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Module works in the toolset but provides the error "Not Enough Disk Space" when loaded in the client

FaerûnFaerûn Member Posts: 39
I'm working on a module with a friend by passing .erfs and other files back and forth. Usually after a few version changes we will put an updated version of the module in our Google Drive - this system has worked for us so far in NWN:EE without any issues (though I'm open to more efficient suggestions!). That is, until last night.

After my friend uploaded the most recent version to our shared drive, I became unable to play the module in the client. I want to clarify that the module can be opened, edited, and saved in both an older version of the toolset (Diamond Edition 1.69) and in the the NWN:EE toolset. However, when I try to play the module in any version of the game client, I receive the error "Not Enough Disk Space" (I most certainly have enough disk space) and then the client locks up, prompting me to force it close via Windows Task Manager.

I have gone through all of the changes made to the module since the last working version but they are all plain areas and one simple script - nothing that should affect my client in this way. All versions that my friend uploads since are unplayable for me, even when he rolls back the versions. I know others have suffered a similar bug when working with older modules, but I have yet to find a fix. Would anyone be able to help me out, or give me a suggestion that we may have not tried?


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