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Voice Sets - BG2

Finally made it through BG and SoD, and started with BG2. It is the first time I touched the game in forever, mainly because I was working my way through the first two games (obviously LOL). The biggest annoyance for me is the voice set for my main. BG has a few more options and I do not like the ones in BG2. Is there a way to copy them over from one game to the next? Apologies if this question is mundane.

On a separate note... SoD ended weird for me. Anyone else have Dorn randomly express his love for you? I am a male elf LOL Also, when I swapped Dynaheir out, she dropped dead and stayed dead the rest of the game. I didnt plan on using her, but would have liked the option...


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,705
    Speaking about it, @smeagolheart , have you had any success in creating a BG1 soundset for BG2, or a BG2 soundset for BG1 (available to install)?

  • smeagolheartsmeagolheart Member Posts: 7,021

    Speaking about it, @smeagolheart , have you had any success in creating a BG1 soundset for BG2, or a BG2 soundset for BG1 (available to install)?

    I haven't worked on this. The last patch for bg1ee/sod broke compatibility and I've been awaiting the next patch all this time and haven't touched it since.

  • RajickRajick Member Posts: 207
    sarevok57 wrote: »
    yes it is possible to transfer bg1 voice sets over to bg2

    so what you need to do is go into the main bg1 directory ( not the one from "my documents" ) the one that is in your hard drive somewhere ( in other words, where you ACTUALLY installed the game )

    once in the directory you will need to double click on the "lang" folder and then double click on the one that starts with "en" inside that folder you will find the sound folder, now to make things easy you can just copy paste that folder over to the BG2 directory ( of the same spot; inside the "lang" folder inside the sound folder ) but in doing so you will replace the bg2 sound sets and if you have the option on that shows sound sets in your dialogue window you may have some unmatched dialogues lines in there ( although the sound ones will still be your BG1 lines)

    if you want to make it so you don't overwrite and mess up your dialogue/ sound set lines from bg2, then what you are going to have to do, is figure out which male/female/custom set you like, rename EVERY single one of that category ( aka; Female1x, or Male1x, the "x" being the character anywhere from a-z, 1-9 ) except DO NOT rename the last letter of that category

    so for example, lets say the Female1x voice set is the one you like, to make it so it doesnt interfere with the BG2 voiceset you could rename it Female9x, so then you would have Female9a, Female9b, Female9c ect...

    once you have them all renamed, then you can just transfer them over to your BG2 sound folder, do note that you will have no subtitles of these voice sets in BG2 since you need to fiddle with the soundset .2da file for it to recognise what what voice set goes with what dialogue string ( and that is a whole other can of worms)

    another note; if you want to rename the base name to something different ( so say something different than Female9 ) it has to be 7 characters or less, if you make a base name that is more than 7 characters ( so say Female11 ) the game will not recognise the voice set

    also note that the voice sets in BG2 fully support the "bigger voice set list" aka; scoring a critical hit/miss, miscasting a spell, full inventory ect... a lot of the bg1 voice sets do not support those extra voice sets in bg2, ( although i think 4 of the EE made voice sets have the full list for both games )

    the irony of this is, i actually did this to bring a BG2 voice set over to BG1 because i like the BG2 voice sets better hahaha

    So did this and the voice set wouldn't play at all. Looked at the other voice sets in the folder and they all had letters instead of numbers as the x so I changed the last letter to a through i think j and now they play but are all wonky. Apparently the letters correspond to an action and they are different between the games so now I gotta figure out what letter goes with what action. Not fun.

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