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Gyre: Nova State Kickstarter

deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,467
"And I still get involved on the video game side with the occasional board membership or bit of consulting work, but only where it’s a company or project that’s doing something I find really exciting and transformative. A shout out to the fine folks at Evodant Interactive, for instance, who are building a fascinating steampunk franchise called Gyre, built around some powerful ideas regarding an AI-driven narrative engine—it’s bold, it’s ambitious, and it’s exactly the kind of harebrained scheme I want to exist in this world, so I’ve been happy to help."
-Rob Bartel, Issue 8 Wild Surge

Rob Bartel passed along to me that this ambitious project is now up on kickstarter if anyone wants to check it out.

It is described as a "An open world, dystopian, bio-steampunk action RPG with an unscripted, dynamically crafted story that adapts to your style of play."

The engine of the game seems to be the biggest ambitious part as the kickstarter describes it as:
"Our Toska Polynarrative Engine™ took over a decade to develop. It is a unique framework which now seamlessly integrates with the underlying Unreal game engine to produce a hybrid, real-time generation design system: a system that invokes an artificially intelligent game master that learns and “adapts” with each action the player makes…and builds the world uniquely from those actions.

The Toska Engine also drives the NPCs by generating believable behaviors that can align themselves with other evolving NPCs to create any size group or faction with their own goals. As a constantly adapting story, this allows the game to create a dynamic, rich, unpredictable, and immersive gaming experience."

If they can actually pull that off as described, I'll be impressed.

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