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I need something to do but i don't know what :D

HimmelweissHimmelweiss Member Posts: 72
edited February 2018 in Builders - Scripting
Hey there,

i am an programmer since over 2 decades, mostly C# & PHP, a little bit of c++ or Java here and there.
I am from germany and 38 years old (hey beamdog want to hire me btw.?), ok just kidding, it is too far away anyway and dunno if i could even deal with all the c++ code honestly, even after so many years programming.
You can't be good in everything :D

A few years ago i coded an NWN2 Player Housing Plugin/System for the Toolset with C# (with using the Legends Plugins as an base/template).
Was more or less just a test, nothing serious. Played arround with GUIs and stuff in NWN2, it was fun.
It was the only thing i ever published:

well and this:

But now i am here with NWN1, expecially since it will get a great boost and tons of updates in the future.
So it is very exciting for me to keep following this project.

Currently i just play arround with random systems and combining them and cleaning code for Persistent stuff with running NWNX.
Just to have a good Base PW modul and to relearn the NWN code.

Now i am just wondering, is there actually still something missing in the community when it comes to coding any kind of a system, for Persistent Worlds mostly?
Is there maybe anything so bad outdated that a new or improved system might be interesting?

Basically, i am just trying to find a long-term project for NWN1.
Maybe someone here has some great idea or even ideas!



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