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GOG Galaxy features

Another Steam feature was announced today, Steam friends support. Call me a GOG ambassador, but I'd like to kindly ask for providing the same (or at least very similar) level of support for the GOG release.

Obviously, I perfectly understand GOG is not as popular as Steam. As such, I don't expect GOG features to be necessarily implemented at release, but I think it's important they're included at all.

At the moment, GOG can provide all suggested Steam features except the workshop (which needs an alternative anyway, for Steam not to be the only platform for obtaining NWN content). That is: cloud saves, achievements and friend list integration (including cross-platform with Steam, but even separate friend list integration would be great).

GOG has done more than was required of it to keep Neverwinter Nights alive and support its community: this includes giving free NWN copies (first as a bonus to The Witcher 3 pre-order, then in a giveaway), sponsoring prizes for the Vault's raffles and publishing articles promoting the game and its rich universe of custom content, even publishing an interview with Trent Oster about the game.

NWN has been something of a flagship title of GOG for almost the whole duration of the platform's existence and it took some very good care of it.

I think it deserves to have this game in its offer in its full glory now that it becomes Enhanced Edition.

And though I understand that more players will play the game on Steam than on GOG, keep in mind that GOG Galaxy support can be a powerful incentive for owners of the Diamond Edition on GOG to buy the EE and a way of showing you don't treat them as second-grade customers.

Thank you in the name of all GOG users enthusiastic about NWN:EE.



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