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Inventory glitch that just won't quit

Okay, so I bought the $40 version of NWN via steam after uninstalling the GOG version of the game which had the 1.69 patch applied. I updated my drivers, and made sure no trace was left of the GOG game, not even the setup.exe. Making sure to delete anything and everything related to that instance of the game, I then bought and installed the game with all the bonus content. I started the prequel campaign in the original game and began to create a new character... And then things went nuts;

The feet of the character creation screen would hold to specific clothing, in other words, the feet would not change with clothing selection. Certain feet would seemingly overwrite that of anything else I changed it too, with a few exceptions that seem random.

When I get to the mandatory shop tutorial, all the cloth armor in the shop has gone crazy too: The armors are all mixed with the same chest pieces, some just change parts, but the character model is perfectly fine.

So I uninstall the game, reinstall in, verify the files with Steam, and mess with the graphics settings. No matter what I do this glitch keeps happening.

This is just depressing

My Specs:

Windows 10 Home
Intel Core i7-6700K CPU 4.00 GHz
64 Bit OS x64 based processor.


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,418
    Hello! Please, report it on so that our programmers could look at it. Thanks!
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