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BG2:EE crashes on start

I know there is a lot of this kind of stuff here, but i feel like i am in a middle of nowhere at this moment. As it is in the title, game crushes on start, I tried updating drivers already, also downloaded directx 9 - still the same.
I have some bug reports, but apparently i cant upload them here as they are in .dmp
And i almost forgot, i have this game on GOG Galaxy and i'm using cloud saves from other pc or rather im not using them at this moment.
Right now I'm in a situation where i need to beg for your help lads, so i am begging you for any possible help.


  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,571
    Do you have any mods installed?
    If not, did you try a reinstalling everything? Or bypassing GoG galaxy and directly launching the game?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,015
    Hi @kibello and welcome to the forum.

    A couple of Qs (well it looks more than a couple) to get started:
    - Would you be able to post your baldur.lua from '..document\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition'. Just rename it to a .txt file and use upload (the paper with a corner bent). Don't forget to rename it back. Before you rename it back, run the game and let it rebuild the baldur.lua just in case it is the prob.
    - Has it been able to start previously without probs?
    - Are you running Windows 10?
    - Does the other PC and this one have the same Mods?
    - Could you try to start the game by either removing the cloud saved game, or renaming the folder 'save' in '..document\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition' to 'save.old', then try to start?
    - Which version of the game are you running (as well as the other PC/Device)?

    Also, do you have BGEE installed and does it start/play without problems?


  • kibellokibello Member Posts: 7
    Sooo i haven't been here in a while, aaand i'm sorry i just wasn't able to.
    Yes i've tried to reinstalling it and bypassing gog, also i have no mods installed atm.
    - Well, it seems that i can, hopefully it will work
    - no i'm running windows 7
    - I have never installed any mods to this game
    - No I actually haven't, gonna give it a shot as soon as i will be on my pc and tell you how it goes.
    - (A)
    Just to add some new dose of information - i've tried to run it on other pc back at my school last week, and it seeems that there is the same problem so the issue might be cloud saves, I will try to run the game without them as soon as i will be back home.

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 501
    All i can suggest is to check that the installation folder hasn't been flagged as Read Only.

  • kibellokibello Member Posts: 7
    I've just tried to run the game without the saves or internet connection so gog couldn't update the saves, and it actually worked! For a while... then when i tried to start a new game another error occurred.
    Does it actually make those cloud saves faulty and there is nothing to do about them? I was really far into the game already so it really means a lot to me. Also I uploaded the new crash report of the error that i just described.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,015
    @kibello, unfortunately I am unsure what is required to view the dump file. My guess is that it is a specialist tool that the developers have.

    Could you describe the second problem (were you using Cloud saves for the new game?). If it is, then turn it off and try again saving only to the HDD. I have never used the cloud save component of the game biy I think it makes a duplicate on your drive as it uploads. You might be able to use those instead. I have read about problems that Galaxy has with its cloud save feature (with other games) so I choose not to use it.,.

    It sounds like one of the saved games (or more) is corrupted. Do you use Quick Save a lot? If so, try using regular saves instead and see what happens.

    If your still crashing on startup, then rename your save folder (local HDD) to save.old and try again.


  • kibellokibello Member Posts: 7
    So just to save the time for the others in the future, it seems like the newest version of bg2:ee works pretty well with systems from Win8 to Win10, it's a completely different thing with the older Windows systems. I tried it on a few computers (something like 12, maybe even more) at the internet cafe and at my school, tried installing all the necessary programs and stuff and only once it worked, I'm not really sure why and how.

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