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Functional Bowl of Water Elemental Control

__Q____Q__ Member Posts: 29
I'm trying to get an understanding of how item modding works, so I decided to try tweaking an existing item. The Bowl of Water Elemental Control is part of the Fishermen and the Priestess quest but otherwise doesn't do anything. However, it's actually a PnP item that allows you to summon water elementals (although in the PnP game it's called a Bowl Commanding Water Elementals). I decided to make it a functional item like in the PnP game.

I edited the item using Near Infinity and it basically works exactly the way I want it to, but there are two things I'm having trouble with. First, in the PnP game, it takes one round to summon the water elemental. Is there any way to add a delay before the water elemental is summoned?

Second, Near Infinity will not let me change the item description. When I try to save my new description, it claims that the dialog.tlk file is located in a write-protected archive. I've tried changing the folder to be read/write, but I'm still getting the error message. What am I doing wrong?


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