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My tabletop RPG projects for the next roleplaying year

MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 383
edited January 2018 in Role Playing
Usually January is when I start writing campaigns for the next RPG season (which starts of September) so I'm starting to share my project with you guys. Most of these projects aren't D&D related but some are and I welcome the feedback. I ran Numenéra for three years so no project this year for this game. I also ran shitloads of D&D so I'm not VERY motivated on this one.

I obviously won't run them all and the cyberpunk project is pretty much guaranteed since I'm working with another DM already.

Project Kali
The name of the campaign yet has to be found. It's a two DML project (I often did joint projects with other DMs, this year I am running a Dark Sun campaign with another DM who does Planescape) which involves a DM which previously ran campaigns on Sable Rouge (a small independant French RPG inspired somehow by Ghost of Mars), les Lames du Cardinal (another independant French RPG set during the Three Musketeers era but with wizards and dragons) and Deadlands.

So project Kali is a pure cyberpunk, hard SF, project. Closer to the original work of William Gibson than to Shadowrun. No aliens, no kung-fu virtual reality, not spell, elfs and orcs... pure solid cyberpunk. It takes place in Mumbai in an more advanced India. Mumbai is now a multicultural megalopolis alike NY, London or Paris and the campaign will feature the usual multinational conspiracies with an Indian taste.

The system we'll use will be the Cypher System, used by Numenéra and The Strange. It works very well on SF games with its system of cyphers, artifacts and oddities. The fact efforts and damages drain from the same pool make it very "realistic" in the sense tired characters do less feats.

La Sublime Porte
Been writing for this one for a while, it starts in late 19th century Constantinople (still called this way back then). The players assume members of minorities of the city: Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Shi'ite, Assyrians, Gypises etc. and are all members of a secret society which aims at preserving ethnic balance within the empire. Their meeting place is a backgammon shop and club in the Arasta Bazaar in the peninsula district.

The balance will be broken with the rise of Turkish nationalism within the Empire and minorities stretched between allegiances. The characters will slowly discover some occultist conspiracy and that the expression "Sublime Porte" is much less abstract than they thought.

So they'll start a quest for the supposed gate, collecting evidences and lost books, travelling through Europe to London and embarking for the pacific ocean. There I'll disgress more toward something metaphysical and abstract, inspired by Hugo Pratt's Mû graphic novel for his Corto Maltese character. Pratt did a lot of research on the subject, which I will shamelessly use. Finally the gate is hidden in the sunken continent of Mû of which the pacific islands are the emerged part. Then the gate will lead toward another world and another adventure which I have to write.

I first wanted to write it for the upcomming "The King in Yellow" RPG from Pelgrane Press but it seems it won't be released in time so I'm switching toward a Cthulhu 1890 game. Using 6th edition rules and maybe the outworld will be the Dreamlands from pre-Cthulhu Lovecraft writings.

La Légende de Kaspar Hauser
I started writing on this one too, I might do a Mage: the Ascension and Changeling: the Dreaming crossover (like allowing one character to play a changeling).

The characters will be sent from Concordia to investigate the apparation of someone who disapeared centuries ago: Kaspar Hauser. This is less ambitious than the projects above.

This campaign will be a multi-DM project if launched. There is currently a three-years project on Werewolf: the Apocalypse at the club, this year joined by a 1 year campaign of Vampire: the Mascerade and several independant stories (like a Demon: the Fallen table I'll manage later this month).

This campaign would connect to the Werewolf table if succesfully launched.

Grandeur & Décadence
This will be the official launch campaign of the Laelith campaign setting which will soon be released.

Laelith was an early attempt of a campaign setting for D&D in the early age by the French magazine "Casus Belli". It was recently resurrected by a highly succesful crowfunding campaign. The content will soon be released.

Laelith is an urban campaign setting, think of it like a "proto-Sigil" with access to virtually any world and divided in terrasses.



  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,163
    Just now visited the RP subforum for the first time in.. ever and felt this post deserved at least some reply. I don't have anything valuable to add other than to say I wish I was in you RP group! You seem to have a plethora of good ideas and settings and I think all of them sound very intriguing.

  • MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 383
    edited May 2018
    Hey there, some news I didn't propose the Cthulhu because another DM is starting "Beyond the Mountains of Madness", an official campaign with is set for years of playing and two Cthulhu campaign would be too much. Joined it as a player. Also because I am on two tables as a player (Cthulhu and an old school French werewolf game called Hurlement) I proposed only Mage... and didn't get enough players to start. So I switched for a D&D (didn't propose the Cyberpunk because another DM proposed a Shadowrun table) which I filled in a day and almost had to reject players.

    So I'll play Tomb of Annihilitation as a DM.

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