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Starting place to use new Shader/GPU interface

Is there a good starting place to learn how to use the new NWN Shader/GPU interface. Not programing the GPU, that I can figure out, but how to tie them into the models.


  • symmetricsymmetric Member Posts: 57
    Shaders can be specified in mtr files: They are simple text files, any text editor can be used to edit them.

    mtr files have to be be referenced from within an mdl with the line "materialname FILENAME". You can do that too with a text editor or the latest neverblender version.

    Those wiki entries are still work in progress. At the moment the information is accurate, but this is not official documentation so be wary of changes both to the wiki and the way stuff works.

  • NostreborNostrebor Member Posts: 3
    I saw in the website you linked to that " Unfortunately a lot of resources/documentation for the mdl format disappeared over the past few years." The attached file is something the "torlack" put together years ago (an ancient manuscript :) ).

    Several years ago I wrote a program that converts mdl files into ogre file format. The conversion actually worked rather well, and may contain other things that I found. Let me know if you are interested (I also have the source for lots of torlack's tools if you think it would be of any value. I believe I can build them using Visual Studio 2015.

  • symmetricsymmetric Member Posts: 57
    Thank you! That documentation seems familiar. I think an incomplete version was on some the "" website, which I used when starting to write neverblender.
    This one contains more information about emitters which I want to tackle at some point. The other node types I've pretty much figured out.

    Are you referring this converter: Sources are always welcome of course. I think we've got the sources for some of Torlacks tools laying around, but I'm not sure what version they are. I'd be great to take a look and maybe get them up to date at some point (I'm not volunteering :p)

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