gate
    --- All relevant creatures should drop bounties.
    -- Crafting:
    --- Massive hunting update. Many creatures now able to be huntable for spell components and other useful items including bounties.

    - Area Updates:
    - Script Updates:
    -- Bounties for Hobgoblin Ears and Summoner's Manuals fixed.
    - System Updates:
    -- Game of Groves:
    --- Patching DM-side Grove Influencing.

    - Area Updates:
    -- Aljana Areas are now live.
    -- Updates to West Haven.
    -- Updates to some merchants.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Tweak for statue testing.
    - System Updates:
    -- Misc. fixes and additions to bounty list and payouts.
    -- Minor updates to Crafting.(edited)

    - Area Updates:
    -- Small Tweaks to Aljana Areas.
    -- Update for Swamp's Blighted Grove.
    -- Dwarven Shrines somehow disconnecting themselves have been reconnected.
    -- Imps will no longer assault the first person to enter the crypt at the entrance.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Nothing of note.
    - System Updates:
    -- Shadow Walk now fully implemented.
    -- Bandit spawn-in-stealth testing.
    -- Fixed Adamantine spawn-rate error.(edited)

    7/15/18 Hak Update:
    - Fix for Warlock...
    - Polymorph changes for Lythari.
    - Polymorph changes for Vampire forms.
    - Crafting Feats now implemented properly.
    - VFX Overrides for rain and gore.(edited)

    - Area Updates:
    -- Tweaks to Brost Village area.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Fixed gestalt spellcasting problem.
    - System Updates:
    -- NONE.

    - Script Updates:
    -- Vampire Abilities:
    --- Dominate Person
    --- Mist Form
    --- Bat Form
    --- Wolf Form
    - System Updates:
    -- New Combiner Recipes
    -- Merchant updates

    -Area Updates:
    -- Attempt to resolve the Brost Village memory leak by reverting version.
    -Script Updates:
    -- Attached NWNX_Chat plugin to attempt to recreate language platform.
    --- If strangeness ensues, like messages getting swapped or sent to the wrong person report them immediately to your local Commissar.
    -System Updates:
    -- Preparation for merchant scripts.

    - System Updates:
    -- Languages now working.
    --- Use "!speak " or "!language "
    --- Script ignores *, <, >, and "
    --- Some classes/races are not yet receiving all of their languages appropriately.
    --- Newly made characters can now select their languages.(edited)

    - Area Updates:
    -- West Haven small update (Banker NPC and Storage test.)
    -- Wayside Shrine is now a rest area.
    -- Escape transition has been placed ontop of the cliff in the Duskwood to allow players down without DM help.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Haste will now gestalt properly.
    -- Transitions will now no longer allow you to escape if you are in combat.
    - System Updates:
    -- Console Command Trigger changed to a hyphen "-", ex: "-language elven"
    -- New console commands that function can be identified by using "-help"
    -- Console commands updated to include rolling system.
    -- DMFI commands now removed from player interaction. Please use the Console System.
    -- Subdual Modes have been added. You can turn it off by using the Console Command "-subdual off"

    - Area Updates:
    -- Changes to West End of County Spawns.
    -- Changes to Sentinel Tower Spawns.
    -- Changes to Fort Briarwood Exterior.
    -- Changes to Various Merchants.
    -- Changes to Old Shanatar Spawns.
    -- Changes to Elven Hamlet.
    -- New conversations for various NPCs.
    - Script Updates:
    -- HIPS is now limited in use to once every 10 seconds.
    - System Updates:
    -- Console Commands added for emotes.
    -- Additional Combiner recipes.(edited)

    - Area Updates:
    -- Fixed error with NPC spawn ins.
    -- Fixed problems with creatures spawning in the walls.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Language problems with Animal, Thieves Cant, and Mulanese fixed.

    - Area Updates:
    -- New merchant added that will collect items similar to bounties from characters.
    - Script Updates:
    -- New Console Commands
    --- Debuff - Removes all self-casted effects from you.
    --- Decloak - Removes only the invisibility effect from you.
    - System Updates:
    -- More NPC Conversations added.

    - Area Updates:
    -- Lockwood Falls updated.
    -- Appearances for Knights of...Everywhere updated.
    -- Brost North Gate and Brost Old Whip updated.
    -- Briarwood Interior updated to static and improved.
    - Script Updates:
    -- Spawn-System tweak for correct reactions to creatures.
    -- Many spells updated:
    --- Polar ray
    --- Ray of enfeeblement
    --- Vampiric touch
    --- Acid arrow
    --- Ray of Frost
    --- Acid splash
    --- Scorching ray
    --- Negative energy ray
    --- Electric jolt
    --- Ice dagger
    - System Updates:
    -- Small update to bounties.

    Discord Update:
    - Website links in New Player Help should now be allowed for members linking to the Tethyr Website.

    - Area Updates:
    -- Minor fix where NPC appearances are switched out.
    -- Persistent Storage:
    --- West Haven
    --- Mystran Tower
    --- Lockwood Falls
    --- Tejarn Tower
    - Script Updates:
    -- Fix for some ray spells that were no longer working.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Hello, hello! We're always busy putting together updates on a weekly basis. Feel free to check out the latest patch notes, here.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Have some more PATCH NOTES! Raise Dead now running at full 3.5 rules. A totally new resting system! Tons of new backgrounds, new damage reduction types, and continuous improvement always.

    11/6/18 Update
    Rest System:
    - Rest system will now spit out time-to-next-rest information before incorrect-area information, thus giving you the time constraint if it exists first and always.
    - Beds fixed.

    11/16/18 Update:
    Area Updates:
    - New Tileset testing complete.

    Script Updates:
    - On Damage:
    -- Electricity saves fixed for Fire Damage.
    -- Ghost Touch now has a 50% chance of no damage or full damage as per the book.
    -- Incorporeal Creatures now respecting acid and fire when applicable.
    -- Children of the Night patch. Blood drain still errored out.

    System Updates:
    - Rest system now properly return feedback when environmental variables prevent rest.
    - Rest duration updated to be 60 seconds.
    - Weather system now properly tells you when it's raining cats and dogs versus light sprinkling.
    - Examine tool now usable on Items.
    - New spell placeholders added.
    - New Backgrounds added.
    - New Subraces/Ethnicities added.
    - Ethnicity now selected alongside subraces.
    - Half-Elf issue resolved.
    - Tree stride changed to Transport Via Plants.
    - New Makeshift weapons added.
    - Update to vampire/druid forms.
    - Arcane strike is now instant.

    Update 11-18-18
    Area Updates:
    -- New Tileset testing in progress. (You won't see this yet.)
    -- Lion's Rest update.
    --- Cot's added for resting.
    --- Placeables!
    -- Ranger's Rest.
    --- Quartermaster will now stay in his office properly.

    Script Updates:
    -- Rest system should now ignore temperature indoors properly.
    -- More feedback added to Blood Drain.
    -- Attempt to patch error with endless lunging emote.
    -- Fix loaded for Spell Mastery and incorrect spell school returns.

    System Updates:
    -- Fixed logical error with background journal entries not appearing.
    -- Fixed Crimson Mist appearance not being restored on login.
    -- Vampires and Crimson Mists should now go to a fugue state area separate from the City of Judgement on death.

    Update 11-25-18
    Area Updates:
    - Emergency cots added to Wayside Shrine and Wayside Tavern.
    - Wayside Shrine shop update.
    - Wayside Tavern shop update.
    - Mystran Temple shop update.
    - Kelemvorite Culthouse shop update.
    - Southspire Gypsy shop update.
    - Secret merchant shop update.
    - Brost Trapshop shop update.
    - Lion's Rest shop update.

    Script Updates:
    - Removed concealment bonus erroneously being granted to some incorporeal undead.
    - Change for Ornate-class weapon damage.
    - Revision to Swamp Creature AI.
    - Bandages updated. Was: 1d2 + Heal Skill/2; Now: 1d4 + Heal Skill/2 + WIS Modifier per successful check.
    - More items now "always identified."

    System Updates:
    - Crafting:
    -- Many, many cost updates.
    -- Fixed minor description errors.
    -- New recipes!
    -- New special Assassin on-equip items.
    - Revised damage inflicted by undead.
    - Small changes to item weights.
    - Patch to CEP appearance errors.

    Update 11-28-18
    Area Updates:
    - Wayside Shrine shop update.
    - Hyzashyr Tributary fish out of water fixed.
    - Sentinel Path iron vein fixed.
    - Brost House 1 Bed adjusted.
    - Lockwood Hamlet update.
    - Mystran Tower will now not relock.
    - Mystran Tower door upper-level fix.
    - Amnian Overlook door no longer locked.

    Script Updates:
    - Fixed bad teleportation bug using defunct function call.
    - NWNX Testing.

    12-9-2018 / 12-10-2018 small update Patch Notes:
    Area Updates:
    - Updates to Amnian Front Spawns
    -- Fix to new Amnian Front spawns.
    - Updates to Orc Spawns.
    - Swamprise Keep update and area replacement.
    - Mystran Fire Knights that vanished were readded.
    - Healer added to Watchfield.
    - Healer added to Tejarn Tower
    - Healer added to Hospice of Ilmater
    - Tormtar outside of Hospice of Ilmater updated.
    - Swamprise's gate is now properly locked.

    Script Updates:
    - Fixed Drown Script to no longer affect PC Undead.
    - Fixed Bandage feedback message.
    - Fixed several recipes.
    - Fixed error with Ghost Touch getting added to shields.
    - Warlock Darkness bug fixed.
    - Fixed Combinera fault.

    System Updates:
    - Automatic-Identification added to many items.
    - Many new items.
    - New Plot NPCs.(edited)

    12/14/2018 Update Phase 1:
    Script Updates:
    - Circle of Death HD limit fixed.
    - Sunburst will now do Divine Damage.
    - Vampire Blood Drain AOE will now only affect hostile targets.
    - Fix for illegitimate alignment change on rest.

    System Updates:
    - Area-based XP returned to previous values.
    -- Now caps at level 7.
    -- Will only reward based on your ability to roleplay between ticks.

    12/16/18 Patch Notes:
    Area Updates:
    - Swamprise Keep updated for Festival.
    - Shadow Thieves are now hostile properly.

    Script Updates:
    - Teleport system activated for testing.
    - Resolved Ghost-Touch DR.
    - Planar Creatures not receiving EVIL/GOOD DR Fixed.

    System Updates:
    - Weather system updated to adjust fog amounts.
    - Weather system updated to fix erroneous Crimson Mist penalties.
    - Raise Dead updated to reflect 3.5 Ruleset for XP Penalty.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Look to these to catch a real glimpse of KON, these are just a few of the #BestOfBrost community screenshots from our most recent contest!

  • secretfiresecretfire Member Posts: 59
    I have not yet bought NWNEE but am considering it. I still have an original copy of NWN, but never played on any persistent servers back in the day; I've always been a musher (If you've ever heard of those; text based multiplayer roleplaying) - how much adjustment would there be to your RP server? Do you guys have 'peak active times' or anything that I would need to know about?

  • DrakonDrakon Member Posts: 46

    I have not yet bought NWNEE but am considering it. I still have an original copy of NWN, but never played on any persistent servers back in the day; I've always been a musher (If you've ever heard of those; text based multiplayer roleplaying) - how much adjustment would there be to your RP server? Do you guys have 'peak active times' or anything that I would need to know about?

    FYI the Steam sale is ending today, last chance to get NWNEE for $6.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109

    I have not yet bought NWNEE but am considering it. I still have an original copy of NWN, but never played on any persistent servers back in the day; I've always been a musher (If you've ever heard of those; text based multiplayer roleplaying) - how much adjustment would there be to your RP server? Do you guys have 'peak active times' or anything that I would need to know about?

    Hello @secretfire ! Thanks so much for stopping by our page. I would say that there is a little bit of learning curve with NWN's engine, but we fondly refer to what we do as type paragraphs to each other all day. :smiley:

    Everyone in our community is super understanding when someone needs a little help adjusting to the game, so with that in mind, I would say it should be a very easy transition. Our co-founder was also a musher!

    We have a lot of members in the North American time zones but also a growing number in EU! So, there's usually someone bumping around and we have lots of crafting and resource gathering systems that ensure there is always something to be doing. With all of that said I am pleased to offer you our new players guide, here:

    The above link offers all the information you'll need, generally, to hop right into play with us. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask them! We also have a community discord which you can join. We run our server rather like a virtual tabletop, so we'll be so excited to have you if you decide to join us.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Knights of Noromath Community Discord Link:

  • Do you guys use the standard Cep 2.65, and Frc hak?

    Also what haks, do you do use?

    I used Nvwsync to get Cep 2.65(a 4 gb download, install on my LG K20 Android Mobile Smart Phone.

    And I used the Cormyr PW,(Extreme RP, not interested), Nvwsync to download, install Frc hak(another 1.5 gb download, install)

    When try to connect to server, it says dont have hak file.

    And no Nvwsync download available.

    So how, where do I get, download, install, connect to your PW, on my phone?

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    Hello @Asturonethoriusaline ! Thanks for stopping by.

    All the hak files required to play the Knights of Noromath campaign are available for download on our steam workshop item, here:

    We use the latest CEP which is listed as a dependency. We're not in any way affiliated with or using the hak files of any other project than CEP.

    However, the Knights of Noromath uses very large custom content files (which is why our tilesets, creatures, and other in-game assets are so high quality), and these custom content files exceed the payload capacity of NWSync by several gigs of data.

    So, unless NWSync ever supports custom content payloads of much, much greater than 25 megabytes, the answer to your question is that you can't.

    If you pick up a copy of NWN:EE for the PC or Mac, you should definitely check out what we've built. Otherwise, we wish you lots of luck finding a cool experience with the servers you can play on with your specific device.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109

    Greetings new players and returning intrigue artists! This month on the Knights of Noromath, we're focused on all things Druidic!

    All new druidic characters will receive a starting level of 5, for the month of February.

    Druids on the Knights of Noromath server enjoy extensive changes to the base game of NWN.
    These include:
    -All AD&D shapeshifting rules (mammal, avian, reptile forms) -Recovery of a % of HP from shapeshifting -Druid Circle roleplay with the Challenge, requiring druids to battle one another to reach Seated positions in the circle.
    -A dynamic system controlling creatures that spawn in the areas around groves based on their corruption or purity (additional details here:
    -Shillelagh, Gust of Wind, Cloud of Bewilderment, Fire Seeds, Goodberry, Control Weather, Transport Via Plants, and several other druidic class powers have been added to the game.
    -Medicinal herbs. Collect bloodpurge, bloodstaunch, silverbark sap, and other reagents and either use them as they are with your heal skill, or refine them into additional resources.

    As always on the Knights of Noromath, there is much more in store! Seek out powerful artifacts, make allies, and give your wise counsel to the Barons of Noromath. Or, you can descend into darkness and become a Blighter via our custom player class, enjoying blightfire, undead wild shapes, and everything else you would expect from these oathbreakers!

    If you have specific questions about the details surrounding druidic roleplay or how you can become involved in these exciting dynamics, feel free to inquire!

    Warm Regards, The Knights of Noromath Server Staff

  • sknymicksknymick Member Posts: 21
    edited March 2019
    @DM_Djinn Hey, just wanted to clarify something on NWSync (you may already know, but from the above, looks like it might be misunderstood). NWSync doesn't care how big your HAK files are, only the individual assets within your HAK. It tears the HAK apart into individual assets. Things like .2das, .mdl's and such. So, just because you have 2gb in a HAK doesn't matter. If you happen to have individual assets within the HAK that are over the limit, at that point, you're kinda screwed :(.

    NWSync will allow you to server the Android crowd, though. Hope I was more helpful than confusing.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    @sknymick This isn't very helpful at all. There's no good documentation for how NWSync works. If my team of engineers can't figure it out, it really isn't worth our time. Perhaps if some legible documentation surfaces, I will look at NWSync; but it's pretty far from the mark of "hardcore roleplay" to play on a mobile device, anyway. We already have people who complain about "lag" from our "large hak files" and I have no desire to step into more uncertainty about support for custom content.

    TL:DR, if you must play on an android device, this isn't the server for you.

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    I once worked with a man who said there was no value in obtaining a patent. He simply preferred to innovate faster than any patent infringer could innovate themselves.

    Please enjoy this patch note update!

    12/20/18 Patch Notes:
    Area Updates:
    - "Fixed" Transition in Amnian Overlook
    - Belric - the Briarwood BLACKSMITH fixed.

    Script Updates:
    - Changed wording on weapons/spells that don't affect incorporeal undead and fail out on their hit chance.
    - Examine Tool updated for magical sensing and bearing.
    - Teleport will no longer work underground.
    - Teleport will no longer work in the death area.
    - Transport via plants will no longer work underground.
    - Transport via plants will no longer work in the death area.
    - Shadow door will no longer work in the death area.

    System Updates:
    - Vampires:
    -- Updated alignment shift for vampire thralls.
    - Console Commands:
    -- "-rest" will now tell you when you can next rest.

    12/20/18 -> 1/5/19 Update:

    Area Updates:
    - Zinner:
    -- Update to NPCs/NPC Spawning.
    -- Horses Added.
    -- Added beds.
    -- Added merchants.
    - Lion's Rest:
    -- Update for additional beds. Small placeable fixes.
    -- Fixed floating in the ceiling problem when going up in Lion's Rest.
    -- Freeman Hold floating TP error fixed.
    - Southspire new area loaded.
    -- Historian moved to new area.
    -- Drunken Djinn now open for business.
    --- Rooms cannot be rented yet.
    -- Haberdashery now open for business.
    - Adjusted bed position in Fort Briarwood.
    - NPCs in Fort Briarwood, Brost, and Southspire now have conversations.
    - Loot updated for Amnian Overlook.
    -- Fixed inaccessable part of map where loot was located.
    - Loot updated for Umar Mines.

    Script Updates:
    - Mithril Armor now is now treated as one armor category lower for donning times.
    - Healing NPCs will now award good alignment shifts based on quality of healing.
    - Creatures that share your deity will be healed in an "empowered" form.
    - Inflict spells will no longer roll touch to hit when cast on undead.
    - Healing hostile NPCs will now award evil alignment shifts.
    - AI for NPC Defenders and Peasants updated.
    - Fix for Examine Tool Erroring Out for Time Between Examining.
    - Fix for Client_Leave Script.
    System Updates:
    - Keep Management - Doorway to the Soul Updates
    -- Testing Underway
    -- Fix for Conversation not appearing correctly.
    -- Fix for management options not appearing correctly.
    -- Fix for keys not being able to be generated for a door.

    - Crafting Updates:
    -- Fixed recipes for: Potion of Misdirection, Bottled Black, Displacement, Vorpal Weapons, Fortified Armors/Shields, Vampiric Weapons, Weapons of Force, Gloves of Archery, Shadow Weave-type items.
    -- Updated recipes for: Defending Items, Deathward Items, Flaming Weapons, Acid Weapons, Aligned Weapons.
    -- Item Fixes for: Rings of Regen, Protection.
    -- Evil characters will now generate "evil" weapons when circumstances allow.
    -- New Items: Rings (Too many to list), Armors, Gauntlets, Helms, Bracers, and Boots.
    -- Prices updated for new items.
    -- New Books: Enchantment.
    -- Fixed incrementing issues.
    -- Added new ammunitions.

    - Creature Updates:
    -- CR, Equipment, Traits, and Appearances adjusted for:
    --- Cyricists, Goblins, Bandits, Brigands, Deserters, Driders, Duergar, Gnolls, Occultists, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Skeletons, Shadows, and other assorted undead.
    -- Creatures previously not spawning in stealth will now do so properly.

    1/6/18 Update Notes:
    Area Updates:
    - Southspire NPCs fixed.
    -- Should now sit properly.
    -- Should now spawn where they were not previously.
    - Zinner NPC Fixed.

    Script Updates:
    - RP XP will now function until level 15.
    - Fixed Examine Tool issue where Class Standing reported your own instead of your examined target.
    - Added secret commands that weren't secret to the console command help list.

    System Updates:
    - Disguise System Update:
    -- Disguise system currently open to all for testing via console commands.
    --- Does not yet give "feedback" on settings. Be aware.
    --- Will be limited by ranks in Bluff/Perform in the future. Be aware.
    -- Supported commands:
    --- -disguise on/off - Toggles whether you are disguised to examining players.
    ---- Players that are not "disguised" will not receive any "disguised" stats.
    --- -disguise class off/low/mid/up - Toggles whether you are disguising your class standing to those around you.
    ---- Options are common sense: Lower, Middle, and Upper-class standing.
    --- -disguise str 0/1/2/3/4 - Toggles whether you are disguising your perceived strength.
    ---- Cannot exceed your actual ability! 0 is off.
    --- -disguise con 0/1/2/3/4 - Toggles whether you are disguising your perceived constitution.
    ---- Cannot exceed your actual ability! 0 is off.
    --- -disguise dex 0/1/2/3/4 - Toggles whether you are disguising your perceived dexterity.
    ---- Cannot exceed your actual ability! 0 is off.
    -- Disguise system will no longer tell an examining player whether they have succeeded or failed.
    -- Disguise system will give feedback to disguising player, if they have noticed they are being examined, on whether or not their disguise has been seen through.

    1/12/19 Update
    Area Updates:
    - Adjusted some minor seating arrangements in the Drunken Djinn.
    - Adjusted music in Tejarn Gate, Abandoned Inn.
    - Fixed temperature in a location.
    - Fixed Shadow Plane output to Correct Location.
    - Naked Cyricists fixed.
    - Fixed absent Kelemvorite at Westhaven.
    - Adjusted Collection node on Tethir Road Oaktree.
    - Fixed Mercs in front of Sentinel Manor.
    - Loot updated/upgraded for several dungeons.
    - More creatures for stealth spawning!
    - Fixed Shadow Fiend event.

    Script Updates:
    - Teleport Via Plants script fixed.
    - Examine Tool timer fixed.
    - Fixed typo in vampire feeding text.
    - Gloves, Arrows, Bolts and Bullets should now be able to have GMW applied to them.
    - Fixed Mithral check in On-Equip.

    System Updates:
    - Additional Journals added!
    - Keep Management - Doorway to the Soul Updates:
    -- Fixed error with options not appearing for DMs.
    -- Fixed error with conversation not giving break-in options.
    - Craft Updates:
    -- More recipes.
    -- Fixed recipes.
    -- Updated Caster-level function support to items.

    1/13/19 Update
    Area Updates:
    - Sentinel Tower Dungeon Updated.

    Script Updates:
    - Fixes for Door Script.
    - Barons may now create Writs of Bailiff for their followers.
    - Fix for VFX scripts.

    System Updates:
    - Massive AI Update.
    - 115+ Creatures updated.
    -- New AI will cause creatures to run, jump, hop and skip towards doom.
    -- New AI will run from relevant creatures.
    -- New AI will now call others to them for help.
    -- New AI will now kill you faster.

    1/14/19 Update:
    - Disguise System is now in place.

    1/15/19 Update:
    - System Updates:
    -- AI - Adjusted some values to decrease lag for certain areas.
    --- Fine-tuning of several creatures.
    -- Weather System
    --- Spot and Listen will now be affected by weather.
    --- Wind messages are updated.
    --- Wind will now negatively affect your ability to wage ranged combat.
    --- Strong winds can knock you down, per DMG.
    --- Strong enough winds can knock you down, and begin to kill you, per DMG.

    1/17/19 Update:
    Area Update:
    - More creatures moved to the New AI.
    - Creature adjustments in process.
    - New creatures!
    - New items for creatures!
    - Creature appearance updates.
    - Shops updated for Zinner, Southspire, and Ranger's Rest Trap Store.

    Script Update:
    - Minor fix for on-spawn script.
    - Fix for all summoned creatures (invisible update.)
    - New spawn dynamic testing.

    System Update:
    - Bounties!
    -- New bounties added.
    -- Percentages updated for some drops.
    -- New drops added.

    1/20/19 Update :

    Area Updates:
    - New Briarwood Loaded.
    - New Lockwood Falls Loaded.
    - Update to Mining Passage.
    - Update to Orc Dungeon.
    - Update to Umar Mines.
    - Update to Smuggler's Den.
    - Added traps to many dungeons.
    - Added West-World NPC road walkers to Tethir Road Areas.

    Script Updates:
    - Modified banking scripts.
    - Added rent calculation to upkeep hits to settlement banks.
    - Added push notifications for upkeep hits to settlement banks.
    - Added push notifications for rent hits to PC bank accounts.
    - Added push notifications for evictions.
    - Overrided default skeletons.
    - Modified On-Blocked script to respond to new doors.

    System Updates:
    - Keep Management - Doorway to the Soul Updates:
    -- Push Notification for attempted break-ins added.
    -- Upkeep functions based on Door DC/Lock DC added.
    -- Fixed key generation issue.
    -- Fixed recognizing Baron/Bailiffs issue.
    -- Fixed setting rent issue.
    -- Fixed vampire issue.
    -- Test ground: Briarwood is now live.
    -- Test ground: Lockwood Falls is now live.
    - New bounties added.

    1/22/19 Update:

    Area Update:
    - Fixed Smuggler's Den.
    -- Now with loot!
    - Spawn testing in Whippoorwill Inn for NPCs.

    Script Update:
    - Fixed NPC "Torch-Equipping" Script.
    - Updated disguising console command.
    -- Added "help" information for new disguises/name changing instructions.

    System Update:
    - Keep Management System - Doorway to the Soul:
    -- Added ergonomic functions for adjusting Lock DC and Door DC.
    -- Added rental price setting functions.
    -- Fixed check for rental locations that only allow certain class standings.
    - Keep Management System - Hotswapping for Hostile Takeovers:
    -- Added hotswapping of faction spawn functionality to NESS.
    -- Currently undergoing testing in secret to confirm hotswap functioning.
    -- Testing waypoint "spawn-in" points for more West World-style updates.

    1/24/2019 Update:
    - Area Updates:
    -- New lower-level mini-dungeons added.
    -- New traps added to existing dungeons!

    - Script Update:
    -- Shift-changes in spawn scripts.
    -- Added New Player Help stuff:
    --- Welcome text will now auto-pop-up for new players.
    --- New players will have player tools and automatic feats added to their GUI immediately.

    - System Update:
    -- Keep Management System - Hotswapping for Hostile Takeovers:
    --- Updated to new spawn codes.
    --- Tested in special, super secret area.
    --- Undergoing placement in secret locations across the module.

    1/29/19 Update:
    Area Updates:
    - New Tejarn Trail Dungeon added.
    - NPC Update.
    - Lockwood Falls balcony access added.
    - Lockwood Falls roaming guards added.
    - Brost: Old Whippoorwill Inn given a once-over.
    -- Houses now available for rent in new system.
    - Brost: Western Fields rooms now available for rent.
    - Updated Settlement NPC conversations for explaining how Trade System works.
    - Changed Magistrate Doors to new system.

    Script Updates:
    - Fix for Muling script false-reading while disguised.
    - Added calculations for new rooms.

    System Updates:
    - Fix for faction-spawning.
    - Added additional rental units.

    2/1/19 Update:
    Area Updates -
    - Old Whippoorwill Inn
    -- Added storage to Comfortable House
    -- Testing new storage system. (Report any problems/errors.)
    -- Added crafting stations to Comfortable House.
    -- Testing bookshelves for deployment in other locales.
    -- Added rest nodes.
    - Fort Briarwood
    -- Main gates no longer lockable to allow foot-traffic.
    - Tejarn Gate
    -- Added rest nodes to Ale Ye' Below.
    -- Update to Merchant.
    - Mystran Tower
    -- Cleaned up and updated rooms.
    -- Added new settlement door system.
    - Lockwood Falls Inn
    -- Added new settlement door system.
    - Whippoorwill Inn
    -- Added new settlement door system.
    -- Testing new persistent storage test. (Report any problems/errors.)
    -- Added crafting stations to "Executive Suite."

    Script Updates:
    - Added new doors overlooked in first pass to upkeep.
    - Patched Weather Script applying damage/wind checks too often.

    System Updates:
    - Triggered! - Suffocation/Drowning Trigger Testing underway.
    -- New system for new areas and horror-show traps in dungeons.
    - Spawn Groups:
    -- Added 25+ new spawn groups for dungeon usage and future updates.
    -- Updated Skulks.
    -- Updated vampiric friends.
    -- Updated spiders.
    -- Updated inventory items of several NPCs/NPC Merchants.

    2/2/2019 Update:
    Area Updates-
    - Mystran Tower:
    -- Fixed door ownership error.
    -- Added persistent bookshelves.
    - Lockwood Falls:
    -- Added persistent bookshelves.
    - New Vegetation Challenges!

    Script Updates-
    - Fixed incorrect spawns in summon monster spells.

    System Updates-
    - Keep Management - Doorway to the Soul Updates:
    -- Fixed incorrect checking of Class-Standing Rental Requirements.
    -- Fixed sign-error on bank account checks that was evicting if you only had the exact amount of gold needed to pay.
    - Spawn System -
    -- Adjusted AI settings to reduce lag.
    -- Replaced Goblin Spawns.
    -- Updated Bandit Spawns.

    2-13-19 Update:
    Area Updates-
    - Goblin Den Dungeon Updated
    - West Haven Spawn Groups Updated
    - Freeman Hold Dungeon Updated
    - Hyrzashyr Divide Updated
    - Hyrzashyr Tributary Updated
    - Old Shanatar: Sewer Updated
    - Old Shanatar: Cavern Updated
    - Old Shanatar: Sunken Ruins Transition Fixed
    - Old Shanatar: Below the Thief's Way Updated
    - Update for Sporecaps in Underdark areas

    Script Updates-
    - Undercommon Display failure fixed
    - Tracking now requires Tracking Proficiency
    - Updated Tracking Output to use Journal Entry
    - AI will no longer parry
    - AI will no longer pick-pocket
    - AI will no longer shoot people dying

    System Updates-
    - On Equip Systems updated
    - Work for Faction-Updating System Begun

    2-16-19 Update:
    Area Updates
    - Tejarn Tower added to Keep System.
    -- Added guards.
    -- Added beds.
    - Fort Briarwood
    -- Added beds where needed.
    - Lockwood Falls
    -- Adjusted a few tiles that were turning black under torchlight.
    -- Made Statue unusable.
    -- Fixed doorway doing weird stuff.
    - Mystran Tower
    -- Fixed doors to outside and updated to Keep System.
    -- Repaired broken doors.
    - Lockwood Tradeway
    -- Added Tradewar! system for testing.
    - Brost: House 4
    -- Fixed beds.
    -- Fixed bookcase.
    - Brost: Cemetary
    -- Added new dungeon!
    -- Attempt to fix door transition bug.
    - Old Shanatar
    -- Fixed transition bug.
    - Fixed Multiclassing Bug

    Script Updates
    - Update to Crafting System Checks, fixed incorrect string.
    - Fixed bad redirect in Tracking System.
    - Fixed incorrect animation for History/Decipher Script Examination.

    System Update
    - Banking/Settlement/Doors and Upkeep:
    -- Calculations now occur every 5 RL Days, disconnected from whether the server timeclock moves on its own.
    -- Upkeep Calculations for Doors updated.
    - Keep and Settlement System: Tradewar!
    -- Testing system to sieze trade-corridors for the Baronies, earning coin and honor for the Queen and yourself.
    - Crafting:
    -- Added new recipes.
    - Keep and Settlement System: Keeping Up With the Banners
    -- Added Insignia to keep track of Faction Members.
    -- The Insignia must be generated by a "Baron" or "Bailiff" for a particular Barony.
    -- The Insignia designate belonging to a particular Barony.
    -- The Insignia allows a person to clear or claim a particular area for a Barony, netting strong rewards for them.
    -- The Insignia keeps track of a person's worth and fame in a particular Barony.

    2/17/19 Update:
    Area Updates
    - Update to Halls of Anguish.

    Script Updates
    - Switched out Tradewar time period to be a local variable.

    System Update
    -- Upkeep Calculations for Doors updated.
    - Keep Management System - Doorway to the Soul:
    -- Renters may now evict themselves from a property if they no longer wish to pay.
    -- Door management is now entirely handled by the console command "-door" or "-manage".
    --- Stand next to the door you wish to manage and use this command to start the normal conversation.
    -- The name of the person renting the door is now stored on the property for Property Managers to look at.
    --- Renters can disguise themselves before renting and register under false names.
    - Keep and Settlement System - Tradewar on the Tethir Road!
    -- Insignia can now be generated by Bailiffs as well as Barons.
    -- Players may only have one Insignia / Belong to one Barony.
    -- Lockwood Mines now open for Tradewar.
    -- Lion's Path is now open for Tradewar.
    - New craftable items for low-oxygen areas.

    2/17/19a Update:
    Area Updates
    - Eternal Prison no longer erroneously declared outdoors.
    - Arundel Manor is now sealed.

    Script Updates
    - Fixed On-Spawn error resizing things that shouldn't be.

    System Update
    - Creature Update:
    -- Spider Appearances changed to be horrifying.
    - Bounties
    -- Adjusted frequency of Skeleton bounty drop.
    - Keep Management System - Tradewar on the Tethir Road!
    -- Events that require settlement insignia to clear:
    --- Sentinel Pass added.
    --- The Broken Tooth added.
    --- East Brost Tradeway / Lockwood Tradeway Junction added.
    -- Events that do not require settlement insignias:
    --- Swamprise Approach - Forward Gate added.
    --- West Haven - Forward Gate added.

    2/19/19 Update:
    - Fixed Tradewar for Mystran Tower/Lockwood Tradeway Area.
    - Fixed Tradewar for Broken Tooth.
    - Fixed Ghouls in West Haven.
    - Updated suffocation scripts to not automatically kill you on entry.

    2/24/19 Update:
    Area Update-
    - Mystran Tower
    -- Has working Storage Chests now.
    -- Has working beds now.
    - Lockwood Falls
    -- Switched out Storage Chests to non-duplicating sort.
    -- Fixed jail doors for Lockwood Falls.
    - Tejarn Tower
    -- Added bookshelves.
    -- Switched out Storage Chests to non-duplicating sort.
    - Southspire Keep
    -- Added bookshelves.
    -- Switched out Storage Chests to non-duplicating sort.
    -- Drunken Djinn rooms are now rentable.
    - Northgate Keep
    -- Added bookshelves.
    -- Switched out Storage Chests to non-duplicating sort.

    Script Update-
    - Factions functions updated for new way of doing things.
    -- Basic functionality setup for people carrying insignias to be allied to their people.
    - Paladin Changes:
    -- Killing Neutral creatures will now cause piety to slide instead of automatically drop to zero.
    -- Killing Good creatures will still cause a Paladin to fall.

    System Update-
    - Keep Management System: Trade War on the Tethir Road!
    -- Honor/Valor tracking has been added for clearing road events.
    -- You must belong to a keep and have an insignia, otherwise...You might as well be anyone.
    -- Barony officials will now tell you how much gold you've earned for the Crown.
    -- Examine tool will tell you whether you may have heard of someone performing deeds recently.
    -- Every ~15 days, this amount will default back to zero.
    -- Extended replacement range to target Lockwood Bandit left unchanged.
    -- New Events: Duskwood Shrine to Kelemvor
    - Keep Management System: Doorway to the Soul
    -- Upkeep for doors has been added to overall Barony impact totals.
    -- Upkeep for doors still in progress for individual location totals.
    -- Northgate Keep setup for Settlement/Doors
    -- Southspire Keep setup for Settlement/Doors

    3/09/19 Patch Notes:
    Area Updates:
    - Eliora's Perch is now live for the server.
    - The Bog is now live for the server.
    - Additional Trade missions are now live for the server.
    - Fixed Tejarn Tower transition bugs.
    - Updated Freeman's Holde Exterior to use new spawns.

    Script Updates:
    - Fixed Examine Tool detecting the incorrect insignia.

    System Updates:
    - Added descriptions for special materials.
    - Updated assassin items.
    - Updated item costs and materials.
    - Fixed undead DR.
    - Updated Ghost Touch and Silvered properties to be detectable on Gloves/Gauntlets.
    - Prepared Scripts for new Horse Summoning/Purchasing Feat.
    - Eliora's Perch prepared for Keep Management.

    3/14/19 Patch Notes:
    Script Update:
    - Patch fix for Multiclassing determination script.

    Creature Update:
    - Added additional creatures and spawn groups for upcoming dungeon.

    3/21/19 Patch Notes:
    - NWNX Update to solve Intel Graphics bug crashes.

    3/23/19 Patch Notes:
    System Updates:
    - Multiclassing penalties unapplied until fixed.
    - Damage tables for Critical Rolls added.

    3/24/19 Patch Notes:
    System Updates:
    - Multiclassing Penalties from default NWN Functionality fixed.
    - Damage tables from Critical Rolls updated.

    Hak Update Patch Notes (5-12-19)
    - Robe appearances while mounted fixed (report any additional still not working)
    - New combat feats added for:
    -- Sai
    -- Nunchaku
    -- Falchion
    -- Sap
    -- Katar
    -- Maul
    -- Chakram
    -- Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Weapon of Choice, Improved Criticals, etc. Added
    - Brew Potion added to Assassin feat list
    - Brew Potion added to Blackcoat feat list
    - Brew Potion added to Blighter feat list
    - Brew Potion added to Spellfire Channeler feat list
    - Brew Potion added to Eldritch Knight feat list
    - Brew Potion added to Bladesinger feat list
    - Infliction spells added to Druid spell list
    - Arcane Archer updated for ammunition creation
    - New appearances added for birds and phoenixes
    - New appearances added for peasant militia
    - Fixed Mielikki Deity icon using symbol of Mask
    - Updated water for Rural tileset to be uniform with Rural Exterior
    - TLK updated with missing background feat information

    5/18/19 Patch Notes:
    - Hak/2da/Tlk Changes
    -- New Spells:
    ---- *Note - Not all spells working yet
    --- Chill Touch
    --- Command Undead
    --- Aganazzer's Flame Wave
    --- False Life
    --- Halt Undead
    --- Deep Slumber
    --- Shadow Spray
    --- Disintegrate
    --- Disrupt Undead
    --- Glibness
    --- Crushing Despair
    --- Good Hope
    --- Affliction
    --- Aspect of the Deity
    --- Blood of the Martyr
    --- Divine Sacrifice
    --- Lantern Light
    --- Fleshshiver
    --- Lively Step
    --- Corrosive Grasp
    --- Shadow Well
    --- Memory Rot
    --- Bull's Strength, Mass
    --- Cat's Grace, Mass
    --- Eagle's Splendor, Mass
    --- Bear's Endurance, Mass
    --- Fox's Cunning, Mass
    --- Owl's Wisdom, Mass
    --- Atonement

    -- Gaseous Form now has Shadow Jump instead of Dimension Door
    -- Bards no longer have access to Bull's Strength
    -- Fixed Summon Undead TLK Entry
    -- Added Lich Ablities
    --- Coldfire
    --- Paralyzing Touch
    --- Finger of Death
    --- Fear Aura
    -- Fixed craft ring saying craft rod

    - Area Changes
    -- Fixed transitions for Brost Lower Income Housing
    -- Fixed sound in Small Teeth Mountains - Vale Path
    -- Fixed sound in Small Teeth Mountains - Ancient Ruins
    -- Fixed sound in Small Teeth Mountains - Spire Path
    -- Merchants updated
    -- Fixed Wren's bed
    -- Fixed Malcorath's bed

    - Script Changes
    -- Bard Song now breaks stealth
    -- Spell failure incurred from Critical Hits will now be removed by resting
    -- Critical Hit script no longer works on objects other than players or creatures

    - System Changes
    -- Consecrating/Desecrating Groves now award XP
    -- Bounties turned in now award XP
    -- Added new spell components required for new spells to various places
    -- Plant forms are now immune from critical hits and sneak attacks

    5-23-19 Patch Notes:
    -Script Updates:
    -- Fixes for Ride/Mounted Combat related scripts
    --- Mounted Combat now functions like Tumble, giving a +1 to AC for every 5 levels
    --- Repaired problems with Bardings and Saddles not working properly
    -- Daylight Spell is now Operational
    -- False Life Spell is now Operational
    -- Fixed problem with Flame Wave being auto-maximized
    -- Updated Evard's to accurately gestalt and match D20 SRD

    -System Updates:
    -- Half-Orcs can now select a Subrace and move forward with character creation.

    5-26-19 Website Updates:
    -Navigation Changes
    --Top Menu reorganization
    --Enabled Breadcrumbs
    --Long pages now using anchor links
    --All articles in players guide link directly to the next article
    -Documentation Updates
    --All Systems pages updated to reflect current state of the module
    --Improved formatting
    --Added tables to better display information

    5-30-19 Patch Notes
    Area Updates:
    -- Smuggler's Den crate fixed
    Script Updates:
    -- Monks are now subject to vows of poverty to receive benefits
    -- Fixed Skulking item equips
    -- Added minimum deposit for bank accounts
    -- Added command "spellfire" for Spellfire Channelers to see their spell charge pool
    -- Detect Undead no longer auto-detects Undead, and they are given a Will Save to resist
    -- Update to Premonition script
    -System Updates:
    -- Fixed High Quality Tents
    -- Added Lich Framework for Feats
    -- Added Lich Framework for Undead
    -- Added Lich Framework for Transformation
    -- Added Lich Transformation Item
    -- Fixed Crimson Mists so no longer dropping bodies

    Hak Fixes (6-2-19):
    -- Additional robes fixed
    -- Repaired description for Dwarven Waraxe
    -- Repaired Daylight Spell entry
    -- Create Greater Undead is now also a Wizard spell, as it should be
    -- Monks now receive Dimension Door 1/day at LEvel 12
    -- Lich-Usable Abilities now able to be used
    -- Switched Expeditious Retreat to Longstride for Travel Domain
    -- New Spells Added:
    --- Longstrider
    --- Nondetection
    --- Rusting Grasp
    --- Word of Recall
    --- Blight
    -- Scroll Work in place to enable adding new spell scrolls

    6-2-19 Update -
    Crafting Patch Notes:
    -Added Magical Staff Base Items
    --Wooden Magic Staff
    --Metal Magic Staff
    -Made craftable via armory & carpentry
    -Added 19 craftable staffs from DMG (Combiner)
    -Revised Enchanted Item Theoretical Limit to Caster Level x 5000 gp.
    -Prevent Funny Enchantment Combinations
    --Holy/Vampiric now cancel each other out
    --Anarchic/Axiomatic now cancel each other out
    -Various Pricing Fixes
    -Prevent items of over +5 armor bonus from being created

    Area Updates:
    - Books of mysterious and dark nature are now sold at your local place where books are sold

    Script Updates:
    - Backgrounds that previously received no stipend now do

    6-3-19 Update
    Script Updates
    -- Blood Drain for Crimson Mists no longer allows undead to be targeted
    -- Fixed High Arcana spelling errors
    -- Updated High Arcana
    -- Added scrolls for new spell scribing
    -- Fixed problem in Vampire script
    -- Spellfire Channelers now will gain a point to their spell pool when taking fire damage
    -- Spellfire Channeler damage adjusted

    6-6-19 Update
    Area Updates:
    -- Tejarn Tower Interior adjusted
    -- West Haven Interior updated
    -- West Haven Outside updated
    System Updates:
    -- West Haven setup for Keep System.

    There were patch notes, but the power loss killed them.
    Easter-egg hunt is now in progress!

    6-11-19 Update:
    Script Updates:
    -- Atonement spell added.
    System Updates:
    -- Additional bounties and creatures added
    -- Armor updated for creatures
    -- Added feedback message for Adamantium Armor damage reduction being applied.
    -- Crafting:
    -Fixed certain crafted item descriptions
    -Fixed certain new crafted item properties using new constants
    -Added additional scripting comments
    -Fixed staff naming conventions
    -Made all staffs minimum caster level 8

    6-15-19 Updates:
    Area Updates
    - Wild Dogs in West Haven...Fixed again? :'(
    - Fixed West Haven Beds

    Script Updates
    - Casting restoration/greater restoration on mounted characters will now not work to address skill penalty issue :Beamdog:

    System Updates
    - Listen Skill Update:
    -- Whispers in languages are no longer translated across great distance
    -- Whisper eavesdropping range is now effected by your Listen Skill
    -- Every 5 ranks in Listen (Modified by gear/bonuses/etc) will earn an additional meter of listen range to a maximum of 10 meters
    -- Future update fixes only translated whispers being processed by listen changes

    6-16-19 Updates:
    Area Updates
    - Mystran Tower updated
    - New Areas Added, super secret
    - Added Survey Marker for Tejarn Gate

    System Updates
    - Added debug for Natural Lycanthrope
    - Added a test for "Knocking on the door" to the keep door menu
    - Troll Shamans added to Damage Immunities
    - Fixed Listen range not including the messages in another language

    Area Updates:
    -Aljana Warrens: Gateway
    -Aljana Warrens: North - Old Camp
    -Aljana Warrens: South - Hamlet
    -Brost Cemetery: Crypt
    -Ishla Road: Small Teeth Rise
    -Ishla Pass
    -Small Teeth Mountains - Ancient Ruins
    -Small Teeth Mountains - Cyricist Encampment
    -Small Teeth Mountains - Fallen Keep
    -Small Teeth Mountiains - Ishla Pass
    -Small Teeth Mountains - Mines and Caverns
    -Small Teeth Mountains - Orc Hold
    -Small Teeth Mountains - Orc Pass
    -Small Teeth Mountains - Repurposed Mine
    -Small Teeth Mountains - Spire Path
    -Small Teeth Mountains - Vale Path
    -Tejarn Trail: Mausoleum

    Creature Updates:
    - Cyricist AI Update
    - Cyricist Gear Update
    - Ishla Soldier AI Update
    - Ishla Soldier Gear Update

    System Updates:
    - Natural Lycanthrope ECL changed to 2
    - Removed Debug DR messages
    - Fixed Natural Lycanthrope skin diving additional DR

    6/18/19 Patch Notes:
    Script Updates:
    - Riding bonuses no longer dispel-able.

    6/19/19 Patch Notes:
    Area Updates:
    - Three new NPCs have been placed throughout the module and are now offering cures for the plague
    - Area test for secret sauce

    Script Updates:
    - Players will no longer enter the server within subdual mode and must actively select it
    - Fix for Blood Drain to make it no longer effective to feed on Natural Lycanthropes

    6/23/19 Patch Notes:

    Area Updates
    - Update to approximately 300 areas with new Game of Groves spawns
    - Update to approximately 300 areas with new interactable resources
    - Added lightning to weather system during storms
    - New areas added!

    Script Updates
    - Added "death event" visual effect to following creature categories:
    -- Planar creatures (Unsummoning, exploding)
    -- Undead creatures (Imploding, exploding, shattered bones, gore)
    - Shadow Door spell now updated to take party members with you
    - Increased Game of Groves states to a 5-tier system
    - Increased variability of Game of Groves spawns and associated creatures
    - Creatures now have certain weather or temperature preferences required to spawn
    - Updated factions and faction rules

    Creature Updates
    - Updated 65 Sylvan Creatures
    - Updated 55 Planar Creatures
    - Updated 75 Undead Creatures
    - Bounty System update
    - Updated Brost County Militia appearance

    6/27/19 Patch Notes:
    - Super Secret Patch note.
    -Crafting Patch
    --Special Ranger Ammunition Crafting Updated
    --Special Crusader Backgrounds Ammunition Crafting Updated
    --Updated Magical Item Enchantment/Creation Limits (In preparation for Craft Artifact feat)

    6/29/19 Patch Notes:
    Area Updates:
    -Rubble piles are now updated to allow a character to search them every once in a while
    -Each character may use search skill to search a rubble pile
    -Certain backgrounds, proficiencies, skills or other modifiers apply to finding things in rubble piles
    -Rubble piles may include gold pieces, historical artifacts, and in more rare cases potions or scrolls can be found
    -Characters with History proficiency find historical artifacts more often, being able to better recognize such items of value
    -Characters with the Survival proficiency are a bit more resourceful with scavenging rubble piles
    -Character with a talent for magical study have a benefit to finding magical items in ruins, detecting them by their magical auras
    -Chests which are bashed now have their contents destroyed, resulting in only gold being found

    Server Update
    - The server will now be locked under password on reset until it is finished loading

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    edited October 2019
    6/30/19 Updates
    Area Updates
    - Fixed floating berries
    - Fixed Error in Oakfather's Glen
    - Fixed Delilah always trying to sit
    - Fixed Briarwood roof
    - Fixed Fireball potion still being sold
    - Sentinel Tower partially updated pending additional changes
    Script Updates
    - Planar Summons will now be properly affected by Abyssal/Infernal allegiance
    - Finally fixed Magic Circle? Test and please confirm
    - Fixed Critical Hit table effects being dispel-able
    System Updates
    - Added another stage for weapon decay being "near pristine" to avoid confusion about weapons falling apart
    - Update to Loot Tables
    - Patch for Broken chests failing to spawn gold drops

    7/13/19 Patch Notes:
    Area Updates
    - Fixed loot at Mystran Tower

    Script Updates
    - Fixed armor equipping bug that slows everyone to a crawl
    - Hotfix for critical-hit death body creation not working.

    System Updates:
    - Fixed Paladin Piety being drained by undead and lesser vermin.

    7/14/19 Patch Notes:
    Area Updates:
    - Updated Lockwood Falls Throne room
    - Tejarn Crypt Updated to new Area
    - Fixed Secret Area
    - Added Bailiff Office to Lockwood Hamlet
    - Adjusted Lockwood Hamlet after Player-Influenced Events
    - Moved Lockwood Hamlet NPCs around
    - Adjusted Temperature values for some areas
    - Fixed History check fixture in Torment of Suhail
    - Added [Clean Up] nodes around the module to allow players to "clean-up" Brost CSI variables
    - Added "Towel" item to merchants around module to allow players to "clean-up" water and not freeze to death

    Script Updates:
    - Adjusted all spawned placeables for bounty and hunting items
    -- Fixed spawn placeables that were incorrectly set to "plot"
    - Crimson Mists will now leave trails of red mist after feeding
    - Characters with 30% of HP remaining will leave bloody trails as they walk
    - Characters who are wet will leave puddles of water behind them as they walk
    - Characters who are muddy will leave muddy footprints that are able to be examined using -look console command and bounce off Tracking Proficiency
    - Fixed incorrect return of Disguised Names

    - Updated feedback messages for Lathander's Light/Daylight Adaptation Lacking Underdarkers

    System Updates:
    - Brost CSI
    -- Players will now accumulate various variables that will show up when examined including: Wet, Dust, Mud, Sticky, Blood, and Planar Taint
    -- Players can now clean themselves off to remove these variables
    -- Players will naturally acquire variables as they travel through the game and interact with bounties or terrain
    -- CSI values may affect how NPCs treat you and some affect other systems, such as weather and tracking
    -- Rain will slowly clean you and slowly make you muddy and wet
    - Weather Update
    -- Weather system for cold and heat completely overhauled
    -- Players will now roll weather checks as described in the DMG
    -- Necklaces of Adaptation will prevent weather checks
    -- Undead are not affected by weather checks
    -- Cold Weather Rolls:
    --- Every check will increase the DC from 15 by one
    --- Between 40F and 0F characters will roll a DC 15 check every hour to avoid taking 1d6 damage and become fatigued
    --- Between 0F and -20F characters will roll a DC 15 check every 6 minutes to avoid taking 1d6 damage and become fatigued
    --- Below -20F characters will roll a DC 15 check every minute to avoid taking 1d6 damage and become fatigued
    --- DC Modifiers: Wet-Variable(+2 to +4), Wind Speed Variable(+1 to +4), Survival Proficiency (-4), and Endurance Feat (-4)
    -- Weather Check Recover
    --- When not exposed to the elements, players will recover from the incrementing DC check and slowly normalize back to the default DC 15 check every minute spent recovering
    -- Hot Weather Rolls:
    --- Every check will increase the DC from 15 by one
    --- Between 90F and 110F characters will roll a DC 15 check every hour to avoid taking 1d4 damage and become fatigued
    --- Between 110F and 140F characters will roll a DC 15 check every 6 minutes to avoid taking 1d4 damage and become fatigued
    --- Above 140F characters will roll a DC 15 check every minute to avoid taking 1d4 damage and become fatigued
    --- DC Modifiers: Wet-Variable(-2 to -4), Wind Speed Variable(+1 to +4), Survival Proficiency (-4), and Endurance Feat (-4)

    7/15/19 Midnight Oil Update:
    - Finally smashed armor penalty bug
    - Creatures (PCs) will now drop a fat bloodstain on death

    7-28-19 Update
    Area Updates:
    - Fixed Berry bushes at the Patch hovering over the ground
    - Replaced default horsemongers across module
    - Added new horse merchants and stableboys where appropriate

    Script Updates:
    - Disabled default Paladin Mount summoning feat in lieu of Call for Help Tool
    - Small patch for Blackguards

    System Updates:
    - Hi-Ho Silver Update!
    -- Horses are now available from select merchants across them module
    -- Merchants will not have all horses available, and selection varies from locale to locale
    -- Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes may no longer mount horses due to size constraints and must mount ponies
    -- Humans, Half-elves, and elves may no longer mount ponies due to size constraints and must mount horses
    -- Purchased horses may be "called for" using the Call for Help usable feat once per reset
    -- Purchased horses may be stored using Horse Merchants or Stableboys to refresh uses of the Call for Help tool
    -- Storage of horses is free
    -- Knights may receive horses by flashing their Writs of Knighthood, but may not use this horse for storage or long-term ownership and must purchase one for use with Call for Help Tool
    -- Various horses have different type/category benefits depending on kind of horse
    -- Added "Joust" command to console to allow for use of Jousting animation if character's so choose (Testing purposes only, will be added to official command list later '-joust on/off' for functions)

    7-29-19 Update
    Script Updates: (Please Test)
    - Added console commands to talk through Animal Companions: Use the ! followed by whatever text you would like it to say
    - Added console commands to talk through Familiars: Use the @ followed by whatever text you would like it to say
    - Fixed player speech not being blanked out when talking through familiars.

    8-1-19 Update
    Area Updates
    - Tejarn Gate updated/modified
    - Tejarn Gate interiors all updated/modified/added
    - Fixed Officer Helm's conversation not working properly for bounties

    Script Updates
    - Fixed werewolf bounty amount

    System Updates
    - Default RP XP is no longer tied to areas
    - RP XP is no longer restricted by hit dice

    8-5-19 Update
    Area Updates
    - Staging new areas for dungeon expansions
    - Fixed small bugs with Tejarn Gate West side

    Script Updates:
    - Hamatula retribution damage now follows standard tabletop rules
    - Bounty drop/collection scripts updated
    - Outsiders now drop different bounties
    - Fixed Bladesinger Arcane Strike script resolving to strange dice rolls (2d8 is now standard)
    - Washing up with armor on now washes your boots completely

    System Updates:
    - Testing for War on the Weave system

    9-3-19 Update

    Hak Updates:
    - Weapon Master Fixes
    -- Added missing Weapon of Choice Selections for CEP Weapons
    - New Proficiencies Added
    -- Anatomy
    -- Alchemy
    -- Disguise
    -- Gunsmithing
    -- Observation
    -- Smelting
    - Removed Summon Creature from Cleric spell list
    -- Added Spiritual Weapon as replacement
    - Polymorph Self updated to new forms including Ooze, Satyr, Ogre, Umberhulk, and Sword Spider
    - Darkness cast by Tieflings and Dark Elves shifted to alternative spell to negate spell component requirements
    - Updated Creature Appearances for Fox, Boar, Brown Bear, Wolf
    - Shadow Walk for Shadow Dancers fixed
    - Reorganized how Feats display so that Class Standing/Ethnicity/BG/Deity/Proficiencies are at the top.

    Area Updates:
    - Music updated for many areas across the module
    - New merchant added
    System Updates:
    - New Proficiencies selectable at level generation
    -- Anatomy - This proficiency represents the study of the anatomy of living things. It enables a character to increase their effective critical hit severity by +2, as well as increase the save DC vs. death for a critical hit effect by +2. Additionally, a character with Anatomy proficiency receives a +2 bonus to heal checks when applying a bandage, and they receive a +2 bonus to hunting checks to recover an organ or other resource.
    -- Alchemy - This proficiency enables a character to exploit the hidden properties of alchemical substances. Common uses of alchemical processes include the silvering of a weapon or the refinement of specialized reagents recovered from monsters. An Alchemy check is made by rolling 1d20 plus level plus intelligence modifier.
    -- Disguise - This proficiency enables a character to more effectively disguise themselves. This capbility is something of a merit badge among professional killers and spies for hire. +5 to Bluff/Perform checks using the Examine Tool
    -- Gunsmithing - This proficiency enables a character to make firearms from base crafting materials, as well as make modifications to a firearm without a requiring a crafting roll.
    -- Observation - This proficiency enables a character to more effectively determine if someone is disguised. This capability is something of a merit badge among blackcoats and spies for hire. +5 to Spot checks using the Examine Tool
    -- Smelting - This proficiency enables a character to effectively purify metal ores, or combine base metals into refined products such as sophisticated alloys. This proficiency also enables a character to melt down and salvage metals if their crafting roll of 1d20 plus level plus intelligence modifier is successful.
    - Crafting Update
    -- Guns are now craftable
    -- Phylacteries are now craftable
    - Critical Hit System
    -- Anatomy Proficiency changes
    -- Using a gun will now increase Critical Severity roll by +2.

    9-2-19 Patch Part II
    Area Updates:
    - More Music fixed
    - Updated merchants
    - Spawn groups updated with gun-totin' enemies

    Script Updates:
    - Fixed Atonement Spell not fixing piety as well
    - Fix for Combiner allowing modification for rifles (still testing)

    9-8-19 Update
    Area Updates -
    -- More music added to areas
    -- Update for merchants
    -- New inventory adding to existing merchants

    Script Updates -
    -- Fix to crafting script affecting gun modification
    -- Fix for secret item crafting entry

    9-9-19 Patch Notes:
    Script Updates -
    -- Spiritual Weapon now immune to Knockdown
    --- Size adjusted
    -- Summoned creatures previously lacking creature weapons fixed
    -- Web Bolt attack updated
    -- Revenant disease immunity fixed

    9-25-19 Patch Notes

    Area Updates
    - Village of Brost Updated
    - Shrines Added to Areas where they were lacking
    - Temples Added to Areas as result of player actions
    -- Added new merchant to Lockwood Falls
    - New merchants added to Fort Briarwood
    - Fix/Update for merchant inventory for many merchants across the module
    -- Base items for Steel and Iron weapons and armors now for sale

    Script Updates
    - Fix for Journal Messages not appearing on Rest while infected with plague
    - Fix for Magical Missile script
    - Fix for multiple XP gain on healing
    - Removed alignment change for healing NPCs
    - Fix for Max Modifications to Smokepowder weapons
    - Fix for Gauntlet Enchantment Recipes
    - Fix for erroneous Pantheons returning incorrect diety limitations
    - Update for Spellhook to remove Eschew Materials exploit
    - Fixed Transgression for Clerics, Rangers, Druids, and Paladins

    System Updates
    - New crafting system for Paladin Holy Avenger items
    -- Holy Avenger Mystical Artifacts now available
    - Added additional new non-magical equipment modifications (equipment pieces default receive 2 slots)
    -- Includes Armors, Gauntlets, Robes, Shields, and Weapons
    - Added Iron Wood item for Druid characters and crafting
    - Updated Call for Help Tool
    -- Paladins can now store their Paladin Mounts with Stableboys just like everyone else
    -- Knights no longer can pull additional horses from stables, but start with a Warhorse as owned
    - Appearances updated for domestic animals across the server
    - Items found during normal dungeon looting should now be enchantable

    9-28-19 Patch Notes
    Area Updates:
    - Music updated to many, many areas
    - Added Shrine nodes for prayer to many areas
    - Added Shrine trigger for many areas
    - Added new secret area
    - Reopened Culthouse of Kelemvor
    -- New NPC Shop added

    Script Updates:
    - Fixed incorrect object being passed in translated whisper text
    - Spiritual Weapon Attack Bonus now scales as cleric AB + Wisdom Modifier
    - Gauntlets now correctly collected by Historians
    - Updated 'Investigate the Undead' Questline
    - Spiritual Weapon AB and SR added
    - Updated AI for boss creature

    System Updates:
    - Perilously Pious Piety Update!
    -- All Divine Classes now subject to Piety rules
    -- Multiclassed characters are subject to stipulations for both classes
    --- EG:Paladin/Cleric Multiclass gains and loses divine favor for Paladin and Cleric abilities
    -- New methods of gaining/losing piety:
    --- Praying at Shrine to Deity
    --- Consecrating/Desecrating Groves
    --- Killing opposing creatures
    -- Characters with Monk class gain extra Piety from praying
    -- Divine Spell Levels are now gated by Piety level
    --- All Divine casters able to cast through 2nd level spells
    -- Now can convert deity without recreating your character!
    --- Worshipping a new deity sets your Piety to 0 and must be regained through prayer
    --- Worshipping a new deity costs half of your current experience level
    -- Ornate Swords are now useless!
    --- Holy Avenger weapons cannot be wielded with less than 40 Piety

    10-7-19 Patch Notes
    Area Updates:
    - Fixed door to Northgate
    -- Other assorted settlement/chair fixes
    -- Added interior NPCs
    - Shrine to Mystra Added
    - Transition repaired
    - Fixed Fort Briarwood storage chests
    - New areas added for preliminary setup

    Script Updates:
    - Paladin Celestial Charger access bug fixed
    - Fix for Metamagic/Pantheon Exploits
    - Patch for Proficiency Gain not appearing after leveling up
    - Preliminary scripting for adding Sneak Attack (w/ Feint Check) to weapon-like spells
    - Preliminary scripting for update/replacement writing system
    - Test fix for Blackguard Bulls Strength returning caster level 0
    - Fix for improper value setting on Holy Sword
    - Fix for Holy Scripture Armor Improvement
    - Fix for Holy Sigil Armor Improvement

    System Updates:
    -Piety Update --
    -- Piety now naturally declines by 1 every day

    10-8-19 Patch Notes
    Script Updates:
    - Fixed Summon Mount to summon a pony or a saddle horse depending on player race
    - Fixed Teleport spell not triggering spellhook
    - Fixed Shadow Door spell not triggering spellhook
    - Fixed Dimension Door spell not triggering spellhook
    - Fixed Shadow walk spell not triggering spellhook
    - Fixed Rage spell not triggering spellhook
    - Fixed Blasphemy spell not triggering spellhook
    - Fixed Metamagic not properly incrementing spell level for caster checks
    - Fixed Domain spells not properly being blocked as part of transgression
    - True fix for additional proficiency gains at level 10

    System Updates:
    - Settlements will no longer collect crafting materials
    - Preliminary coding for Leadership Feat update

    10-13-19 Patch Notes:
    Hak Update:
    - Fix to Druid form running on the ground
    - Leadership Feat now useable
    - Fix to Abundant Step switched with Shadow Walk
    - Fix to Shadow Walk switched with Abundant Step
    - Update for future Trap integrations

    Area Update:
    - Fixed incorrect deity on Shrine of Bane

    Script Update:
    - Preliminary work for automated stages of area flooding
    - Debug patch for On Damage events
    - Fix for Ghost Touch and Silvered Weapons not being recognized
    - Fix for Adamantine weapons not piercing Adamantine DR

    Systems Update:
    - Inspired Instruction - Leadership Feat
    -- May be used on multiple players (1 Target Per Turn)
    -- A single player can only benefit from Leadership every 6 Turns
    -- The Instructor must succeed in a leadership check:
    --- D20 + Hit Dice + Charisma Modifier versus DC 10+Hit Dice of Pupil
    -- A successful inspiration will impart a Killing Bonus on the next creature dispatched by the Pupil
    --- Killing Bonus is equal to 10 + Instructor Hit Dice + Charisma Modifier - Pupil Hit Dice
    -- All parties must be roleplaying to impart or receive Leadership Inspiration and any associated bonuses
    - Papers Please - Writing System Replacement
    -- A full replacement of the writing system is being integrated into the module
    -- Makes use of same Ink and Quill as previous system
    --- Quills will no longer break
    --- Any use of writing action will remove one charge of ink
    -- To use new paper, use paper on self to designate the object you are writing on
    -- Following console commands are used to edit paper
    -write Default precursory command for all writing commands
    -write help - Explanation of available commands
    -write title XXX - Change the title of the document to XXX
    -write new XXX - Erase the entire body of a document and replace with XXX
    -write add XXX - Adds XXX in addition to the text already on a document
    -write line XXX - Adds XXX on a new line of the document

    Area Updates:
    - Fixed issue with bosses not spawning in Orc Dungeons
    - Added new preliminary areas to module
    - Added new spawn groups to module in prep for new areas

    Script Updates:
    - Fixed new character Knights not starting with a horse as they should
    - Fixed new writing system errors:
    -- -write line will now properly start on a new line
    -- -write new will now replace all of the text on a document

    System Updates:
    - Papers Please - Writing System Update
    -- Sealing of documents!
    --- New command -write seal
    ---- Allows the sealing of documents and requires a Seal and Sealing Wax
    ---- Sealing a document prevents any further edits to a document
    ---- Sealing a document will add a line of text to the bottom of a document
    "This document bears the seal of " CHARACTER NAME
    ---- Sealing a document will not respect disguises
    ---- Sealing a document will require Knighthood or Middle/Upper Class Background
    --- Testing for push notifications to the Discord for Brost Notice Board
    - New Crafting for Siege Proficiencies!
    -- Added Siege Arbalest Creation Formula
    -- Added Siege Arbalest Ammunition Creation Formula
    -- Added Siege Tool: Hammer
    -- Added Siege Materials
    -- Added Strong Spike Trap Recipe

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    Download the Knights of Noromath module, current from June of 2020:

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    I'm not a player but I just wanted to thank you for releasing your module. Most PWs keep their files proprietary, so it's always nice when someone wants to share what they have when most won't. :)

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