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BWS Install/World Map Issue

MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 45
edited January 2018 in BG:EE Mods
Hello all, I recently, last night, installed the Big World Setup Mega Mod. It went just fine and played just fine, well I transitioned zones and all of the places I have visited are all off the coast and in the ocean. I can see Athkatla if I scroll South and all the way to up Baldur's gate. Candlekeep, the Circle stones where Gorrion was killed CLoakwood, FAI, and all of the zones are literally sitting int he middle of the ocean and not on the land. I can still access the areas. They highlight and I can travel to them, was there a major earthquake in the region and all west coast of the Sword Coast plunged into the ocean? Now all of the zones are islands?
Is there something I can do to push the island back up on to solid ground... I mean I am the son of a god after all.



  • PaulaMigratePaulaMigrate Member Posts: 1,201
    edited January 2018
    It sounds like you may have some mod installed that requires BP_BGT worldmap and you missed that.
    BWS should notice that you need the big worldmap and give you a warnig though. But maybe you missed that?

    Another possibility is that you used an older save for your new game? Worldmap is stored in your saves and you may this way use a map no longer fit for your current game.

    Also - if you missed the worldmap mod, you can still install it on top of your current game BUT you need to start a new game in order to see the effect in game (like above, otherwise the already saved map will be used still.)

  • MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 45
    Copy that, I did install the BWS and start up a save game from prior to that. I uninstalled BGEE and then re-installed it again and installed a BWS to a fresh BGee install. But, yeah the game was from prior to the uninstall - reinstall. I'll create a new game and see if that clears it up.

    Thank you, Paula

    Luck & Loot,

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