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File Path Issue? NWN:EE

So, i'm trying to play On a Server with its own tlk files , .2da, haks and the whole nine yards and every time i would log in, i crashed with an exit code, so i said okay nothing, tried troubleshooting it with the DM, and nothing i was at a loss, then i noticed the TLK files where not loading when i went to class selections, i thought Oooh, cool so i then tried to load a custom module with CEP installed, and alas, i could NOT play that module even though i have CEP installed and what not, so i look at my ini file and it points too the right documents where all those folders are loaded but instead of it being in the C Drive like i'm sure most people have it at, mines at the B Drive cause of storage concerns.


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 16,766
    edited January 2018
    So am I right you want to change the path in the ini file to another drive other than the C Drive?

  • edmaster44edmaster44 Member Posts: 2
    Yes, my Documents are in B Drive instead of C, i checked the INI file to confirm this but it still won't load the files.

  • shadguyshadguy Member Posts: 143
    Possibly related:

    Dunno if it offers much help though without more detail.


  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 67
    I have my documents folder stored on F drive for myself without any issues, I just installed the game and it all worked correctly from the get go.

    I wonder if it's related to using B as a drive, considering B is generally reserved for disk drives (even though they're outdated they're still generally reserved and can cause issues repurposing such at times)

    I suppose it could be that Windows Registry is pointing to a different location for his documents folder as well. I'd say if Edmaster44 is comfortable with regedit he should take a look at the following and if he isn't comfortable with such and isn't sure of what he is doing probably should just avoid such.

    "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders"

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 16,766
    edmaster44 do you have any other disks than B? Could you try linking to documents folders in D or E, for example?

  • AnatidaAnatida Member Posts: 6
    I am resurrecting this post because it is very similar to the issue I am having. I think it is something on my end, and not an actual bug.

    I purchased a new laptop and am running Windows 10. The first thing I did was to install NWN:EE. I was not aware of OneDrive or how it worked, and the install placed the custom content directory (Neverwinter Nights) on the OneDrive.

    As I became more familiar with Windows10 I realized this was NOT where I wanted this folder. Due to some other minor issue I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the Beamdog Client.

    I have gone as far as to disable OneDrive, remove the custom content Neverwinter Nights folder, uninstall Beamdog Client, and let the Beamdog Client do a complete reinstall - However!

    The nwnmain.exe does not recognize any of the custom files.
    - It is not using my .ini files represented by its refusal to use WindowedMode
    - It is not logging the chatwindow, or if it is I can not find where it is saving this log
    - I have triple checked the alias locations and it looks correct: LOGS=C:\Users\dever\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\logs
    - It is not using custom portraits from the \portraits folder

    I just can not figure out where the game is looking for these custom files!

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