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"One Save" difficulty.

Iam not sure if this has been suggested before. This is pretty much inspired by "Ironman runs" for Baldur's Gate and Trial of Iron difficulty in Pillars of Eternity. If it's possible to add for Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment and Neverwinter Nights. I would love to see this added.

"One save" difficulty.

Basically what I mean by this is a difficulty option you can select when you start a new game. Quick save/load is disabled, manual save is disabled. The only save feature you have is auto-save. You can only load a game from a last autosave you have. This not "Hardcore" run with perma death like in "Trial of Iron" in Pillars of Eternity. You can still pretty much "cheat death" by loading your game with last autosave, but if you had a long difficult dungeon run with a party member dying at the very end in this mode you have to ask yourself; Is it worth reloading the game and do it all over again or go back to nearest town and have that party member raised from the dead? This mode pretty much makes the temple services useful again. With Enchanced Editions incredibly quick (or should I say nonexistent) loading/saving times, it is very simple just to quick save and quick load almost every time to keep your party healthy in dungeons. Quick save before any battle. One simple mistake = Quick load.

If it's possible to make this kind of feature work in Enchanced Edition games. I would love to see it!



  • __Q____Q__ Member Posts: 29
    The feature you're suggesting seems kind of unnecessary since the game already auto-saves. If you want to play that way, just don't quick save or manually save.

    I think I'd rather see a Diabo II-style hardcore mode where once you get a game over, you can't play your save anymore. I think a hardcore mode in Baldur's Gate should force you to roll a new character or characters (no importing), force you to play on core difficulty or higher and lock all the difficulty options once the game starts, and lock the console. The game would maintain only one save, would auto-save whenever you quit (even in the middle of a battle), and would erase your save when you beat the game or get a game over.

    I know it's already possible to play that way, but I think the main draw of implementing a hardcore mode would be creating a record with information about your game after you beat it or get a game over. There's tons of info that players might want records of:

    - Character sheets for their party when they beat the game/died
    - How much in-game time had passed when they beat the game/died
    - What chapter they were on when they died
    - What map they were on when they died
    - What creature/trap/status ailment killed their main character
    - Which NPCs were permanently killed during the game

    The game could even have an arcade-style "high score" screen that lists the top 10 or so runs based on certain criteria.

    I'm not amazing at Baldur's Gate, but I think I could have a lot of fun with a mode like that. It would be really challenging and force you to play in a different way (resting in dungeons and the wilderness is a no-no; potions, scrolls, and wands are your best friend instead of something to be hoarded; pickpocketing is usually a bad idea; etc).

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,813
    If you file the request at , there're better chances you'll hear back from the Team.

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