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Aerie lost two body parts. She became a cleric. Yet still was never able to regrow her wings.



  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    Thels said:

    Note that while what Borek said is entirely true, it is important that whatever changes you still make sense and still remain consistent. Once the rules start to change from one moment to another, or when the rules are one soppy mess that don't make any sense to the players, then you've gone too far.

    Note, that was just general advise, and in no way specified at a specific GM or Dev Team.

    100% agree, consistency tends to keep the game focused on the storyline rather than the rules.

    When i used to run games back in the day i'd discuss house rules in advance with the players, whenever we had creative solutions proposed that didn't fit the rules it would be debated at the time with me ruling after everyone had added their 2p worth. It slowed the game down at times, but it kept everyone heavily invested in their characters and helped to foster the feeling that as a DM i wasn't trying to get them all killed just to be a douche...Some of my mates most definitely did have a DM Vs party approach to running their games and to be frank it's the main reason i don't play anymore, lol. Games are entertainment, if it ceases to be fun, why bother playing?

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