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Arelith is fully migrated to EE on its main servers.



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    Probobly Best PW out there!
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    Arelith - A Persistent World
    @AArelith 19h19 hours ago

    We've launched our new server!

    Arelith PGCC (Pretty Good Character Creator) with plans to evolve this into a fully fledged NWN Arena environment.

    We'll also be accepting submissions from the NWN community for new combat areas!

    Find the details on our main web page.

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    just to let everyone know the PGCC works as a character tester as well by letting you test your builds under the Arelith rules, which help in planning how you want your end game to turn out. Also has crafting and other systems that can be tried out
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    An informal OOC-friendly environment with regular DM-led events like PVP battles or messy PvE castle sieges is a side of NWN that I've been missing. I'm hopeful. Arelith certainly has the numbers to make it happen.

    After finishing the PVP arena, the perfect expansion would be larger scale PvE and PvP battlefield and fortress maps.
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    The Monk Update


    Disciplined aspirants of self-mastery, monks dedicate their lives towards perfecting the body and learning to channel latent ki energy. These mobile and resilient warriors are a welcome addition to any adventuring party.

    Arelith has recently updated this iconic base class with new features and epic progression, along with the role-play oriented perk of Tongue of the Sun and Moon. One such feature is weapon disciplines, where the monk unlocks feats in a versatile selection of armaments.

    Monk characters, both existing and new, will find themselves rewarded by dedicating levels to this class and pursuing the rigors of martial arts.

    Additionally, this same release updates the balance between the specialist stealth classes, with changes to Rogue, Assassin, Shadowdancer, and the interplay between those classes. Characters who prefer the shelter of shadow will find new paths open to them. For more details, see our update thread
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    I do not recommend this server, I was kicked off of it solely because my character didn't subscribe to any religion on their list. Regardless of what faith my character had it shouldn't have any bearing on being allowed to play or role-play on their server. When queried about the logic behind their decision, they wouldn't give me a straight answer.
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    @Brother_Thomas under no circumstance is anyone kicked off the servers for no given reason. Anyone who is kicked as you so politely put it, has had many warnings for violating server rules and not picking a diety for your character isnt one of them.

    Religion on Arelith is religion in the forgotten realms. There are also two setting specific religions that wax and wane due to character worship and involvement who were created by character actions IG.
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    Yes it is called straight talk, language that is very honest and direct, some people such as my self prefer that over sugar coated words dipped in honey. My statement still stands I was logged out of your server by a DM, and not of my own accord. Before this happened I was told (and I paraphrase) "I would not be allowed to log back in until I made an appeal or that I had chosen a deity from your list. I would still call that being kicked.

    You see by the way you make it sound, I am not officially banned, and that may be true, but it is misleading because I will never be able to come back unless I...(a) choose a deity from your list (something I will never do) or (b) you change your mind through the appeal process.(one that has already failed)

    Religion on (a) is religion on (b) Except! When you decide you want to change it. So Ooogeedeeebooogeeedee or what ever that god was (your home brew god) is acceptable but the god I chosen is not? So to use your own statement if my character actions supported a god in your game I could have one?

    I think there is another agenda going on here. I think that you have something personal against the god I chose and I think that at its core is the real issue here above anything else. Prove me wrong.
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    @Brother_Thomas I cannot fathom how in all the pantheons of the Realms, not one diety fits your character. There is nothing personal nor an agenda, and proof of you being misinformed rather than wrong should be cleared up with the 3 scenarios below

    That you have posted twice now and still havent posted what diety you feel you should be able to worship, tells me many things.
    1/ you wish to use a diety from another part of realmspace, of which your character unless hailing from sigil, ( of which there have been a few in the past) would not have knowledge of. This falls under the OOC player knowledge vs IC game knowledge.

    2/ Your choice is simply not viable, i.e. playing a divine character and demanding spells and powers to be granted that would require separate coding and scripting just for your character alone. The two mentioned prior took real life years to attain divinity for oogooboogoo and the second is simply an aspect of a main realm diety, just for clarity of my above statement

    3/ you are trying to bring real life religion into the game, of which I am Sure many others will also tell you does not belong in a fantasy setting

    This is straight and concise, so no sugar coating, but I am trying to stay polite.
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    Very well, here we go again. Here is what I can not fathom, how that you try to defend your stance from such a weak position. If I was you I would have let me have my comment, my word about your server and let me move on. However if you want to continue here, so be it.

    The fact that I have not stated my deity, as Jesus , is because I am trying to keep the discussion objective. The fact that you wanted me to say who he was is because you have the agenda, and you plan to use it as a way to entrap me, but you will fail. I am not ashamed of him and never was, I would shout the name from the roof tops. JESUS JESUS JESUS! Happy now? I am a christian, and I wanted to play a character who was a christian. I don't understand why this is a problem, your the one making it a problem.

    Here is what I can not fathom, how ooooggeeedee boogeeddee is a perfectly fine deity in your game but Jesus is absolutely out of the question. How that is not debatable. How you are willing to ban someone off your server because their character's deity is Jesus. It's just plan silly and it's taking your gaming and the way your run your server (in my opinion) way to serious. Your server is supposed to be open to the public, and accessible. To me seems like its restrictive and exclusive.

    1. Your first point can be easily cleared up. There is a such thing as revelation, prophecy, and or even visitation. It's exactly how any other religion gets started in the real world. How do you know god before he reveals himself to you? You may know of him, but you can't know him unless he is willing to show himself to you. THAT GOES FOR ANY OTHER RELIGION IN ANY GAME.

    The Fact is there are source material and it was in dragon magazine if you care to look it up. The main reason it wasn't published (in my opinion) was because of the suicide scare in the 80s, and an Christian push back that came because of it. I disagree with this. I think people kill people. not guns nor games.

    2. The character I chose does not have divine spells, he doesn't need to pray for them and functioned just fine without them. He was a monk. However I flavored the class toward what I called a pilgrim. Did not need hard coding. Now then I would like to expand this thought for a moment.

    When Gary Gygax the creator of dungeons and dragons made the game it didn't have deities in it. He added them in later to the game because his players wanted it for flavor. It has never been hard coded into the game or the rule set. The game perfectly stands on its own without one deity in the game.

    Further how does an atheist, deist, agnostic character in your game function, wouldn't they get banned because they don't worship the god on your list? What about when a deity dies, if the followers don't change faith do they get banned also? How about the monk class that as it's intended (not the flavor I was going for) its based on the Shinto Buddhist philosophy and not on a god at all, would this type of character get banned also?

    I fully understood the religion I chose was not a supported religion in your game, I didn't expect any special treatment. I didn't expect you to cater to my character, or even endorse it in any way. Here is what I can't fathom, why can't the character exist when so many other things in your world exist that do not need in game mechanics to be there. Role-play is not a function of mechanics. Role-play is a function of fun game play. I think you guys missed that.

    3. I am trying to bring real life religion into a game? The game already has it. There is Set , Osiris, Baal, Beelzebub, Tyr. Those are all gods from the real world. Maybe I am the only guy here wanting Jesus, but I am not the first to bring real world deities and I suspect not the last.

    What I can not fathom is why you just won't be straight up about this whole thing. It's not about me, it's not about your game, it's not about role play. It's not about mechanics. Anyone out there want to guess?

    Its about JESUS. That is your problem.

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    @Brother_Thomas since its not my game, im merely a long time player who updates these forums about the server, I can tell you I have no agenda.

    That you want to bring your personal religion into a fantasy game , that could and do have players im for sure that are christian, jewish, muslim, buddist, hindu etc, isnt done for one good general reason.
    in polite conversation there are two things never brought up without a guaranteed fight right after, and those two are religion and politics.

    bringing real world religion even for your monk, violates this polite guide. Noone else tries to bring their personal religion or lack thereof into the game, so you are demanding to be the exception to the rule, of which not only violates common sense and the perfect quote being, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one( yes im a trekkie as well)

    Gary Gygax didnt create the realms Ed Greenwood did with full pantheons included.

    This is a fantasy game, and your character see above would be seen as a nutcase who worships a non realm pantheon.

    Or you could simply read all about the realms and be an Ao follower, which represents the all knowing overseer god of gods.

    I am not here to debate religion with you, as myself and others play this game to have a break from reality and everything you see in the world today.

    If you are so short sighted that you cannot play a game without trying to push your views on others, then I am sorry for that and Im sure you will find a server more suitable somewhere else.

    One again I am not part of the teams that run Arelith, all things posted are merely to update others about server changes, and otherwise are opinions of mine own and not to be taken as law or rule for Arelith.
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    Duly noted, you draw your own conclusions as anyone else can. The ears try words as the mouth tries meat. I was never here to prove anything to you or the server that banned me. That ship has done sailed. So I shall not waste anymore time with it. I have said my word or at least enough of it to anyone willing to hear it.

    I was trying to inform/warn people of what to expect when and if they think about trying out Arelith. I dare say most people don't care about it and there are many who will hate me for this, but that comes with the territory.

    However, I feel I would be doing the community (at least some) a disservice not giving them a heads up about my experience. I have did that to the best of my ability in truth and love and in faith.

    At the end of the day I was just a guy playing a game, trying to have fun with others, who wasn't comfortable bowing down and worshiping at all those alters, praying to all those different gods just to get spells to work. Clearly (at least to me) that was not the way the game was intended when it was made, but do whatever you think is best.
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    @Brother_Thomas -- JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, and other pious Christian Fantasy authors never directly referenced Christianity or Jesus by name in their works. At most they used metaphor and storyline morals.

    Arelith, like other roleplaying servers is a fantasy realm with its own world and deities - all Role-Playing servers require that your character fits in as an individual actually would in that fictional environment. The fictional beings in that world have never heard of Earth and the history that we know.

    I recommend following the lead of CS Lewis and Tolkien and to channel your passion in a form that fits into the fictional world (ie, play a Paladin, Cleric, Priest, or Monk, pick a fictional lower-case "god" compatible with values you agree with, be pious in the game, etc). Here is a list of Dungeons & Dragons deities, some are virtuous and represent order, others are sinful and fallen:
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    Tales of Sencliff


    Whether it's the weevils overtaking the grain stores, the harpies perched upon the nearby rocks, or the threat of the aquatic Kuo-Toan, there is trouble aplenty on the doorstep of this unruly pirate enclave...

    With many large new dungeons added, and over a dozen new creatures, there is always work to be had for any would-be buccaneer. This large expansion cements Sencliff's role as an optional starting location for Arelith, especially for those wishing to experience the unique systems associated with playing a pirate on Arelith.

    For the next fortnight our DMs will be paying special attention to this area, as we invite our players to take part in the new setting. Further details about this will soon be posted in our forums.

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    Arelith's dynamic ship system allows players to rent or own a ship, or join an existing crew.

    They can be used to navigate between dozens of destinations, in addition to over 100 random encounters, such as shipwrecks, atolls, ice floes and a large amount of hostile NPC vessels.



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    Pirate characters on Arelith can take unique 'quests' to enhance their reputation

    Higher ranks unlock the ability to purchase available quarters, shops and ships in Sencliff, with the upcoming ability to hire unique crewmen as henchmen for the top tiers!


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    Arcane Tower Expansion


    This evening marks an additional update to the Arcane Tower.

    Two new halls are welcomed into the Tower - the Hall of Candor and the Hall of Alteration. In some parts of both areas their theme may obvious; Candor is a hall with themes of illusion and divination, where Alteration is loosely themed on the manipulation of energy and objects. My goal with this update is rather simple; add more housing and areas to be utilized by mage characters. Thus, it features a large amount new quarters all available to mage characters only. These are split between the two floors - a fair few being appropriate for low level mages (messy studies and small rooms), as well as a handful of larger and extravagant selections.

    I've additionally paid careful attention to adding an additional two classrooms. While I don't expect them to be filled, they exist as simple alternatives for characters that may run 'lectures' at the same time, or for characters that simply want to host events in an appropriately themed hall. One that pays attention may notice magical workings in these new areas. While I won't give any spoilers for now, I will say that there's a handful of fun but small magical interactions to be found within the areas themselves. Some are obvious, others less so.

    Both halls are now live. They can be accessed from the Foyer by two portals between the original classrooms.

    Additionally Morderon has further improved our selection for choosing custom paths, including the much anticipated bloodlines for the Dragon Disciple class!

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    Player ships on Arelith are unique, not only in their artistic theme, but also their statistics and abilities. We're going to look at each. First, the Liberator of Sencliff.

    Allegiance: Independent
    Home Port: Sencliff
    Draft: Deep
    Maneuverability (DC): 14
    Abilties: Piracy



    The Penny Rose. The smallest (and most easily captured), but not without its charm. 1 of 2 ships unable to engage other vessels, and a perfect explorer.

    Allegiance: Brogendenstein
    Ownership: Charter
    Draft: Deep
    Maneuverability (DC): 10
    Abilties: Fishing Boat, Passive


    The Weary Troubadour may lack grappling cannons, but with an expert crew, luxurious interior and ship's cat, this is one for the connoisseur.

    Allegiance: Independent
    Home Port: Crow's Nest
    Ownership: Private
    Draft: Shallow
    Maneuverability (DC): 16
    Abilties: Guildhouse, Passive



    Last ship for today & one of the most exotic. Rising from the waters of the Underdark by a series of locks, the Dreadnought. A mechanical coal-powered monstrosity!

    Allegiance: Andunor
    Ownership: Brokerage
    Draft: Deep
    Maneuverability (DC): 10
    Abilties: Piracy, Cloud of Darkness



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    We've added a new quest system to Arelith this morning, with more than a dozen new quests to choose from in game. We've also improved our potion crafting! Read about it on our news feed.
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    First our 3 ships today - The Longship Hrafnagar

    Crew will work for anyone at a very low price, but be warned - This is the least maneuverable on Arelith

    Allegiance: Independent
    Home Port: Cordor
    Ownership: Charter
    Draft: Shallow
    Maneuverability (DC): 3
    Abilties: Piracy


    Another slow ship. A pirate vessel that was once the pride of Wharftown, before the township burned.

    The battered Warship has clearly seen better days.

    Allegiance: Independent
    Home Port: Sencliff
    Ownership: Charter
    Draft: Deep
    Maneuverability (DC): 6
    Abilties: Piracy



    From the slowest ship to the fastest, and the last of our 3 ships today. The Sea Leopard.

    This is Arelith's original pirate ship, and is still the best.

    Allegiance: Independent
    Home Port: Crow's Nest
    Ownership: Private
    Draft: Deep
    Maneuverability (DC): 18
    Abilties: Piracy


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    Rounding off our list of the players ships with last 4.

    Sea Reaver - half-orc longship with a shallow draft (as such can cross reefs)

    Allegiance: Independent
    Home Port: Half-breed Camp
    Ownership: Charter (Half-Orc Only)
    Draft: Shallow
    Maneuverability (DC): 4
    Abilties: Piracy



    The Ironhelm

    The longship of the Dwarven Halls of Brogendenstein. It is one of only two ships with the 'Hunter' ability, meaning it has the option to track down specific ships.

    Allegiance: Brogendenstein
    Ownership: State
    Draft: Deep
    Maneuverability (DC): 4
    Abilties: Hunter



    The pride of Guldorand & deceptively strong. There is little this ship cannot do, and the crew has no qualms with committing acts of piracy.

    Allegiance: Guldorand
    Ownership: State
    Draft: Shallow
    Maneuverability (DC): 10
    Abilties: Piracy


    Before looking at our last ship I want to take a break to give a shoutout to one of our players, Dragonovith, for his screenshots thread

    Many of these are just breathtaking, 17 years on and I'm still in love with the visual appeal of Neverwinter Nights.






    The last of Arelith's player ships.

    This is the Flagship of Cordor's Navy. With an elite crew and highly maneuverable, this is the foremost pirate hunter of the archipelago.

    Allegiance: Cordor
    Ownership: State
    Draft: Deep
    Maneuverability (DC): 14
    Abilties: Guildhouse, Hunter





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    Continuing this series of event...

    Coming to Arelith this Sunday (May the 19th - Exact start time TBA)

    Find a ship, join a crew, and take part.

    Details on the forum in due course.

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    One of the custom classes we have on Arelith is familar to anyone that played @BaldursGate
    - Wild Mage (link:

    A player made this attractive table of our 'wild surges'


    Will we eventually see this great class in NWN itself?

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    The Derro Update

    Authors -Anatida, Morderon

    "Staring into the void, the derro are waiting in their twisted cities to oversee the descent of the world into insanity and destruction."

    Existing in their warrens beneath many of the great drow and duergar cities, the derro are nevertheless barely tolerated by their closest neighbors. With madness and depravity at the centre of their identity, these degenerate dwarves are both highly intelligent, and very often murderously insane...

    Led by their hedonistic savants, the derro are driven by their own twisted ideas and visions. Branded lunatics by the other races, they exist as pariahs even among the many outcast races of the Underdark.

    The Derro presence in the Arelith Underdark has greatly increased, with their warrens now extending deep into the fissures of and trenches of Great Scar - Far below the city of Andunor, beyond the Fungal Maze, lies their town of Norogh Norr.

    This large update includes a number of new areas and creatures, but also introduces 'Derro' as a playable subrace on Arelith. For details of the update please visit our forums.

    And if you want to learn more about derro, then check out 'The Derropedia' (because bizzarely that's a thing!)

    The accompanying illustration is the property of Wizards of the Coast, and has been used with the kind permission of fantasy artist Ben Wootten

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    Today in the Arelith Underdark, contests were being held in the arena of the Spider's Web tavern.

    More than mere sport, players were vying for coveted positions in a new organization.

    Image courtesy of one of our DMs, because on NWN you never know when you're being watched...

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    start time 4 pm edt

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    After a somewhat chaotic race, the winner of the 1st Skaljard Cup was 'The Ironhelm' commanded by Captain Boulder (After the leader was overtaken by the Dreadnaught, and thus eliminated).

    My thanks to all players that took part.

    Here is the winning ship and crew.




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    One of the attractions of NWN is that it offers tools for building the Underdark.

    While Arelith has a vast UD setting below the surface world, other great servers like @EFU33649277
    focus on it almost exclusively.
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    It has been brought my attention on the forums of a new player giving a review of what he thought the good and bad was about Arelith. One major thing he brought up was problems new players have with Areliths custom systems and changes to the nwn norm.

    this link is for the update thread in the forums documenting all changes from circa 2014 to present.

    Another item brought up for attention is for all new players to realize, with custom changes makes the recommended button obsolete, so please pick your skills feats and stats that fit the character you wish to portray. Rebuilds are not possible once you level up in the entry area and enter the main game world.

    Please check our forums and wiki for updates and changes before you find yourself at a wall with a "Broken Character"

    Welcome to Arelith!
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