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Bug - Some spell hotkeys not working

EggHuevoEggHuevo Member Posts: 69
Hello! I'm playing IWD v. and encountered a bug that wasn't there on 1.3. When I try to bind haste and web to some keys, it works fine until a reload. Then, it stops working until I rebind it (doesn't matter if it's the same key or some other). Some other spells, like chromatic orb, work fine. I had C. orb bound to 'E', haste to 'Z' and web to 'R'. I've tried binding them to other keys, including E, which worked with C. orb, but to no avail.

I won't be able to play this game until I fix this. I use at least 500 haste and webs in a playthrough, maybe more. It's become tedious to find them in a mage/cleric spellbook. I don't even wanna think about higher levels.

Thanks in advance.


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