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Thank You Overhaul

This posting is dedicated to the hard workers down at Overhaul in my home town of Edmonton. We love you guys because of all the hard work and dedication that you have put into this game. For some of us this is a nostalgic flashback to when BG first came out and was, by far, the best game on the market. For others its a new discovery of how great the old days were. For me, and possibly many others, it is a rediscovery of the game that brought us into this crazy gaming community and holds so many precious memories.
What you are doing is bringing back the old games that made this community great. Doing things that most of us could only dream about by working so hard to "overhaul" these classics and bring them into the modern age. I'm sure everyone here appreciates what you are doing as much as I do, no matter how much we might rage over the delay of the release. You are hero's gentlemen, hero's to us in the gaming community.

Thank you, for how much you've done for us gamers, and hopefully this will become a launch pad towards bigger and better projects for your amazing company.
I raise a glass to you and to your inevitable success.

Sincerely, one fan who knows they are speaking for many others out there.



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