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On Duty

Wow, I'm really late to the party, I only found out about the NWN:EE a few days ago. Of course exciting news, the two NWN games are my fondest multiplayer memories and ever since I left the scene I was searching for something similar. Back in NWN1 days I was quite active on the two servers Nexus and Vives, in NWN on the wonderful Dammendrech. Also dabbled a little in building myself, a PW project called Middleforest, but was maybe so overambitious that I never finished anything.
Two of the three reasons why I finally stopped playing might be adressed by the Enhanced Edition, that's why I'm really excited now - first, the whole GameSpy issue and additional steps required for online play really kept new players away, second the demise of the original NWNVault at IGN and further splitting of the community.
I'm also happy to see the return of the Mac version, even though I have Windows to play on too I miss the quick game between OS X tasks without rebooting, oh, and it might even run on my Macbook Air.
Anyway, even though I haven't bought the EE yet I really hope I'm allowed to give some feedback too, basically I was triggered by the Parry discussion and felt I have to sign up just to prevent the good Beamdog folks from removing it. :)
Now I have the building itch again, thanks for that!



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