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A new hero is reborn: My character in BG 1-2, IWD and NWN

HunterRayder93HunterRayder93 Member Posts: 265
edited January 2018 in Fan Creations
I want to show here my new portrate made with the tablet.

To see the process of creating this image look at the following link:

If you want to find out how to insert your personalized images in NWN: EE, follow my guide to this link step by step at the following link:

I'm very proud of the result and better than I hoped and hope to be able to create new images and illustrated guides on the creation of images.For me to have a unique face when I play a rop and especially important in mmo and not only, this I think is not just my thought but I believe that this must be part of the RPG in general, the appearance of the character is sound because it makes so that reflects its essence, personality soul, for me when I create a character has a soul a personality a story, for me this counts in a rpg, relying only on statistics and numbers for me makes the character ... without life without a soul, nowadays when I play I see many players with their characters that do not even have an outfit or original names, lost by chance ... a few and ari use outfits or unique names, sometimes because the game does not it allows other times and for pure and simple little interest of the user in question, so for me my characters must have their own personality and unique characteristics, a bit like when you read a book in short ... for me and so.

I therefore hope that my personalized image will please everyone and that my idea of ​​creating a character has pleased you.

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