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Half-Elven Ranger/Cleric or Dwarven Fighter/Cleric?

Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,337
The R/C has stealth option (without heavy armour) and free points in Two weapon style, while the Dwarven F/C has better Constitution and super high saves. These are the most obvious differences I can notice at the moment. Which one would you choose?

(And yes, by R/C, I mean the FIXED one, that is, the one which has access to druid spells only upto level 3.)

I think a Dwarven R/C, if it were possible, would have been the best.

Half-Elven Ranger/Cleric or Dwarven Fighter/Cleric? 16 votes

Half-Elven Ranger/Cleric
ThacoBellRAM021subtledoctorlroumenOrlonKronsteen 5 votes
Dwarven Fighter/Cleric
TingelProontsmady3AerakarEnuhalchimaeraStummvonBordwehrRik_Kirtaniyatbone1ArctodusAyeotiee 11 votes


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