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Android Edition Char Image Help (Resolved)

I've just been informed I can use custom portraits on my version of the game, and that some mods even work on android edition, but I just can't seem to figure out the "how". I'm on a Samsung S8+, idk if that's relevant but it might be.

My problem is this, I found my files thing, and tracked down the portraits folder, but that is as far as I can seemingly go. I created a new folder, thinking I could save pictures to it, but I can't nor can I transfer pictures into it. As far as any transfer option I can find goes, the created folder doesn't exist and isn't an option. Tried searching menus to a sad hope that running dual screen with my image gallery would let me drag them over, but alas nothing worked.

Anyone familiar with this issue, how do you go about fixing it? Also, where are mods for Android edition found, and if the process is different, how do you install them? I don't intend to modify the game besides little things like photos that don't affect gameplay until I've beaten it at least once, but knowing would be nice.

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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,110
    Hi @ABadCaseOfTheFunzies, what version of BG2EE are you using. I will assume 1.3.x, but I am sure it would work for the beta as well, I don't have it to try.

    Find the folder '/android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateiienhancededition/files' and create another folder called 'portraits' inside. This is where the portraits go. The naming convention for all portraits should be xxxxxxxL.bmp and/or xxxxxxxM.bmp (up to 7 characters, all lowercase, for the name with either a M or L at the end). You can also have xxxxxxxS.bmp but I have stopped using them.

    The image sizes I use are L = 420 x 660, M = 210 x 330 and be 24 bit bmp. If you just try one, then 240x300. For other sizes, use multiples of that size and the game will scale.

    After adding one, for 1.3.x, when you go to select a portrait there will be a CUSTOM button to use, then a list of custom images. You will need to select the image for the Character Sheet (L) and in-game side panel (M).
    For 2.x (not tested on android by me), the images should show at the end of the ingame images). If the custom button doesn't show, then the image size or type and/or naming convention is wrong. Selecting the portrait would assign both images where they need to go.

    I have included 1 character here with both L and M images to try that I know work. Just unpack into the portraits folder.

    Hope that helps

  • ABadCaseOfTheFunziesABadCaseOfTheFunzies Member Posts: 17
    edited April 2018
    @Gusinda I'm nowhere near tech savvy enough to be messing around with beta's and such. I'm running whatever version you get by downloading from the PlayStore right now.

    Although I did figure out how to get pictures in that folder with a bit of messing around. Found I could only move them by finding the picture files in my files app, selecting however many I wanted, and only after selecting those files did a "Move" option appear in a drop menu. (I say this in hopes someone else like me may find this and figure it out easier).

    I'll attempt to add those, but if by "unpack" you mean anything that involves a PC I simply can not do that, I don't own a PC of any kind.

    - EDIT

    Nope, those aren't working. I added them in, changed the names to fully fit those rules, I'm gonna try adding them to the standard Portraits folder but so far, not working.

    - EDIT 2

    And I was surprisingly correct. I have no idea what variable makes my S8+ different but it only works after I've removed the pics from my created folder, and instead put them in the default, pre-existing Portraits folder.

    Finally I can have characters that don't have random dopplegangers scattered around the world (I even bought the additional picture pack JUST so I could have more variety, which btw was not really worth it as I got another Minsc picture, and a few that look arguably cool for very specific classes I don't really want to use yet, like monks)

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,110
    @ABadCaseOfTheFunzies, Sorry about that. To extract the images, copy the file to the profiles folder then long press. If you then go to the context menu (three dots going down) and in there should be Extract to folder.

    Good to hear that you have it going. Much better to play with your own image of what the character should be.


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