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[Skin mod for IWD1 EE/ BG1 EE/ BG2 EE] Diablo character SKIN MOD

hanhwisoohanhwisoo Member Posts: 7
edited September 2018 in BGII:EE Mods

I am not so good at English.
So please be good to understand my awkward English.

This is for IWD1 EE, BG1 EE and BG2 EE

please follow red line.

first of all, download diablo and....

just put in there.. and

creat character, save the game

use keeper, open the game

change the appearance what you want...

human male fighter low => diablo2 barbarian
human male cleric low => diablo2 paladin
human female fighter low => diablo2 amazon
human female mage low => diablo2 corrupted rogue
elf female thief low => diablo1 succubus
elf female cleric low => Lineage1 female lord
elf female fighter low => Lineage1 female elf
human female thief low => Planescape:Torment woman
tunnel worm => Asian Dragon

and... play!

there is playing video

made by 지온트, 베르모드, 라스트오브어스


2018-01-25 new version updated.


2018 April 23 new version updated.


2018 September 03 new version updatede (skin ver1.0)

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