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Low magic silver weapons?

HeadsOrTailsHeadsOrTails Member Posts: 2
I know that in TotSC, greater werewolves and greater wolfweres are only able to be hit by weapons flagged with cold iron or silver respectively. In the unmodified game there are only a few weapons that have these flags and at least a couple are only found just before they're needed anyway.

But these weapons are all special and enchanted and somewhat limited in type (long/bastard swords and a dagger). So I was wondering if there were any mod out there which created some additional weapons of this type anywhere. Not necessarily enchanted, just something like a few quivers of cold-iron arrows, or a silver-edged axe or something.

Part of this stems from my enjoyment of the various mods that reduce the level of magic and magic items available. It's possible that it's just the case that working the material needed just inherently needs magic or somesuch, but still, it would be great to have a masterwork cold-iron tipped spear, just for variety.

So, anyone know of anything like that out there?


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