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Combat log information

kaitenkaiten Member Posts: 16
Hello guys ! I am currently new to the game and I have problems to understand the combat logs. I tried to find info on the internet but every single person says different things in different years in the past so I guess things have changed with the new patches and so I decided to ask here what the logs actually show with the current patch on BG EE only. Ill give you an example. So my MC has base thac0 20, Str Mod -2, Str Extra Mod -1, Proficiencies +5/ guees that's a pentaly ?/, AC base 10 and Dext mod -4/ so its AC 6 in the end/, using simple staff as a weapon. The combat log vs a random enemy looks like:
MC : atack roll 10 - 2 = 8 miss; 19 - 2 = 17 hit !
The Enemy: atack roll 5 - 3 = 2 miss; 16 - 3 = 13 miss
So what I dont understand is what are -2 and -3 and why 8 is a miss, 17 is a hit / 2 and 13 are miss
I would appreciate If anyone can explain these to me. Thanks in advance !



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,029
    Okay, combat in BG is based on THACO. Which means "to hit armor class 0". So if your thaco is 20, that means you would need to roll a 20 to hit an enemy with a 0 armor class.

    So attack roll 10-2=8 miss. You rolled a 10 and then the game either adds or subtract bonuses based on your stats and proficiencies, you lost 2 points so it adjusted to 8. 8 was too low to hit the enemy based on their armor class.

    The lower your thaco, the easier it is to hit enemies. So your base of 20 is lowered by 2 for your str stat, I think the str extra mod is for exceptional str (are you using a fighter?). The proficiencies +5 is indeed a penalty, you are unlikely to ever hit anything this early in the game with a penalty that large. You mentioned you are using a staff, did you not put any proficiencies in staves at character creation?

  • kaitenkaiten Member Posts: 16
    The character I am using just for testing was made long ago with max stats / it is a sorcs :P/ I read everything about thac0 and AC and understand it in theory but this log just makes me crazy. So from what you are saying the adjusted number is too low to hit /based on the enemy AC/. I did abit more testing on the same enemy and when he atacks me 13 is a miss but 14 is a hit. Soo 14 and my AC is 6 - so what is the connection. The only thing that makes sense is the enemy has thac0 20 - 6 /my AC/ =14 also - that actually makes perfect sense.
    And for the -2/MC/ and -3/enemy/. I guess for the enemy I cant really tell what is that but for me could it be the +5 penalty and - 3 mods. That's a 2 penalty in the end it makes sense to lower the dice with it and than the enemy one got to be a penatly too / or some combination of + and -/
    Combat log is complicated :(

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,029
    It certainly takes getting used to. If the enemy hit you on a 14, it probably has 20 thaco as well. You had to not have put any proficiencies in staves to have a penalty that large. Don't waste your time trying to hit anything with it, you won't be able to. What did you put your proficiencies in?

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,460
    You want to roll higher than your thac0. And AC is a modifier to the attack roll. So if you atack an enemy with AC 5, and your thac0 is 20, and your STR bonus is 2, and your proficiency penalty is 5, then you will miss if you roll a 17 or lower (17+5+2-5=19, < 20) and you will hit if you roll a 18 or higher (18+5+2-5=20, >= 20).

    The combat log doesn't show all this stuff, so don't try to use it as your teference for what's going on.

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