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Round Counter v1.0

semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,833
Have you ever wanted to know how many rounds have passed in a fight, but could only make a rough estimate? This mod introduces a "counter" which will quietly count every round since a fight begins. To find out what round it is, you just have to check on your innate abilities menu, and the number will be right there.

The mod works via a potion, which you can summon with the following console code (the 0's are zeroes):


Once you console it in and drink it, the count will begin the next time you spot an enemy. Every round afterwards, you'll get another casting of the "Round Counter" spell, which indicates the round you're in. Thus, having 5 castings of Round Counter means you're about 5 rounds (30 real-time seconds) into the fight.

Casting Round Counter resets it to zero and ends the count until the next time you see an enemy. If you use it while still in combat, it'll reset and begin counting from zero. After 8 hours, the counter will end on its own and reset to zero.

To keep the mod unobtrusive, the counter makes no sound or visual effects and doesn't show up in the dialogue box; it only shows up in the innate abilities tab.

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