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[Bug/Mechanics] Kit bonus wasn't properly removed when changing classes at character generation

IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
edited July 2012 in Fixed
Current behaviour: This one is a little difficult to explain, so I'll try adding some background. While trying to decide on a class to use for my test run, I was switching back and forth between the Class, Abilities, and Skills screens at character generation. Finally deciding on a quarterstaff-wielding kensai, I found upon arriving in Candlekeep that my character had received an erroneous -1 AC bonus. I couldn't account for it from her stats, and it wasn't cleared through resting. Worse still, recreating the character to exact specifications wouldn't reproduce the bug. So, I tried replicating my steps while creating her. Eventually, I found that selecting the swashbuckler kit, continuing through character generation until after the Skills screen, and then backtracking and re-selecting kensai would recreate the erroneous -1 AC bonus. I opened the save game in NearInfinity and found that SPCL441.SPL (i.e., the swashie AC bonus) was still attached to my character. For some reason, the swashie's AC bonus hadn't been properly removed (or its application had recurred) when switching back to kensai at character generation.

Expected behaviour: All class/kit bonuses applied after the Skills screen at character generation should be properly removed when re-selecting another class.

Games affected: BG2, BGEE.

Steps to reproduce: Start a new game. At the Class screen, select swashbuckler. Continue character generation until after the Skills screen. Hit the Back button and re-select kensai at the Class screen. Finish character generation (I suggest using Ctrl+8 at the Abilities screen). With a DEX 18 character, you will see the character has AC 3, as opposed to AC 4 (i.e., -4 from DEX bonuses, -2 from kensai kit bonuses).

Notes: I am not sure how systemic this problem is. (It took me a while to reproduce the erroneous AC bonus my kensai was receiving in the first place.) It may be related to the problems of clerics not receiving their known spells and multi-class thieves being denied the thief point allocation screen.

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