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Severed Hand - Delivered all broken machine pieces. What i an suppose to do now?

SorcererV1ct0rSorcererV1ct0r Member Posts: 401
I an playing as a solo Dragon Disciple at insane difficulty. The game was pretty hard before i learned some tier 3 spells(haste + AOE spell + summons), but now is relative easy, except by some boss fights like Yxunomei(took almost 30 minutes trying to think in a strategy to bear her). I an gaining a lot of XP and i an at lv 16 with my Dragon Disciple. Loved IWD. IMHO is much better than BG2, but i don't know how i procced in game. I already delivered all "broken pieces" of machinery. And don't know what i suppose to do now.

Here i an
My character
posted in imgur

No walkthrough that i've seen gives any clue about what i need to do.


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