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Speak with the dead bug (Spoilers)

lujolujo Member Posts: 236
All right, someone tell me it's not just me:

Fall from grace's "Speak with dead" can't target the actual dead who've been turned into dialogue triggers. In the original game they used to be clickable by spells for exactly this reason, and stories-bones-tell was an activated ability. But Speak with Dead was the actual way you were supposed to be able to talk to them, Stories-Bones-Tell are kind of an easter egg for guys with high int. Now zt doesn't even seen to work the guys in the Mortuary, who you can at least click on.

I've reported it and all, it's just that I hope someone tells me I'm missing something.



  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,147
    I was wondering about that myself in my blind run. Seemed to me like the spell did nothing but I could talk to dead things anyway...

  • lujolujo Member Posts: 236
    edited January 2018
    It's a rather major bug. Needs to be fixed soonish. I think what happened was that they ported something done by an unwise modder, I've caught a few other things too.

    Like how porting the changes which scient and quinn made to fear immunity (or rather to the fear effect) means that you screw up several encounters unless the enemies can run. Because if TNO gets feared, and they all focus TNO like they always do, the whole thing falls apart. TNO runs and all the enemies just run after him doing nothing. Eh... There's at least 5-6 rather major screwups like that I've caught, and I haven't even busted out the big quinn's changelog and really gone through it.

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