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For a Sorcerer: Horrid Wilting or Incendiary Cloud?



  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    Horrid Wilting
    Party friendly is very important, especially when you're a clumsy dope like myself who has no patience.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,811
    Horrid Wilting
    although if i play SoZ and have a wizerd on my team i will choose incendiary cloud because i will; have one character immune to fire because he is a red dragon disciple, and all the other melee chums have rings of greater fire resistance which gives fire resistance 30

    so fire away with.... fire :)

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 1,703
    Horrid Wilting
    even so i am not convinced that, even if IC becomes partially party friendly, but it still can disrupt spells, is the best way to go.
    ADHW is party friendly as well, out of the box, without needing gear or protective spells, is slightly less damaging but is only blocked by MR, while IC is blocked both by magic and elemental resistance, ADHW do the damage all at once and faster you kill enemies less you give them chance to kill you, and ADHW works in synergy with the powerful skull trap, while IC works in synergy with the fireball that is capped much earlier. the party can lower MR of enemies but it can not lower elemental resistance.

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