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Quick Question. BG1&2 From Steam, version 1.3

Ok, please bear with me.

With my son's help have managed to buy the complete BG's (again) from Steam (I hope Beamdog get's the money). We have found in "properties" 1.3 beta.
Is this what I need to download to replace my installs of 1.3?

Second question, I'd like son to play the same version as me.
But, what do you recommend?
New first time player, (and that was with me twisting his arm and having to buy it for him) should I just let him go with the new versions?
But I hate them, arghhhhh..... don't know what's best.

Third question, if I download the games on my PC, will they make new files ect. so that my GOG installs won't be affected?

Thankyou in advance for any advice.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 11,643
    Your Steam and GoG installs should remain separate. I don't know about the version though.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,142
    ThacoBell said:

    Your Steam and GoG installs should remain separate. I don't know about the version though.

    Thanks @ThacoBell.

    Would that include the data and save games as well?

    (Working out what the PC does with anything is a mystery to me, all I've managed to vaguely understand is that some things are in documents and some things are somewhere else).

  • ThelsThels Member Posts: 1,350
    The "1.3 beta" is for those users that want to have the pre-2.0 experience. The biggest concern seems related to the interface that 2.0 provided, but since then, several really good interfaces have been provided as mods, so I'd recommend playing the newest version and use one of those interface mods, rather than playing the 1.3 version.

    Modern software stores 'user files', such as Documents and Saved Games, in the user's personal files, rather than in the game files. So do the EE games. Different installations of the same game (for example, a Beamdog and a Steam installation, an unmodded and a modded installation, etc...) use the same folder inside your Documents, and thus the same config settings, characters, and saved games.

    The Beamdog, Steam and GoG clients should all be able to open each other's saved games without problems. Things are more tricky if you are modding your game. For characters and saved games, it's best to remember which characters and saved games belonged to which modded installation, as opening them in other installations will likely cause various issues.

    When playing multiplayer, all players need to be at the same version.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,726
    @UnderstandMouseMagic, if you want to separate you saved games etc, in the 2.x games you can edit the 'engine.lua' to set the name of the saved folder.

    As an example, by default BGEE 2.3.x is engine_name = "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition". To prevent any conflict with the 1.3 games, I set my engine.lua to engine_name = "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition.2.3". You can't change the 1.3 which seems to be hard set.

    So in your case, you could prob use engine_name = "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition.GOG" as the GOG saves or whatever makes sense to you.


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